DIY Tutorial with New Floral Stencil - Name It to Win It!

Post Update: This contest in now closed. 
The winning stencil name was Spring Rose Blossoms Stencil suggested by Melissa C.
Check back on our Stencil Contests page often for your chance to win!

Our latest stencil that you can help us NAME to WIN is a new allover floral stencil that creates so many opportunities for spring time projects! We jumped the gun and got started right away! Here's an easy DIY tutorial using our new flower stencil over a gorgeous tone-on-tone striped wall finish:


Striped Wash Floral Stencil Feature Wall

Stencil Supplies:

Basecoat: Start with your favorite color of off white latex paint.

Step 1:  Start by finding the center of your wall and measure out to the corners every 7”.  Mark your lines from floor to ceiling.

Step 2:  Use blue painter’s tape to mask off on the outside of every other line to create 7” spaces in between for your stripes.

Step 3:  Use a foam roller to paint over the masked lines using the same base color as your wall, sealing the edge of the blue painter’s tape. This will help to keep the thinned paint used in the next step from bleeding under your tape lines.

Step 4:  Mix one part Old Ochre Chalk Paint® with one part water to create a “paint wash”. Use a chip brush to brush on the wash mix with long, vertical strokes. Start at the top of the wall and work your way down.

Step 5:  Remove the masking tape to reveal the stria striped finish.

Step 6:  Place the stencil in the middle of your wall, starting at the ceiling line. To create this custom blue color we mixed 1 part Patina Green Stencil Creme with 4 parts Pearl Oyster Stencil Creme. Stenciling with a large 3” Stencil brush will allow you to complete the whole wall very quickly. Don’t forget to offload the stencil brush each time you reload (just the tips) with paint onto good quality paper towels. Use a light pressure on the brush to keep a more translucent look to the stenciling and allow the background stripes to ghost through a bit.

Step 7:  Follow the registration marks and instructions that are included with the stencil to complete stenciling the whole wall.

Step 8: Once the Patina Green color combination is dry, place the clean stencil back on top of your first repeat, making sure all the elements are aligned correctly. Add some subtle shading by using Smoked Oyster Stencil Crème with a 1 ½ ” Stencil Brush. This will add more depth and dimension to the flowers and leaves. Be sure again to be working with a very “dry” brush and control your pressure, focusing the brushwork mainly at the edges where the petals meet and the bases of the leaves.

Pro tip! If you’ve never tried shading with a stencil before test out a few repeats on a piece of scrap paper first It does take a little bit of practice to get just the right amount of paint and pressure on the brush, but once you master this skill, it’s yours for life!

We hope this DIY tutorial using our new allover floral stencil inspires you to suggest the perfect name for this new design-in sizes for both walls AND furniture. If we choose YOUR name, the first stencil is yours!

ENTER TO WIN THIS STENCIL BELOW! Simply comment  with your favorite name for this new pattern before midnight Sunday, April 12, 2015. If we choose your stencil name you WIN it! Good luck!!!

Take Note: Due to pesky spammers, our comments are moderated. It may take awhile for you comment to show up below.... 

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