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Get Outside with DIY Backyard Decor

Bring the party back and into the backyard! As much as we love to hang out in the living room, a backyard is also a great place to gather with friends and family. It’s a time to turn off the TV and enjoy the outdoors and one another’s company. Make sure your backyard is back in business by renovating it on a dime with Stencils.

The Solution to Decorating Concrete Patios & Porches

Take it easy and get breezy outside on your patio! Oh, wait… Is it an ugly concrete slab that has seen better days? Paint it with concrete paint and Royal Design Studio Stencils! Check out these DIY renovation projects that make us never want to go inside again!

Top Rated Before & After Stencil Projects from Happy Customers

Check out these Before & After’s that WON big time and walked away with a beautiful stencil project AND a stencil shopping spree!

DIY Hack: Custom Furniture Designs with Stencils

Is there a piece of furniture that you can’t keep your eyes off of? That’s how we are with The House Warming and all of her gorgeous painted furniture projects! She offers a variety of furniture designs – vintage, mid modern century, French Provincial, and much more. Each and every piece is painted and stenciled to make it one of a kind.

Clean Up Your Style with Laundry Room Stencils

Laundry rooms may be hardworking, but that doesn't mean they have to be void of style. Royal Design Studio Stencils can help bring some FUN into the FUNctionality to your laundry room makeover. These eye-catching laundry room stencil projects by our talented customers prove that the home's most multifunctional space can be both beautiful AND efficient.

Insta Glam: Customers Stenciling Glamourous Decor

Instagram makes it look like everyone is decorating their homes in a blink of an eye (or a click of a like!), but is it really that easy? The quickest and most affordable way to instant glamification is here! Royal Design Studio Stencils and paint give you that instant glam you've been looking for in a snap.

Royal Design Studio Stencils on HGTV & DIY Network’s ‘Restored’

Guess what we spotted on DIY Network and HGTV! On the TV show “Restored” Season 4 Episode 7, Brett Waterman restored a 1926 Tudor Revival home by highlighting architectural features with Royal Design Studio Stencils. It makes all the difference!

Before & After Home Renovations in Quarantine

Paint Stencils from Royal Design Studio are just the trick to help you update your quarantine space without spending too much unnecessary cash during this time. We have gathered up some of our favorite Before + After DIY projects using paint stencils.

Sizzling Style: Stencils for Painting Fireplace Tiles

Your home should be somewhere you feel cozy and comfortable, right? Then why are we seeing so many homes that are bui...

Paint a Pattern with Kitchen Floor Stencils

Have a kitchen floor that’s like a cockroach? Durable and has lasted years… but just plain UGLY? You can definitely have BOTH pretty and durable kitchen flooring… and on a budget. Use Royal Design Studio Floor Stencils, Floor Paint, and water-based polyurethane sealant to paint directly onto your old, worn, or plain floors.

Paint, Peel, & Stick Your Stairs with Stencil Designs

We’re always on the hunt to make our creative lives easier and we’re so happy to share our Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas™ to solve these and other stenciling dilemmas. Our Paint, Peel & Stick Canvas™ is the perfect way to make painting pattern and stenciled style on stair risers easy, affordable, and removable!

Insta-Glam Your Home Decor the Fast Way

The quickest and most affordable way to instant glamification is here! Royal Design Studio Stencils and paint give you that instant glam you've been looking for in a snap. Within a single afternoon or weekend, you can paint a glamorous pattern on your wall or floor. See below some of our fav stencil projects we found tagged on @royalstencils...
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