10 Ideas to Stencil Less for More-When Just a Touch of Stenciling Will Do

10 Ideas to Stencil Less for More-When Just a Touch of Stenciling Will Do

You don’t need to commit to a big stencil painting project in your home to enjoy the personal gratification and design perks that stenciling offers to your interior spaces. 

Even small stencil projects can have a big impact in a room-adding a special custom-painted touch of pattern and color to an otherwise ordinary space. 

We’ve gathered an inspirational stencil project roundup of 10 different stenciling design ideas from our talented Royal Design Studio customers, including small stenciled feature walls, stenciled arches, stenciled accents, stenciled doors and more.

Have a look and see what fresh stencil ideas you come up with for YOUR home…

Floral wall stencil in kitchen

@littlemissmidcentury used our Floral Fireworks Wall Stencil in the small scale to stencil this sunny accent wall in a vintage kitchen. You can see how much just this small amount of floral stenciling adds to space-creating a focal point and softening all the horizontal and vertical lines of the tile. 

Evil Eye Wall Stencil

Recessed niches naturally offer an ideal spot for some accent wall stenciling. Our Protective Eyes wall stencil was featured here by @beautybyjoan. You can stencil a niche this size in a matter of hours-and enjoy it for years!

Folk Flower Wall Stencil on headboard

@debbiedionhayescreative gave this bohemian bedroom some extra “vibes” with a rustic stenciled headboard made from old palette wood. She painted it a soft green and stenciled our Folk Floral Allover wall stencil on it with a distressed technique to create the perfect backdrop for a global inspired bed.

Asian Shibori Wall stencil in arch

If you don’t have an architectural feature on a wall you can paint one! @harmonyhaus did just that by painting an arch shape in dark blue and stenciling our Shibori Wall Stencil in it to create the perfect accent for artwork.

Tile wall stencil art-Renaissance Tiles Stencils by Royal Design Studio

Stencil you own artwork right on the wall. @charisma_by_vassi used our Renaissance Tile Set to create some accent wall art. Painting different blocks of color behind each stencil grouping gives it added interest.

Tile wall stencil art from Royal Design Studio Stencils

You don’t have to stencil directly on the wall to add stenciled art. Note this Toledo Tile accent piece by @aprildesigntrails which was stenciled on canvas and simply leaned against the wall in a casual way. Such an easy stencil project that adds so much to this space!

Mid Century Modern wall stenciling-Sound Waves wall stencil from Royal Design Studio

The perfect example of “less is more” stenciling. By stenciling our Sound Waves allover wall stencil JUST in the corner @samflaim created an elegant focal point in this bedroom that really allows the stenciled pattern to shine in this space.

Modern graphic wall stencil from Royal Design Studio stencils

Our To the Point wall stencil is perfect to use as a transitional accent between two wall colors. @vidalcoronel demonstrates this perfectly with this modern, graphic use of stencils.

Mandala wall stencil art-Prajna Mandala stencil from Royal Design Studio stencils

@carol.orourke used just one half of a repeat of our Prajna Mandala Stencil to make this window space pop. The soft colors add to the zen vibe of this easy stencil project. 

Ribbon Trellis wall stencil on door from Royal Design Studio stencils

And finally, you can bring a touch of stenciled pattern into any space by simply stenciling on an accent door. @pacificbrushdesign did just that to uplevel this laundry room space with our popular Ribbon Lattice wall stencil pattern.

We never run out of great stencil project ideas to share here! Be sure to visit these stencil ideas links for even more stenciling inspiration for you next project. 


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