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Colorful DIY Organizing Ideas with Stencils

Modern Allover Stencils DIY Storage Project


The new year is the perfect time to get more organized and freshen up your work/play space. We decided it was tome to create a more colorful office in our graphic design room, and were inspired by our newest stencils in our Modern Stencils Collection to help us do just that! We have some great new "global modern" inspired designs that are sized both for wall and furniture/craft stenciling, and found these to be the perfect fit on some bright magazine boxes and an old corkboard. A little planning and color coordination with our Metallic Stencil Creme paints, and we were on our way! These are very quick and easy DIY stencil projects that you can do in a few hours, so let's get stenciling....

Stencil Project Supplies for DIY Magazine Storage

Stencil Project Supplies:

Small Kinetic Floral StencilSmall Adana Abstract Floral Stencil, Small Blossom Floral Stencil, Medium Chloe Floral Trellis Stencil

Stencil Creme Paint in Shimmer Pink, Orange Ice, Peacock Fancy

Magazine File Boxes from The Container Store

Large Cork Board 

Stenciling Adana Floral Stencil

We were thrilled to find that the smaller versions of our new modern floral stencils fit almost perfectly on the magazine boxes. Starting on the spine, we stenciled the Blossom Floral Stencil with Shimmer Pink Stencil Creme. We taped off the repeat of the pattern to make sure that didn't get any paint where we didn't want it.  DIY Stenciling Floral Stencil

Then we centered the pattern on the sides to repeat with 3 flowers across. Stenciling with Stencil Cremes is SO easy because the paint just glides off the brush and it covers so quickly. You simply dip the tips of the brush into the paint from the cap and then offload the excess paint onto paper towels. Read more about how to stencil with Stencil Cremes here. We used the same method to stencil with Peacock Fancy and Orange Ice Stencil Cremes on the other boxes. See below for how (well!) those patterns fit on the boxes!

There was already a stenciled cork board in the office that we had previously stenciled with our Japanese Birds Allover Stencil. With a couple of coats of Pure White Chalk Paint® it was bye, bye, birdies!

Floral Trellis stencil on cork board

When the Chalk Paint dried, we stenciled the medium size of the lovely Chloe Floral Trellis stencil using the same colors of Stencil Cremes. Desktop color coordination is KEY! Using smaller Stencil Brushes allows you to isolate colors in different pattern areas more easily, without having to tape off design elements. The allover pattern is centered in the cork board so it ends the same at each side-an important detail!!

Floral Trellis stencil on cork boardThen we taped off the frame and rolled on a paint color to closely match the blue of the stencil color. You CAN use Stencil Cremes for painting in small areas-we just chose NOT to have metallic paint on our frame. 

Modern allover floral stencils DIY stenciling project for desk


Here you can clearly see how well these stencil patterns fit on the magazine boxes. It is almost as if they were MADE for them!


Modern allover floral stencils DIY stenciling project for desk

Now, we have a brighter and more organized desk area and the colors are the perfect antidote to grey, winter days. We hope this inspires YOU to try a simple DIY stencil project for yourself.


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