DIY Bath Transformations with Stencils

DIY Bath Transformations with Stencils

Looking for ways to liven up a boring bathroom? Add a punch of color and pattern with wall stencils or floor stencils from Royal Design Studio.

Even though bathrooms are the smallest rooms in most homes, you can add pattern to many surfaces: stencil walls or ceilings, create a stenciled tile look on the floor, or stencil your bathroom cabinet doors. You can even stencil your shower curtain!

We combed through our customer stenciled project files to find these amazing bath transformations with stencils projects. Get inspired. Pick your project. Start stenciling!

Best Bath Transformations to Inspire your Next Stencil Project

Tribaliste Stencil | Nancy Lervick

Petra Tile Stencil | Jody Panek

Renaissance Tile Stencils | Kelly Abercrombie

Petal Play Stencil | Kathy Ehrich-Scheffer

Marisol Tile Stencil | Patricia Braman

Flourish Allover Stencil | Gina Redwine

Lisabetta Damask Stencil | Donna Webb

Asahi Wall Stencil | @themorganhaus


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