Create a More Colorful Home-with Stencils!

Create a More Colorful Home-with Stencils!

Who doesn’t want to live a more colorful life?? Home stencil projects give you the opportunity to do just that by stenciling colored patterns on your walls, floors, and furniture! The last 5, 10, heck 20 years seem to be dominated by neutral colors schemes and a heavy dose of black and white.

But we’re here to offer a brighter and bolder option, and we’re sharing some super inspiring colorful customer stencil projects below to shine a light on black, white, and neutral alternatives.

Are you ready get a little more colorful with your home decor? What have you got to lose? It’s just paint but it offers so many possibilities!

Stencil Shades of Blue

Stenciling in blue tones can create a calming effect-or a sense of drama! It all depends on the blue shade you choose for your stencil.

Flourish wall stencil on a teal blue bedroom wall

Our ever popular Flourish floral wall stencil on a deep teal blue wall by @athomewallie

Star tile wall stencil on a laundry room wall stenciling project

The STAR of this stenciled laundry room wall is definitely our You're a Star Tile Stencil in a deep, dramatic blue shade. By @the_bloomingbook

Pretty as a Peacock! Our Floral Fireworks wall stencil in peacock blue by @lizbundick


 Our Classic Damask Wall stencil looks anything but traditional in this furniture stencil project by @surrey_lane_home

Stencil Shades of Pink

If you’re feeling a little whimsical or romantic, try a pink-hued stencil project. Stenciling in a warm pink color adds a soothing effect, while stencils using brighter pink colors make a bolder statement.

Romance refreshed with a hot pink stencil color and a classic damask stencil pattern. Our Majestic Medina Wall Stencil by @carascolormecreative

Take those fun, bright colors outdoors for a concrete stenciling project. Our large scale Dazey Tile stencil makes it fast, fun, and easy! By @habiscus_hacienda

Pink is a VERY flattering color for most complexions, making it the perfect choice for a bathroom. See yourself looking beautiful with our Camel Bone Weave wall stencil. By @ednabelle

Get the party started by stenciling a fun feature wall with our Calypso Tiles Wall Stencil, like @rufusandhenrietta.

Copy this clever twist on our Herringbone Pattern Wall Stencil using pink, blue, and golden yellow-complete with a cutaway area for even more interest. Cuteness by @victoriaoswald

Stencil Shades of Green

How to instantly freshen up a room? Stencil a pattern in a pretty shade of green. The color green is know to "bring the outdoors in" and using green with your stencil projects is a great way to breathe some life into your surroundings.

Kelly green stencil paint and our lovely Skylar's Lace wall stencil make for the cutest little nursery by @allie7853

Santiago Tile floor stencil Royal Design Studio in shades of green

More grayed shades of green make an elegant statement on this floor stencil project by @trishjohnstondesign. Our Santiago Tile Stencil looks just lovely!

Opposites Attract wall stencil Royal Design studio on bathroom wall in shades of green

A fresh and funky combination of grass green and our Opposites Attract Wall Stencil for a feature wall by @hollyvox2

Diamond Dots Floor Tile Stencil Royal Design Studio stenciled on a studio floor

We just love to see creative uses of colors in our stencils. This project by @surreylanehome using our Diamonds and Dots wall stencil fills that bill and then some. Aren't these colors delicious?

Stencil Shades of Yellow

If you want to bring a sunny glow to your room, stenciling in a happy golden yellow color will do the trick!.Seeing your yellow stenciled wall everyday is guaranteed to lift your spirits-just like the sun!

Floral Fireworks wall stencil Royal Design Studio stencils on vintage bathroom wall renovation

Let the sunshine in! Who wouldn't be happy in this adorable vintage bathroom stenciled in a golden yellow with our Floral Fireworks Wall Stencil. By @paygepriscilla

Moroccan Starry Night wall stencil Royal Design Studio stenciled in yellow on a bedroom wall

 Our Starry Moroccan Night wall stencil takes on a daytime look in a warm mustard yellow color that brightens up this bedroom by @lillithortiz

Are you craving more colorful stencil ideas? Try these...


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