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Back to Back: Kitchen Backsplash Painting Stencils

Backsplash tiles, no matter how simple, always tend to be pretty… and PRICEY! Yikes! Here’s a quick and affordable solution so you don’t go over budget without sacrificing any beauty. Royal Design Studio Tile Stencils for painting look just like real backsplash tiles… but they are painted instead of installed. Check out these DIY backsplash tiles that make kitchen design easy and affordable…

25 DIY Ideas: Modern Farmhouse Walls Stencils

A decade ago the phrase “Modern Farmhouse” would perhaps have referred to a newly built actual farmhouse, but today it conjures a checklist of decor elements that add up to something a little bit country, a little bit industrial, and a whole lot of white paint. Shiplap paneling? Check. Reclaimed wood? Check. White walls? Check. After following this popular decorating checklist, make sure to add a personal touch to your Modern Farmhouse style home by painting a wall pattern with Modern Farmhouse Wall Stencils from Royal Design Studio.

Painted Tile Floor Stencils that Anyone Can Do

Statement floors with tiles are having a major moment right now, but real ceramic and concrete tiles tend to come with a hefty price tag. We are loving the budget-savvy solution that home decorators are raving about… Tile Stencils for painting floors! These affordable designs can be painted DIRECTLY OVER your old, worn, or just plain boring floors to look like the stunning tiles.

Stencil Your Bedroom with a Classic Damask Wallpaper Look

Pamela of Home on Fern Hill has a gorgeous home that effortlessly blends both Farmhouse Style and French Country. With an artful balance between shabby and chic, she infuses her home with incomparable warmth and welcome. Let’s see how she incorporates this decorating style and large damask wall stencils into her bedroom makeover.

Modern Farmhouse Style with Flower Wall Stencils

Kim Power Style wanted to give new life to her home office, a place where she spends her time almost daily. However, this room ended up being a ‘decor catch-all’ where a miss-match of left over decor pieces came to live when they were no longer being used in the rest of the house. Now Kim has officially “taken back” her office and masterfully redecorated it to match her Modern Coastal Farmhouse style with white, wood, and pops of blue and brass.

Floor Stencils Decorate a Vintage Farmhouse

No matter what your decorating styly is, you can finish off the look beautifully with Royal Design Studio Stencils. In Natalie of My Vintage Porch’s case, she wanted her laundry room and outdoor porch to complement the rest of her vintage farmhouse style home. In most homes, it’s common to find these two spaces left undecorated and distinct from the rest of the house’s style. However, Natalie took the DIY challenge and used Floor Stencils to carry her vintage farmhouse style into these previously unloved spaces.

Stenciling a Cottage Style Laundry Room

You’ve styled every room of your home but can’t seem to wrap your head around getting style into your laundry room. If this is a room you inhabit often why not make it a pretty extension of your design style too? Jenna Sue Design knows that she can give the tedious task of doing laundry a boost by surrounding herself with pretty, inspiring pattern. Jenna has beautiful cottage house style – shouldn’t her laundry room too? See how she used wall stencils to transform her space!

Before & After: Stenciling a Cottage Bedroom Makeover

Comfy, casual and cozy- cottage style is perfect for the way we really live (or want to!). Jenna Sue Design lives by this style, but her bedroom seemed to be more dated than cheerful and welcoming. It was dark and old-fashioned and desperately needed a cheery makeover. Here’s a look at how she freshened up this small bedroom while adding color and cozy textures to give the room the cottage feel she craved. She loved the idea that “stenciling is less of a commitment, is low cost, beginner friendly, and you can simply paint over it if you don’t like it.”

6 DIY Stenciled Headboard Ideas

You can invest so much effort in bringing home the perfect mattress that fits your physical needs, but if it’s not matched with a headboard that meets your aesthetic wants, even the most comfortable bed in the world won’t be totally dreamy. But what if those headboard price tags or specific styles are not what you are looking for? That’s where we come in! With our stencils, you can easily and affordably create a DIY headboard that fits your style and budget.

Stencil Ideas for a Dreamy Romantic Bedroom

The bedroom, for most, is a place where the pace of modern life is left behind and total relaxation takes its place. Take the time to decorate this overlooked space with you and your well-deserved sleep in mind. With the help of wall stencils, smoky grey or pastel pink color palettes, lace patterns, and metallic sheen, you can create a space that you can wind down and recharge. Let’s check out 11 bedroom makeovers with this romantic decorating style that will leave you in a dream-like state wishing you can hit the snooze button just one more time.

Shabby Chic Nursery Idea with Lace Wall Stencils

Maison de Pax was excited for the opportunity to decorate her daughter’s new room, but was hesitant to spend a lot of money and effort on something that wouldn’t last past her nursery years. Do you have the same predicament? Look no further: a proven way to save some serious cash on bedroom decorating that grows with your child is Wall Stencils! With wall stencils, you can choose from a variety of trendy designs and paint colors that you know will grow with your child. Let’s see how she used wall stencils to make this nursery a shabby chic space that can adapt to her growing toddler’s needs.
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