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Create Indigo-Inspired Wall Art with Craft Stencils & Wall Art Wood Shapes

Considered tried and true colors in home decor, shades of blue are always popular. Everyone is loving indigo - a bold, bright blue style that has been a timeless design staple in home decor for generations. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create custom wall art that you can paint, stencil, and arrange as you please using our Mini Craft Stencils and Wall Art Wood Shapes. Let's take a look:


Step 1:

Paint a base coat on the hexagon wood shapes with two coats of your choice of blue Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® decorative paint using a nylon roller. Let dry between coats.

Step 2:

Use Painter’s Tape to divide the precut shapes into sections and mask the areas you want to stencil or paint.

Step 3:

Paint each section that you mask with different Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® colors, creating a blocking design with the various shades of blue.

Step 4:

Place the stencil of your choice in the area that you just masked off. Use a contrasting Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® color of your choice to stencil the pattern onto the area. Let dry.

Step 5:

Apply a layer of Annie Sloan Clear Wax using a wax brush and buff with a cheesecloth.

Step 6:

Mix one part Annie Sloan Clear Wax and one part Dark Wax. Apply to your 5 precut shapes and buff with cheesecloth.

Repeat Steps 1 through 6 with the other four precut shapes. The popular indigo trend is all about using different patterns with beautiful blue hues – so have fun with it! Mix and match the blue paint colors and Craft Stencils in differently masked sections to create a custom indigo design.


Whether the style you are decorating for classic, modern, global, preppy, vintage, or a little bit of everything, indigo has a place as an allover or accent color on your walls and decor. Let us know how you have created your one of a kind stenciled wall art. We’d love to see how you’ve interpreted your own unique style with our Craft Stencils! Email us at, share them on our Facebook Page, or you can even Instagram your projects and tag us with #royaldesignstudio.

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