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Stylish New Stencils to Refresh Your Wall Decor

Stencils are the easy, inexpensive way to refresh your walls and floors fast! We have some great NEW stencil patterns for the season to entice you to do just that. Stenciling your walls and floors is a décor-savvy, satisfying and simple way to give your home décor the update it deserves.

Pick your favorite stencil, choose some fresh paint colors, grab your stencil supplies, and soon you will be on your way to a whole new look to enjoy in your home.

Cabana Bamboo wall stencil 
Cabana Bamboo Wall Stencil Colorful

Cabana Bamboo Wall Stencil

What do you get when you combine a fun, tropical vibe with an elegant Art Nouveau aesthetic? You get our new Cabana Bamboo Wall stencil, of course! This elegant trellis pattern can be dressed up in metallic colors or painted in a fresh and funky palette. With stenciling-you're the boss of you. 

Nexus Modern Wall Stencil 
Nexus Modern Allover Wall Stencil 

Nexus Allover Tile Stencil

A modern, mosaic tile pattern, our Nexus Allover Tile Stencil is the latest addition to our Allover Stencils Collection-but it works just as well for stenciling floors too! Play with the subtle optical illusion of this design by introducing a second color in your stenciling for more depth and drama.

Delicate Tile Backsplash Stencil

Delicate Tile stencil for walls and floors

Delicate Tile Stencil

Tile stencils continue to be a strong design choice for DIY decorators. A new beauty for our Tile Stencils Collection, this Delicate Tile Stencil is perfect for adding a touch of comforting Country style to your home décor. Stencil this delicate pattern on kitchen backsplashes, walls, and floors.

Almeria Tile Stencil 
Almeria Moroccan Tile Stencil

Almeria Allover Stencil

Use this graphic, Moroccan-inspired stencil pattern with your own custom color paint selection to make this stencil work for YOUR space. We love it stenciled in multiple colors over a mid-tone painted background, but you can keep it simple with just one color for an equally dramatic look.

Saxony French Damask Wall Stencil

Saxony Damask Wall Stencil

Saxony Damask Wall Stencil

A soft and sensuous addition to our Damask Wallpaper Stencil Collection. Our rich, French-inspired Saxony Damask Wall Stencil has curves in all the right places that you can use to create a custom stenciled wallpaper treatment for an elegant room.

 Astro Tile Wall Stencil

Astro Stars Wall and Floor Stencil

Astro Stars Allover Stencil

Our stencil patterns with star motifs continue to be among our Customer Favorites Stencils and we think this addition adds a nice, whimsical option. The Astro Stars Allover Stencil combines a popular star motif with flower accents to create a fun stenciled pattern on walls and floors.

Isadora Damask Stencil
Isadora Damask Wall Stencil

Isadora Damask Stencil

Our design hearts are always drawn to richly detailed Damask Wall Stencils patterns. These eternally popular pattern classics our always in style and with the design trend back to opulence and maximalism this new Isadora Damask Stencil could be the perfect addition to a special wall in a romantic room.


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