Beautiful Before & After Stencil Projects That YOU Can Do Too!

Beautiful Before & After Stencil Projects That YOU Can Do Too!

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Are these professionals or are these very happy customers that used Royal Design Studio Stencils? Royal Stencils are super easy to use on walls, floors, and furniture. A lot of these DIY'ers never stenciled before creating these gorgeous (and beginner friendly!) stencil projects! Need to see to believe? Check out these Before & After’s that WON big time and walked away with a beautiful stencil project AND a $100 stencil shopping spree!

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“This project was so much fun. The layers of color transformed this concrete porch! I painted this together with a friend of mine and thankful for her help, as it was a large porch! We first painted with Terra Cotta Porch Paint then stenciled with Duomo Tile Stencil in size large. The mailman was happy to see progress made during delivery all week!


This is our new office in the beach cities. We are showcasing our kitchen remodel, and as a designer I wanted to do something fun with the concrete floor. I'm really happy how the Upscaled Moorish Circles Stencil came out!” - Renee Silk


“I’m slowly transitioning my design style from all things modern farmhouse to more of a mid-century/Scandinavian style. I usually stick to neutrals but wanted to bring some color into the house in a fun way. So I decided to do a feature wall in the dining room. The Floral Fireworks Wall Stencil pattern really just spoke to me!” – Taylor Chang

“We just moved to beautiful Florida. This was my first floor project in our lanai and I used the Island Dreams Tile Stencil. I sealed the concrete with Valspar Porch Floor Patio Wood and Concrete Sealer in a satin finish. I used three colors of Sherwin Williams Paint and sealed it all with Rust-Oleum Concrete and Garage Topcoat. We love it.” – Diane Waldrop

“My  33 year old powder room needed a face lift! I used the Lisabetta Damask Wall Stencil and Smoked Oyster Stencil and Pearl Royal Stencil Cremes.” - Donna Webb

“I am a mom who completes DIY projects during nap time! I am chipping away on a big dining room makeover and using Royal Design Studio’s Thicket Leaves Stencil as a top wallpaper look. The paint and stencil made a HUGE difference already and I am so excited to bring the project to its final stages. I am so thankful I found Royal Design Studio because I can honestly not afford to wallpaper our very large dining room and I got an upscale look for so much less!” – Gina Sciannameo


“I just completed a project using the Augusta Tile Stencil. I thought this shelving could use some pizzaz since they are front and center in my home. I was going for an imported tile look. Thought it turned out very well.” – Kathy Montgomery

“The process of doing this very intricate Tribal Batik Wall Stencil was much easier than I thought by following Royal Design Studio’s instructional videos… and it came out gorgeous!” - Jacque Bonelli Smith

“I upcycle furniture and donate my profit to an organization (The Lupus Research Alliance) that funds Lupus research. This is a Hitchcock brand table gifted to me by a friend for this purpose. One look at that stencil and this table and I knew they were meant to go together!  I’m so pleased how it turned out! I used a high quality shellac-based primer followed by a latex-acrylic paint. I used foam stencil pouncers and acrylic paints for the stenciling. A water-based acrylic sealer was the final product for the topcoat. Royal Design Studio Stencils are the best out there! The stencils are strong and sturdy. There is no leakage underneath the stencil and so easy to line up on larger projects! Their catalog is huge and I always find what I need. I highly recommend Royal Design Studio. - Rose Marie Cocchiarella

“This is my very first stenciling project. I was inspired by a trip to Morocco. The brass lanterns and photo are from Marrakech, and the Bird’s Eye Ikat Stencil is from Royal Design Studio. Next, I hope to re-finish and stencil the cement floors in my bedroom.” - Tricia Krippel

“We are converting our 1924 house back to some original features.  We hated the brick pavers that were put over the original front entrance stairs. After many hours of loving labor-- we finally have the beautiful look we wanted with the help of the Bixby Tile Stencil.” - Elaine Maki

“I recently used a beautiful Royal Design Studio border stencil for a project for a customer's stairs.  They turned out beautifully!” - Mychelle Fitzgerald

“I started my project with Clay Beige from Sherman Williams.  I selected a gold stencil cream to create a dramatic background. I used Royal Design Studio’s large stencil brush to apply Royal Stencil Cream and the Chez Sheik Wall Stencil pattern to the focal wall.” – Ikla Morris

“The grey concrete pad of my entryway was so boring! After staining it a brick color, I decided it needed more pizazz, and that it would look great with a tile stencil. I chose the Duomo Tile Stencil because of the European feel it would give my entryway. It required 2 layers: one is a soft coral and the other is a soft white. I found the work easy and the end result is very rewarding. Doing this project myself saved me lots of money that it would cost to have brick or tile laid in the space.  I was happy to provide my own labor and as a result, enjoy the pride I feel whenever I leave or enter my home!” – Lisa Jones

“This Flourish Allover Wall Stencil is stunning. I am so pleased with how the design in my head translated to the walls. Everyone thinks it's high-end wallpaper. I stenciled first with Renovation Hardware paint in Latte, then offset the stencil 1/4" and stenciled over with Pearl Oyster Royal Stencil Creme. The before-and-after is amazing. Goodbye 1980s peach tile!” – Gina Redwine

