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Use the Best Metallic Stencil Paints to Make your Stenciling Projects Shine

Are you looking for a fast and easy wall stencil project that you can finish in a day? Stencil a feature wall using a large and speedy stencil pattern design like our new Starlight Wall Stencil with our amazing Royal Stencil Crème Metallic Paints-simply THE BEST STENCIL PAINT ever.

Royal Stencil Cremes were designed to provide maximum metallic coverage in minimal time, and they are SO easy to use-even if you are just beginning to stencil. Creamy and dreamy, they flow off your stencil brush like butter and build up amazing opaque color in seconds. 

Watch the How to Stencil Video and read all the stenciling details below, and you can be a “Star Stencil Artist” in no time!

Stencil Supplies You Will Need: 

How to Use Stencil Paints 

Position your stencil starting in the center of the feature wall using painter’s tape.

Pick up a small amount of the first color of Stencil Creme Paint on the stencil brush. Use good quality paper towels to off-load the excess paint and distribute the paint evenly on the bristles.

Stencil through the desired pattern elements with the first Stencil Creme Paint color, following the color scheme shown in the video above. Use a firm and even pressure on the brush. Avoid the open areas of the pattern that you wish to use the second stencil paint color in.

Repeat the process with the second Stencil Creme Paint color in remaining the open areas of the stencil pattern.

All Royal Design Studio stencils use a simple registration process. Move the stencil left/right or up/down to align the edge of the pattern over previously stenciled design elements.

Continue to stencil across and to the edges of your wall.


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