Marrakech Painting Trip: October 2011


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Peacock Painters, The Encore Trip

This story begins in the fall of 2007. I had started my own blog, Designamour, and had become smitten with the words and images on a delightful little blog by Maryam Montague out of Morocco called My Marrakesh. You see, she and her architect husband were building a dream in an old olive grove just outside of Marrakech. The dream was a series of boutique bed and breakfast style guest houses to be called Peacock Pavilions.
Blogging comments and creative conversations ensued, and it was decided that I would plan for a group of decorative painters to come there for the chance to experience the magic and beauty of Morocco under Maryam’s guidance, while leaving something beautiful and lasting in return: original and exclusive decorative art on the walls, floors, and ceilings of the guest houses in the olive grove.
Well, one trip was not enough to satisfy the yearnings of these two ladies. Morocco has taken hold of my heart, and Peacock Pavilions has blossomed into a beautifully decorated jewel that still offers creative inspiration and decorative painting opportunities.  Twenty five different people have now accompanied me on three different trips, and each has found it to be a life changing experience. We have seen the transformation of Peacock Pavilions from a construction site to chic boutique hotel. Our decorative painting projects there have been featured to the world in the top design and decorating blogs. Books and magazine features will soon follow.
In October 2012, I will be returning to Marrakech for what may be a final painting adventure in Morocco, and I hope that you can join me there to leave YOUR mark on this amazing place.
Gracious hosts and hospitality, creative painting, exotic cuisine, amazing ancient architecture, and so much more await you on what will be yet another magical, memorable journey! I hope you can join us...
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