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You Can WIN & Name this Moroccan Stencil!

The stencil designing never ends here at Royal Design Studio! The latest addition to our ever growing family of stencils is versatile Moroccan-inspired pattern we think you'll love. A combination of both geometric & curvy Arabesque motifs allows this new Moroccan stencil to transition between bold interiors and romantic spaces with ease. As always, it's your personal color choices that make a stencil design your own.

Want the chance to win this new Moroccan design for yourself?? It's just waiting for the perfect name....

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15 Chic Stencil Ideas for Fresh Furniture Fixups

Chic, custom, and… affordable? Does that exist? With Furniture Stencils and paint, you can have it all! No more having to shop at expensive furniture stores! You can now create the exact look you want on your furniture with your favorite colors and designs. However, if you’d still like to do some “window shopping”, we’ve compiled some pretty painted furniture projects to get you inspired to stencil your own. Check out how these creative customers have customized their own furniture pieces with stencils! View full article →

Tile Trend: 12 Ideas to Make Decor Easy and Affordable with Stencils

The fascinating world of decorative tiles is filled with different colors, patterns, and styles. Today’s tile designs feature exciting and bold patterns and are being used in fresh new ways to create stunning interior design schemes.The key to pulling off this fresh new look on a budget is to incorporate Royal Design Studio Tile Stencils. But can DIY Tile Stencils really look like real tile… for a fraction of the cost? See for yourself! View full article →

12 Clever Craft DIY's: Creating Custom Fabric with Stencils

Even with a bazillion fabric offering out there, sometimes you just cant find the right combination of color and pattern to complete a room makeover. If you take the DIY route, though, it's easy to make your own fabric design with Stencils! Stenciling plain fabric with pattern helps you create any look you want for your pillows, curtains, clothing, and more. Check out the following stenciled fabric projects for inspiration. Then, grab some plain fabric, paint and a stencil and start creating your own. View full article →

Design Challenge: Colorful vs Neutral Stencil Ideas

Do you embrace color, or hide from the wilder hues? Either color scheme can work well in an interior especially when paired with pattern. And the EASIEST way to do THAT is with Stencils. Stencils painted onto walls, floors, and more can liven up an otherwise boring neutral or soften an intense color. Are you in Team Neutral, Team Color, or do you play a little with both? Let’s compare some stencil designs that look gorgeous in both neutral and color interiors... View full article →

Want to Win this Tile Stencil? Name It!

Tile is the hot, hot, HOT decor trend that can be found on walls, floors, and stairs! The key to pulling off this fresh new look on a budget is to incorporate easy-to-use DIY Tile Stencils on whatever surface you want tiled. And here's a BIG surprise: We've designed this NEW Tile Stencil just for you, but it doesn't have a name yet! This stencil design is the modern way to add character and artistic flair to any interior, while still retaining that sense of quality craftsmanship of a real tile design. What would you name this stencil? View full article →

It's Your Chance! Name & Win this Lace Stencil

Our lace pattern stencils offer something for every style and surface in your home. Fellow DIY’ers love the impact lace patterns create while still maintaining a delicate, romantic look. So, we thought it was a no-brainer that we create another Lace Stencil to grace this collection. This large stencil turns up the heat when it's stenciled onto walls and floors. Help us name this stencil - you can win it for your next stencil project! View full article →

Stencils Inspire Interiors on Instagram

Every time we open Instagram, it is like we’re opening a new edition of our favorite design magazine. However, unlike design magazines, ANYONE can publish their Insta-Inspiring interiors! Our talented customers show off their stencil projects from beginning to completion, no matter if they are a DIY’er or pro. You can find these Insta-inspiring projects by searching the hashtag #royaldesignstudio and checking out @royalstencils. Scroll down to see some of our recent favorites that we just HAD to share. View full article →

Stencil Pretty Holiday Decor with These DIY Tutorials

Holiday decor doesn’t have to come from a store… Maybe it can mean a little bit more. Want some more holiday-themed DIY fun? Click play on this festive video to see the stencil projects we've done! Holiday DIY Craft Stencils for every season! Create beautiful DIY holiday decorations with these wall, furniture, and craft stencils. Perfect for hand-made gifts, pillows, cards, table runners, and even gift wrapping paper. Celebrate the holidays with us by adding an extra personal touch to your party decor or gifts. View full article →

Make Old Floors New & Fabulous with Floor Stencils

Flooring is one of the most expensive changes to make in a home, so unfortunately more often than not, renovating a floor is last on everyone’s to-do list. Don’t be like everybody else! Get your floors in tiptop shape without breaking the bank. Here’s the BIG secret that will save you BIG bucks: Floor Stencils! You can paint Floor Stencils directly onto your floor without stripping or refinishing. The paint and pattern effectively hide wear and tear, plus gives the surface some much needed style! View full article →