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How to Paint a Wall with Large Stencils FAST!

Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils are the fast and easy way to decorate a wall! They come in many sizes, but if you select a large size stencil that has many repeats, you can paint a wall fast - woo hoo! With a large wall stencil (or large floor stencil), you can repeat and move the stencil across your surface less times as one repeat already covers more surface. This gives you a short and easy DIY project that you can enjoy immediately! Royal Stencils also come with built in registration marks so you can perfectly align the design every time. Plus, stenciling is safe for walls making it way better than wallpaper. We call that a WIN-WIN-WIN!

The large stencil for painting walls shown here is our Tatum Wall Stencil, which can be painted in any latex wall paint color and on any surface.

Looking for more info on how to align your stencil our built-in registration marks? Click here and watch this video tutorial: How to Use Registration Marks to Repeat Stencil Designs.


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