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How to Stencil a Metallic Paint Feature Wall Fast and Fearlessly

Stenciling a feature wall is a fast and easy DIY decorating project that is both rewarding AND beautiful. And we have three ways that can get you to the rewarding and beautiful part more quickly:

  1. Stencil with a Large Decorative Wall Stencil from Royal Design Studio
  2. Use our Royal Stencil Crème Metallic Paints for fast and flawless results
  3. Stenciling with our Super Large 3” Stencil Brush to cut your stencil time in half

Read on and watch to see how easy it is to stencil your walls with a dramatic metallic stencil design detail in no time…

Stencil Supplies:

Prep: Your wall should be painted with flat or eggshell latex paint and wiped clean.

Step 1: Center the large stencil design pattern on the wall and secure with tape.

Step 2: Pour out some Smoked Oyster Stencil Creme into a plastic container or tray. Dip just the tips of the brush lightly into the stencil creme. Blend the paint on the brush and off-load excess stencil paint by first brushing in an X pattern on paper towels and then swirling it a bit more.

Step 3: Begin to stencil the design, using a light but also firm and even pressure on the brush. You will find that the combination of the large 3” stencil brush and the metallic crème paints means you might be able to complete a whole repeat of even a large stencil design with one load of the brush. Fast!

Step 4: Aligning each stencil repeat is easy! Simply move the damask stencil left/right or up/down and position the stencil over previously stenciled elements in the pattern.

Step 5: Continue until all the wall stencil pattern is complete and applaud yourself for creating an amazing look in no time!


Happy Feature Wall Stenciling from Royal Design Studio!

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  • Love this Stencil!💝

  • I have walls that are slightly textured. Is that a problem for stenciling? How do I find and see samples of your paint colors?

    Joy Robbins
  • What a gorgeous effect!

    Encarnita Alonso

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