How to Stencil Our Pretty Country Floral Tile in 4 Floor Paint Colors

How to Stencil Our Pretty Country Floral Tile in 4 Floor Paint Colors

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Get an upscale, expensive tile look for your floors for less with our Country Floral Tile Stencil. This stencil pattern has quickly become one of our most popular tile pattern stencils and it’s easy to see why. The pretty, whimsical floral tile pattern works so well for fresh, modern country and farmhouse décor schemes-or any room where you want to add a nostalgic floral touch.

And the best part? Like all of our stencils, you can paint the pattern in any color your heart or décor desires. We chose a fresh, four-color palette of pink and green. What colors will you choose??

Watch the how to stencil video below to get inspired, and be sure to check out our “PRO stencil tips” below to help make your stencil project a success.



PRO Stencil Tips

Create a new shades of colors by adding white paint to an existing color in varying amounts. For this project, we added white to dark pink and green colors to create 4 coordinating shades of paint.

Use small stencil brushes for small detail areas and carefully control where you are applying the paint to keep it out of surrounding design elements.


If you find that your color still strays into other design elements, you can easily touch it up by replacing the stencil and stippling your original color back over it.

To keep paint from going where you don’t want it, use a Post-it note to shield those areas. Easy!


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