Stencil Ideas

Painted Tile Floor Stencils that Anyone Can Do

Statement floors with tiles are having a major moment right now, but real ceramic and concrete tiles tend to come with a hefty price tag. We are loving the budget-savvy solution that home decorators are raving about… Tile Stencils for painting floors! These affordable designs can be painted DIRECTLY OVER your old, worn, or just plain boring floors to look like the stunning tiles. View full article →

12 Stunning Ideas for Stenciling a Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Backsplashes not only protect your walls, they also add color, pattern and texture. However, the overwhelming amount of materials needed for a new kitchen or a kitchen remodel can quickly make your costs skyrocket. We’ve been seeing a LOT of home decorators opting for Wall Stencils to decorate their backsplash rather than pay for expensive tile, stone, or marble (plus the cost of installation and a professional!). View full article →

Hot Decorating Idea: Stenciled Fireplace Surrounds & Mantles

A stylish fireplace surround or mantle blurs the line between art and architecture. The fireplace is usually the focal point in a living room, so it should appeal to your personality as well as being functional. Whether traditional or trendy speaks to your style, you can use Royal Design Studio stencils to easily and affordably paint pattern in, around, or on top of your fireplace. See some DIY stencil ideas that are sure to set your heart aglow. View full article →

Stencil Your Decor & Become an Insta-Inspiration

Nothing beats a little inspiration to jump-start your day or a new stencil project. If you are looking for inspiration, Instagram is a great place to start. You can see both beginners and pro’s (just like you!) sharing how they bring a little more beauty into the world with their decorating projects. Our pattern-filled Instagram feed @royalstencils and our hashtag #royaldesignstudio features hundreds of Instagrammers who love using stencil designs in their DIY home decor projects. View full article →

Royal Design Studio Wall Stencils Partners with NovaColor Textured Finishes

Royal Design Studio Stencils is proud to announce their exclusive stencil partnership with internationally renowned Italian decorative coatings company NovaColor! NovaColor is an internationally leading manufacturer of high-end, elegant architectural wall finishes, with worldwide distribution. Novacolor offers design professionals a complete assortment of textured effects and polished plasters, for interiors and exteriors, as well as wall coatings for high end interior effects. View full article →

Stencil Your Bedroom with a Classic Damask Wallpaper Look

Pamela of Home on Fern Hill has a gorgeous home that effortlessly blends both Farmhouse Style and French Country. With an artful balance between shabby and chic, she infuses her home with incomparable warmth and welcome. Let’s see how she incorporates this decorating style and large damask wall stencils into her bedroom makeover. View full article →

Exposed! Stenciling Reclaimed Wood Finishes

Got a longing for a natural touch? Go rough or refined with these ideas for using reclaimed wood with pops of pattern. Reclaimed wood will bring warmth, rustic charm, character and a sense of history to the heart of your home. Add that to the originality of stencil designs, and you’ve got yourself a home of custom craftsmanship. Check out these DIY ideas that expose the beauty of reclaimed wood finishes using stencils. View full article →

How to Prep and Stencil a Concrete Floor

Do you ever feel like ripping out your old carpet and starting fresh, but your budget isn’t cooperating? Even if replacing carpet or installing hardwood or tile is out of your budget, you can still have beautiful flooring! CoCo from The Crowned Goat knew her worn carpet in her bedroom definitely had to go (and her allergies along with it!). Instead of replacing what she ripped out, she kept the concrete beneath exposed and stenciled it with Floor Stencils. View full article →

Dare to Be Different with Dining Room Stencils

There’s no better room to indulge yourself by applying your favorite decorating trends than the dining room. Whether your dining area is open-plan and includes the kitchen, or you have the luxury of a separate room, think like an interior designer and add some trendy DIY touches using stencils for walls and floors to stimulate the senses. Set your dining room with the colors and patterns you love, and you'll never be hungry for style satisfaction again. View full article →

Better Homes & Gardens: Stenciling with Flea Market Style

Flea markets, Craigslist, and even a neighbor’s curb can yield vintage treasures that make a house sparkle. But knowing what to do with those pieces can be intimidating. Better Homes & Gardens featured 2 different ways (out of many!) to upcycle decor using Royal Design Studio Stencils in their Flea Market Style 2017 special issue. View full article →
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