How to Stencil a Divine Art Deco Feature Wall

How to Stencil a Divine Art Deco Feature Wall

The elegant look of Art Deco Patterns never really goes out of style, but it IS “having a moment” now with the fading popularity of minimalist interiors in favor of more rich colors, dramatic patterns, and opulence. 

Our gorgeous Amelie Art Deco Wall Stencil knows how to bring the drama to your home. But the drama is definitely just in the look, because this large-scale stencil pattern is super fast and easy to stencil-and especially if you use our dreamy Royal Stencil Crème paints to complete the project. 

Stencil an Art Deco Wall

We chose a classic Art Déco color scheme of gold, silver, and pearl over a charcoal background. We think it’s gorgeous, but you can always change the colors to fit your own home décor. 

See how easy it is to create a stenciled wall treatment with our Amelie Art Deco stencil below. We even share an easy technique for using multiple colors in a stencil by using a trusty Post-it note!


Stencil Supplies you will need for this stenciling project: 

Pro Stencil Tips from Royal Design Studio 

For the biggest impact with metallic paint stenciling, choose a dark background color. We love this dark charcoal shade, but other colors to consider are deep green, blue, brown, or even eggplant. These colors also work well with Art Deco patterns.

Stenciling art deco design

This wall stencil project features our Pearl Metallic Stencil Crème. Pearl metallic paint is very translucent, so you will want to do a couple of layers of white paint first (and let it dry) so your Pearl paint will show up and “pop”.

Pro Stencil tip

When stenciling with multiple different colors in a stencil that are close together, you can use a simple Post-it note to block design areas you don’t want to apply the current color it. Just hold it in place as you stencil and move it around as needed. 

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