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Stylish New Stencils to Refresh Your Wall Decor

Stencils are the easy, inexpensive way to refresh your walls and floors fast! We have some great NEW stencil patterns for the season to entice you to do just that. Stenciling your walls and floors is a decor-savvy, satisfying and simple way to give your home décor the update it deserves.

How to Make a Grand Entrance with Stencils

Make your home more welcoming by stenciling a stylish entryway. Whether you chose to stencil indoors or out, a DIY st...

The Stenciled Tile Trend is Still Going Strong

The tile stencil trend we’ve been noticing for the last few years is still going strong and we are here for it! It’s no wonder why so many of our stencil customers continue to choose a tile stenciling project for their home. They are so versatile and easy to use and can create a HUGE impact for a small investment.

5 Flea Market Furniture Flips Made Better with Furniture Stencils

Are you a flea market junkie, Facebook Market stalker, or thrift store aficionado? Do you brake suddenly when you see discarded furniture sitting at the end of a neighbor’s driveway? Then this Stencil Ideas Post is for you!

Fall Stencil Drop - New Stencils for a New Season

A change of seasons can bring many shifts: cooler weather, kids going back to school, more time spent at home and indoors to name a few. A new season and renewed interest in your interiors can be a motivation for new home decorating projects. We are here to inspire you to add some fresh paint and stencil projects to your list of options with a fresh Fall drop of new stencil patterns to decorate your home.

30 Sunroom Decorating Ideas with Floor Stencils

Create your own slice of paradise with a stylish sunroom! Before you kick up your feet and relax, make sure your sunroom is looking like the oasis you have envisioned. Need some DIY ideas? Check out these sunroom decorating ideas using Floor Stencils…

#1 Home Improvement Idea: Bathroom Wall Stencils

What is the best home improvement idea? Hands down, Wall Stencils are the best, easiest, and most affordable home improvement hack. Before choosing your favorite wall stencil pattern, check out these bathroom wall stencils using just wall paint!

DIY Hack for Gorgeous Outdoor Decor: Painting Stencils!

What is an easy DIY hack for decorating patios and porches? We have a great solution for your home! Painting with stencils is an easy way to make your outdoor decor beautiful. Check out these backyard decor painting ideas using Royal Design Studio Stencils… they are all done by beginners and they LOVE the results!

Bigger & Bolder: Large Stencils for Upscaled Style

The best... made BIGGER and BOLDER! These large stencils for painting walls and decorative floors are larger scale versions of customer favorites from Royal Design Studio Stencils.

Clean Up Your Style with Laundry Room Stencils

Laundry rooms may be hardworking, but that doesn't mean they have to be void of style. Royal Design Studio Stencils can help bring some FUN into the FUNctionality to your laundry room makeover. These eye-catching laundry room stencil projects by our talented customers prove that the home's most multifunctional space can be both beautiful AND efficient.

Paint a Pattern with Kitchen Floor Stencils

Have a kitchen floor that’s like a cockroach? Durable and has lasted years… but just plain UGLY? You can definitely have BOTH pretty and durable kitchen flooring… and on a budget. Use Royal Design Studio Floor Stencils, Floor Paint, and water-based polyurethane sealant to paint directly onto your old, worn, or plain floors.

Back to Back: Kitchen Backsplash Painting Stencils

Backsplash tiles, no matter how simple, always tend to be pretty… and PRICEY! Yikes! Here’s a quick and affordable solution so you don’t go over budget without sacrificing any beauty. Royal Design Studio Tile Stencils for painting look just like real backsplash tiles… but they are painted instead of installed. Check out these DIY backsplash tiles that make kitchen design easy and affordable…
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