Stencil How-to: Faded Silk Suzani Fabric Finish

Stencil a faded silk fabric effect with the Suzani stencil from Royal Design Studio stencils 

Are you looking for a fast, fun, and easy stencil wall finish? This Stencil How-to offers just that-and it provides a totally custom fabric effect that you can easily switch up by trying different color combinations! We have found that Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan is ideal for this finish. This heavy, fast-drying, opaque paint has the perfect amount of body that helps to keep the colors from muddying too much and bleeding excessively under the stencil edge, even when using a healthy amount of paint. 

This is a very forgiving, organic roller-stencil finish, as all the inconsistencies that are naturally created only serve to help with the overall effect-so relax and have fun with this stencil effect!

Stencil Supplies You Will Need for This Finish: We chose a blue color scheme over a soft gray-blue basecoat

  • Blue Painter's Tape, Paper Towels

How-to use Chalk Paint® decorative paint with stencils to create a faded silk fabric finish 

Step 1: Pour all three colors of Chalk Paint® decorative paint side-by-side in an 8" roller tray, taking care not to mix the colors together. Note the we placed the Pure White Chalk Paint® in the middle to add more contrast to our finish.

Use 3 colors of Chalk Paint® decorative paint for a stencil roller finish that looks like fabric. Royal Design Studio stencils. 

Step 2: Carefully load a 4" nylon nap roller by rolling through the paint and up onto the textured portion of the roller tray. Make sure to pull your roller straight so that the colors stay separated on the roller.

Use 3 colors of Chalk Paint® decorative paint for a stencil roller finish that looks like fabric. Royal Design Studio stencils. 

Step 3: Even though the Chalk Paint® decorative paint features a very thick consistency that makes it ideal for roller stencil techniques, you will want to remove some of the excess paint and allow the colors to blend a bit at the edges. Roll the wet roller gently over a stack of paper towels or onto contractor's heavy butcher paper.

Silk Road Suzani stencil from Royal Design Studio stencils. How-to create a stenciled fabric finish. 

Step 4: Begin with your Silk Road Suzani stencil centered on your feature or focal point wall (so that the pattern ends the same at the left and right edges). There is no need to use stencil spray adhesive with this technique. It is very forgiving and if a little paint seeps delicately under the stencil here and there it will only add to the authenticity of the finish.

How-to create a stenciled fabric finish. Silk Road Suzani stencil from Royal Design Studio stencils.  

Step 5:  Begin with a light pressure and roll the loaded paint roller straight up and down over the open stencil areas. Roll up and down in a small area until you get the coverage you desire.

How-to create a stenciled fabric finish with a roller and Chalk Paint® decorative paint. Silk Road Suzani stencil from Royal Design Studio stencils.  

Step 6: Use the window and laser cut registration marks in the stencil to easily line up the pattern repeats as you work across the wall. When you begin a new section overlap the roller slightly on the previous pass. The Chalk Paint® will dry very quickly, so you don't have to worry much about smearing your previous prints. Over a large surface area, you will want to stop periodically to clean your stencil with Motsenbocher's Lift Off #5. We also recommend that you switch out to a new roller now and then to keep you colors from muddying too much and refill your paint tray carefully.


Like we said above, this stencil finish can be done in many different colorways, according to your taste and decorating style. Some other lovely color dramatic color combinations with Chalk Paint include:

Cream Chalk Paint / Arles Chalk Paint / Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint on a soft white background

Old Ochre Chalk Paint / Old White Chalk Paint / Henrietta Chalk Paint on a Florence Chalk Paint background

For a softer, more neutral look:

Paloma Chalk Paint, Versailles Chalk Paint, and Old White Chalk Paint on a background of Old Violet Chalk Paint

Happy Stenciling!



March 29, 2016

Just incredible!

elena sanchez
elena sanchez

August 23, 2014

Love it! I Thank you Sarah.

Marsha Loda
Marsha Loda

July 24, 2014

I want to stencil the bed area of a white duck chaise lounge slip cover. Would chalk paint work? Would it be comfortable to lie on? And lastly, is it washable?


July 18, 2014

I really like the almost monochromatic color scheme. I always tend to choose analogous (?) color schemes. I’m ready to start, but am having trouble choosing a color scheme. Could you give any recommendations for using a light to medium green pallette or even a neutral/tan pallette?

Melanie Royals
Melanie Royals

October 04, 2013

HI Sarah, we used the roller that is shown in the photos for the stenciling and it is called a nylon roller. By using it “dry” with Chalk Paint which has a heavier body, it is very easy to get the textured look that we demonstrate with the stenciling. Also very easy. Try it! :)


September 22, 2013

Beautiful, vutit does not look like you are using a nylon roller, which probably would not give the right effect if you did!

Janet Metzger
Janet Metzger

May 19, 2013

Absolutely Stunning and you make it look so very easy!!

janet xox

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