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The Stenciled Tile Trend is Still Going Strong

The tile stencil trend we’ve been noticing for the last few years is still going strong and we are here for it!

Stenciled floors with stencil tile trend

It’s no wonder why so many of our stencil customers continue to choose a tile stenciling project for their home. They are so versatile and easy to use and can create a HUGE impact for a small investment.

 Why you need to hop on the Stencil Tile Trend

  • Dozens of great tile stencil patterns in designs to fit every décor style.
  • Tile stencils can transform everything from a stenciled tile concrete patio, to front porch, to a boring backsplash or a bathroom floor.
  • Many of our tile stencils are offered in multiple sizes that match standard tile sizes in your home-making them easy to use.
  • We’ve taken some of most popular small tile stencil patterns and made them into allover patterns for stenciling larger wall and floor areas fast! See Starz Tile Allover Stencil and Starburst Tile Allover Stencil and Duomo Tile Allover Stencil
  • Using tile stencils to update with paint is a great alternative to ripping out and replacing old tile, vinyl, or hardwood floors. Refresh-don’t replace!
  • You can stencil our tile stencils in any color of your choice! You aren’t limited by existing ceramic or cement tile options. Get creative with color!

Now that we’ve reviewed all the benefits in writing, let’s get to the good stuff…the photographic evidence as provided by talented stencil customers.

 Dazey Tile Stencil project by @honeydohoney_home

Supernova Tile Stencil project by @annehilldesign

Supernova Tile Stencil project by Rebeca Mullen

Anatolia Tile Stencil project by Lucy Nguyen

Tribaliste Wall Stencil project by Nancy Lervick

Aragon Tile Stencil project by Lois Mahlberg

Santiago Tile Stencil project by @trishjohnstondesign

Duomo Tile Stencil project by Linda Roby

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