“I’m so excited to share my finished project using the Laleh Damask Wall Stencil, as well as stencil brushes & metallic crème paints. We painted our accent wall with Sherwin Williams Deep Sea Dive, then stenciled using a combination of Copper Kettle and Aged Bronze crème paints. The final result is stunning - it looks like high end wallpaper. We are so impressed with how cleanly the stencil design came out - all of Royal Design Studio products were easy to use and the final product is something we are so proud of. Thank you for making it possible to create such a beautiful room!” - Abby Chandanais

“My husband passed away in June. I decided it was time to make our very boring, gray everything bedroom, into a space that is soft and restful using the Lisabetta Damask Stencil. I'm no expert, but this was a great project. I did leave the corners and ceiling undone, but my plan is to frame it in a rustic wood.” - Tracy Prickett

“I had an empty room that was initially intended to use for yoga/meditating, so I wanted to do use the Paradise Lotus Wall Stencil pattern to make the room less plain. Well, some things changed and my empty room needed to become the guest room, so I decided to do one big accent wall with the lotus stencil and I get so many compliments from my guests that come to visit! It looks like high end wallpaper! My favorite room of the house so far!” – Robert Schall

“We are full-time RVers and we are trying to make our RV look more like a tiny home than an RV.  We painted the bedroom walls white and applied the Mali Mudcloth Stencil. We love how it turned out and look forward to using more Royal Design Studio Stencils to transfer our RV into a tiny home.” - Lory Strickland

Mandala Fusion Stencil Project by Loretta Huggett

“I painted my front patio using the Mandala Fusion Tile Stencil. I prepped the cement using cement/porch primer from Lowes.  then painted the base coat with porch paint tinted to Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. I then Stenciled using various colors of regular paint. I also used throughout the stencil some Royal Stencil Creme in Metallic Teal.” – Shirley Taylor

“We stenciled our back porch in Florida and it made all the difference in the world. It used to be drab and lifeless and now the Mandala Fusion Stencil brings out the warmth and character. We REALLY enjoy the space now!” - Tony Klinakis

“I wanted to update my old, dated closet doors but replacing them would cost about $800/door. Instead, I decided to paint the doors white and stencil over with a gray/dark blue Mansion House Grille Stencil design. I’m very happy with the results.” - Silvia Block

“I’m excited to share my first attempt at stenciling! It wasn’t complicated and I am super happy how it turned out. I learned some things, so my next project will hopefully be easier in some ways.” – Kat Berry

Meadowland Floral Wall Stencil project by Erin Brant.

“My daughter was turning 6 and she has always wanted a mermaid scale wall. Love the large scale stencil that we got from Royal Design Studio. I repainted her room and stenciled the wall while she was at school as a surprise. 8 hours later and it was all finished!! She was so excited!” - Melissa Dorminey

Petra Tile Stencil project by Julie Collins

Rattle and Roll Stencil project by Rumana Rahman

“I saw a design project featured in Better Homes and Gardens magazine and redid an old plain and stained patio. The Rosa Tile Stencil came out so amazing. I can’t stop hanging outside there. My husband did a great job.” - Kim Gsell

“I used the Starlight Allover Stencil in the two vanity rooms and one wall of the water closet/shower room. To keep the pattern simple, I simply placed the designs in a random pattern on the walls, rather than stenciling the allover pattern. Wall color is Sherwin Williams Stardew. The lighting in my photos is not ideal, but the rooms look amazing in real life.” - Barb Swartz

Starz Tile Stencil project by Stephanie Long

“As a family we spend a lot of time in our garden during the summer. Many of our pictures had a boring wall as background so we wanted it to blend in the surrounding trees using the Thicket Leaves Stencil.” – Daniel Samudio

“I wanted bring some texture to my master bedroom. We chose the Thicket Leaves Wall Stencil and used two shades of green to give depth. Now, when you come from our living room and down the hallway, there is a tropical garden feel.

Our front porch which needed to be resurfaced so we decided to make it pop. I have used Royal Design Studio high quality stencils for other projects, and when I saw the Starz Tile Stencil, I knew it was the one to use. A yellow dot in the center really brings out the yellow in the front door.” – Karen Nemphos

“We removed some old worn out Saltillo tiles and created our faux tiles with the Upscaled Hexagon Tile Stencil. I applied a white base coat then used the stencil with textured Behr outdoor concrete paint to make the “tiles”. It takes a while but everyone thinks it looks amazing.” – Micah Tresler

“When I am in my family room and look out all I see is our shed. We had a tornado a year ago that took out the trees around it. It was a weekend project that spanned a month but worth it. Thanks for the beautiful Wisteria Stencil design, Royal Design Studio!” – Deborah Daniels

“I painted our outdated brick house white and the You’re A Star Stencil went perfectly with our new updated house! I was nervous but turned out great. I used Benjamin Moore floor and patio paint.” – Sheri Viox

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