How to Stencil a Golden French Bee Trellis Pattern

How to Stencil a Golden French Bee Trellis Pattern

Trellis stencil patterns are a great choice for beginner stencilers-or anyone who wants to stencil a fast and easy wall treatment. Because of the openness of the stencil design there is less area to stencil so you can complete a whole stenciled wall very quickly!

Add in our "easy to stencil" Royal Stencil Creme Paints and you have a winning decorating combination. Watch our How to Stencil video below to see how simple it is-then read on for product details and stenciling tips!

 How to Stencil with the French Bee Trellis Pattern


Stencil Supplies for this project:

Our Royal Stencil Creme Metallic Paints can be easily mixed to create custom colors. For this stencil project we used 1 part Antique Gold with 1 part Bright Gold to create the perfect gold stencil paint color over a soft blue background.

When stenciling a trellis stencil design like this, it's best to use a stencil brush rather than a stencil roller because you only will need to apply the paint in the limited areas. The Stencil Cremes are so soft and just flow off the stencil brush so you can complete a whole wall in no time!

For more basic stencil tips see these other helpful how to stencil posts!

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