Big is Beautiful: Stenciling with our Upscaled Stencil Designs

Big is Beautiful: Stenciling with our Upscaled Stencil Designs

Do you want to be large and in charge with a bold new stencil project? Our Upscaled Stencil Collection features some of our most popular stencil patterns offered in larger-scale versions to add maximum impact to your stenciling.

We also have a special series of large-scale, graphic tile designs that are just perfect for stenciling oversized floor patterns on interior floors, exterior patios, porches, and even concrete walls. Because of the larger size and simple stencil designs, you can complete your project quickly-and who doesn’t love that??

We’ve assembled a round-up of large-scale stencil projects from our talented stenciling customers. We just love this graphic stencil look and think you will too!

Large Floor tile stencil Primrose Tile from Royal Design Studio

How fabulous is this stenciled floor by @artfulsalvation using our Chrystal Tile stencil? The bold black and white floor provides a great modern contrast to the traditional furniture and fixtures in this vintage store showroom.

Large tile stencil on concrete wall in the backyard-Chrystal Tile Stencil

@chrystalhomeflips used the same Chrystal Tile stencil in a completely different setting-flipping the color scheme to black on white for a painted concrete privacy wall in her back yard. What a great way to turn an ugly eyesore into a work of stenciled art that you get to view as you are enjoying summer evenings on the deck.

Large floor stencil project-stenciled concrete with Chrystal Tile Stencil

If you can take your eyes off that gorgeous view you might notice our Chrystal Tile stencil stenciled here on the lanai. No matter where you look here, it’s super lovely by @michelle.schincariol

Backyard concrete stenciling project-Dazey tile stencil

More backyard fun with a brighter color scheme! @hibiscus_hacienda went for full island vibe with a tropical color scheme of orange and blue and our Dazey Tile stencil for her backyard patio stencil project. Where’s my umbrella drink?

Large stencil on stenciled porch-Dazey Tile stencil from Royal Design Studio

Here is toned-down version of the Dazey Tile stencil-but still JUST AS FUN in a fabulous stenciled porch project by honeydohoney_home. It’s easy to imagine enjoying time on a porch like this all summer long. Sigh.

Concrete backyard stenciling project with Endless Moorish Circles Tile Stencil

The dog days of summer will be so much more pleasant for @karent805 looking out over this gorgeous backyard from the stenciled patio painted with our Upscaled Endless Moorish Circles stencil.

Large Wall stenciling in bathroom with Endless Moorish Circles Tile Stencil

Bold. Blue. Bathroom. Our Upscaled Endless Moorish Circles stencil looks equally amazing stenciled on a bathroom feature wall by the talented @vidalcoronel

Large stencil on wood floor stenciling with our Primrose Tile Stencil

@cottageonthegulfcoast created the dreamiest girl’s bedroom for her daughter with our large Primrose Tile stencil is the softest blue, cream, and golden yellow color scheme. We hope she enjoys growing up with her pretty stenciled floors and we think this is a great transitional design to live with as she does.

Large wall mural stencil project stenciled with Moxie Tile Stencil Set from Royal Design Studio

One of our Before and After stencil contest winners, Flo Park, won our hearts with this bedroom feature wall using our Moxie Tile Stencil Set, which features many of the tile stencils shown above in one handy set-so you can have the all!!

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