Get the Anthropologie Look: How to Stencil a Mandala Pillow

Tired of your home decorations and current styling? Freshen it up with pillows! Accessories like pillows are a fun way to freshen a space giving it a new and updated look without having to buy new furniture. You can take your decorating to the next level by painting your own DIY pillows, making it incredibly affordable and an easy way to express your creativity. Inspired by the ever growing popularity of mandalas in stores like World Market and Anthropologie, here is a simple tutorial that will help instill peace and unity within your room decor. Watch the video below to learn how to paint a DIY pillow with Mandala Stencils from Royal Design Studio


Step 1: Place paper inside the pillow case to protect the back from paint. Place and secure the mandala stencil onto the front of the pillow case with painter’s tape.

Step 2: Load and offload the stencil brush with your favorite color of fabric friendly paint. Offloading means to remove the excess paint you’ve loaded onto the brush onto a paper towel so it disperses the paint and helps you use minimal paint. Now your stenciling won’t bleed under!

Step 3: Stencil the mandala design using light to medium pressure and in a circular motion. Remove the stencil and allow the DIY pillow to dry. Remember to add pillow stuffing and sew it close before you show it off on your bed or couch!

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