How to Stencil Custom Wallpaper look Stenciling Project

Stencil a Marble Texture Wallpaper Finish with Matte + Metallic Paint

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Stencil a high style custom wallpaper look by combining a matte-painted pattern over a shimmery metallic gold base. The combination of matte plus metallic paint creates a shimmery stencil finish that changes with the light-making your walls seem to come alive. 

How to Stencil custom wallpaper look-stenciling with metallics

This high-end wall stencil wallpaper will make your room look like you spent a fortune, but at a fraction of the cost.
Watch the how to stencil video and follow the easy steps detailed out below to create a dreamy stenciled feature wall in a living room, bedroom, dining room, or elegant entry.

Stencil Supplies for this Project

How to Stencil the Matte + Metallic Wallpaper Finish 

For this stenciled wall finish you will need to first paint your wall with a base coat of gold metallic wall paint. We recommend Modern Masters Metallic Paint, which is fairly opaque and covers well. Google for product availability near you. It will be best to apply the gold paint over a warm beige base for quick coverage. They offer a special primer, but you can use any good quality wall paint in a similar color. This will allow you to cover adequately with the gold metallic paint in one or two coats maximum

Metallic Paint is hard to apply evenly with a roller. To make it easy, use a cross hatch motion when you are rolling with a foam roller on the wall to create subtle texture in the metallic paint. Let dry completely.

The Marble Texture wall stencil has a lot of open design area, so we recommend you spray the back of the stencil with a mist of Stencil Adhesive to help hold it in place.

How to stencil metallic wallpaper finish for feature wall

This stencil pattern doesn’t have an obvious repeat so you can begin anywhere on the wall. Position on wall with painter’s tape and bubble level.

Load a foam roller well with white paint and roll repeatedly on paper towels to distribute the paint evenly and well into the roller. Offload excess paint on paper towels each time you reload the roller to keep excess paint from seeping under the stencil.

Roll through stencil using a firm, even pressure to cover the stencil area as evenly as possible.

Pro Stencil Tip!

When stenciling with white paint over a darker color you will need to stencil the pattern with at least two passes to cover completely and evenly. Don’t try to apply the paint all in one go.

Instead, roll on your first layer and reposition the stencil using the registration marks to continue on with the stencil repeat while allowing the first layer to dry thoroughly. Go back and reposition the stencil to add a second thin layer of paint to achieve a deep, opaque coverage with the white.

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