Be Inspired by These Best Before and After Stencil Projects

Be Inspired by These Best Before and After Stencil Projects

See how our amazing stencil customers transformed their homes with this latest round of Before & After Stencil Contest Winners. Which one is your favorite??
Sharing before and after stencil transformation projects from our beloved customers is our joy! We are so inspired by your creativity, talent and DIY spirit and getting to share your wall stencil and floor stenciling projects here is a privilege.

Find stenciling inspiration for your next home decor stencil project below!

Morcocan wall stencil for wallpaper stenciling look

"Since we moved into our home in November of 2020, I've worked toward making our bedroom into a romantic Moroccan-inspired getaway, but this corner with the teal door and the bathroom have continually bugged me. I'd try some idea, put in too much time, and still not feel like it "worked". Eventually I ran across some stencil ideas on Pinterest that made me think perhaps I hadn't gone Moroccan enough. So, I decided to buy two of them from Royal Design Studio, and I'm so pleased with the result!"

 Damask wall stencil in bathroom stenciling makeover 
“I recently moved into my new home which is about 4 years old and not quite the ‘character’ home I had envisaged buying… so I decided to set about injecting the character that I felt it was missing. My first project was the guest bathroom that reminded me of a prison cell! “
“I used the Lisabetta Damask Stencil to create a luxurious feel… I already had a gilt gold mirror and decided to go the whole hog and use gold paint with my stencil over a turquoise blue. Such a lovely combination. I hand painted whimsical clouds on the back wall and then added swallows in flight to add interest. My daughter now refers to the guest toilet as ‘Narnia’.”

Damask wall stenciling for with feature walls stencil

Alcazar Lace Damask-Diane Frijia

“I have just completed stenciling in my dining room. I have struggled with how to decorate this wall as it is curved so I cannot hang anything flat on it. I decided to try the stencil for adding some color and decor to the wall using the 3” stencil brush and Antique Gold Stencil Creme Paint. My advice to anyone stenciling is to just take your time and enjoy the process”


Modern wall stencil kitchen upgrade with custom wall decor


“I wanted an accent wall that would add a wow factor to the space in our small cabin. Your To the Point Modern Wall Stencil worked wonders. The wall comes alive with the metallic Aged Nickel Stencil Creme Paint on a dark gray wall, creating the illusion of movement as the light changes.”

 Modern large wall stencil for feature walls stenciling

Midtown Trellis Stencil
-Jennifer DeJohn

“I am a home stylist freelancer and business recruiter living in NC. I like decorating, styling, staging and DIY projects. I enjoy taking areas of the home and making them into special spaces, creating wow sites in each room. I do my best to decorate affordably and will repurpose pieces and do projects where I can. This hallway is the conduit into the dining room from the kitchen and deserves to be more than just greige colored passthrough. This now makes the space so much prettier.”

Large floor painting stencil for painted floors with stencils
“I purchased a fixer upper in Surf City NC and chose a Royal Design Studio stencil called Skylar’s Lace for my Master Bedroom.  The room is 16x20 so it was a huge undertaking all by myself!  The floor took me a total of 3 days and that included prep, base color then stenciling.  The color is Sherwin Williams Online which is a blue/grey.  I love my new space. Hope you do too!”

Large Mandala wall stencil for feature walls stenciling

Prajna Mandala Stencil X-Large-Martha Durke

“The bedroom was neglected for years while we raised kids and worked on other areas. I did a total renovation...and wanted to see something beautiful when we open our eyes in the morning. The stencil design as a focal point became the motivator to do the hard work!”

Wallpaper look stenciling with large damask wall stencils

Isadora Damask Wall Stencil-Kathleen Russo

"I came across your business on Instagram and fell in love with your designs. I knew right away that I had to have this design in my home! I am over the moon and receive a ton of compliments. Take your time. Stencils are very forgiving so give it a try!"

Stencil on floors kitchen floor stenciling

Meandering Rose Chinoiserie Floral Stencil-Emily Ramos

“I had hardwood floors with 5 layers of flooring on top. The floors underneath needed a ton of patching but I didn’t want to cover them again. A stencil with oil paint really transformed an ugly floor into a focal point. I always get compliments on how unique and cool the floor is!”

 Stenciled wall niche with modern marble walls stencil

Marble Texture Modern Stencil-Lisa McClung

"We chose this stencil after looking at wallpapers became frustrating. This area is a niche bar in our great room where we had to tie colors in through to our dining room with a driftwood chandelier. We used bronze metallic paint. I absolutely love the finished project more than I ever expected. The end result is sultry and elegant!"

Plaster stenciling with large damask wall stencil for feature wallsAntoinette Damask Stencil-Holden Mills

"I wanted to add more color to my entryway but it's a rather large space, so I wanted to add texture as well to break up the color. I was thinking of textured wallpaper, but that sounds like a nightmare to deal with, let alone the fact that old houses with plaster walls (ours was built in 1857) do not play nice with wallpaper. I came across a video on your website of embossed stenciling with joint compound ( and realized that would be perfect."

"The wall looks incredible! It came out exactly as I had imagined, improving and complementing the space. It looks so elegant. This was the first purely aesthetic improvement I had done on the house, and it was a great feeling of accomplishment."

Floral wall stenciling with walls stencils for wallpaper look Wisteria Floral Stencil by Bonnie Christine-Kristen Horowitz

"I wanted an accent wall as a focal point in our bedroom. I priced wallpaper and it was prohibitive even just to do one wall. While scrolling Facebook one day I saw Royal Design Studio come up in my feed and saw that a friend of mine had used your product. I gave her a call and asked how her experience was and she had only great things to say. So I jumped in and I couldn't be happier with the result. Friends can't believe it's a stencil and then they really can't believe when I tell them how easy it was!"

"I have stenciled before, but only on a very small scale--never on a wall. Of course my main concern was bleeding behind the stencil. I can say that using the Pearl Oyster Stencil Creme paint from Royal Design Studio was a very good decision! I watched the videos about the importance of offloading and I did that faithfully but it was also just great that the paint was not that wet to begin with. Definitely something that I would buy again.”



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