DIY Hack for Gorgeous Outdoor Decor: Painting Stencils!

DIY Hack for Gorgeous Outdoor Decor: Painting Stencils!

What is an easy DIY hack for decorating patios and porches? We have a great solution for your home! Painting with stencils is an easy way to make your outdoor decor beautiful. Check out these backyard decor painting ideas using Royal Design Studio Stencils… they are all done by beginners and they LOVE the results!
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What is an easy DIY hack for decorating patios and porches? We have a great solution for your home! Painting with stencils is an easy way to make your outdoor decor beautiful. You can paint concrete patios, wood porches, and so many other surfaces all without needing a professional. Stenciling patios and porches is so easy that anyone can do it, and there are video DIY tutorials to watch too! Check out these backyard decor painting ideas using Royal Design Studio Stencils… they are all done by beginners and they LOVE the results!

Looks who’s almost done with their stenciled concrete! @downhomedeboers is already in love with it. They used the You’re A Star Allover Stencil and followed Royal Design Studio's website DIY stenciling tutorials.

 @heidi_to_the_joy painted her patio with concrete paint and our gorgeous Maison Floral Tile Allover Stencil. This pop of color and pop of pattern make this outdoor space one of a kind!

“The little back patio makeover is coming along! I power washed, repaired the fence, stained the concrete, and now working on the stenciling with the Supernova TIle Stencil. I know it will be worth it!” - @ourhomeonhargis

“The fur babies are most excited about this space getting finished!” - @emjsutts. The Havana Tile Stencil made this stenciled concrete pretty AND durable for pets and foot traffic.


“My stencil project transformed an ugly water tank which we wanted to turn into a relaxing outdoor area. Thanks to the Mandala Fusion Tile Stencil!” – Amy Dunn


“I had been planning on painting my driveway since the old paint was worn and decided to use the Palladium Tile Stencil. I think it turned great. I know many people would stop and admire it. Even our UPS driver and our postman stopped by to tell me how much they liked it.” – Cynthia Orr

“Working on finishing my my stenciled mural for the backyard! 💚🎨 Got to get it done before the heat sets in! With the Baraka Tile Stencil and the greenery starting to bloom, it makes the space feel that much more comforting 🥰” - @pinkpuddlestudio

Something sunny and stenciled for you today! @paygepriscilla painted her concrete porch floor with our Maison Floral Tile Stencil and WOW!! ☀

“Mornings out here have become my favorite. Whatever it is you want to do in life, stop letting failure stop you. I’ve been envisioning this space for years and finally did it. Only thing I’d change is that I had done it sooner. I cannot help but sit back and feel so proud of this project. It’s truly amazing what the Intertwined Tile Stencil and paint can do to a space. Dreaming of all the memories this space will hold.” - @meghan_beltran3


“We had a pad outside our casita sliding doors that was begging for some Royal Stencil Love! My daughter had recently been to Rome Italy and shared pictures of the Roman Bath mosaic floors. That was my inspiration. I was hooked on many of Royal Design Studio stencil patterns but Intuition Stencil pulled at my heart!” – Linda Roberts

 “I was never happy with having any form of floor covering for our porch. If leaves weren't sticking to it, it was getting stained from muddy feet. I ran across the idea of stenciling it on Google. After the idea stuck, I did lots of research and finally settled on the Lisboa Tile Stencil and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I LOVE how it turned out, and so does everyone who sees it. Thank you Royal Design Studio so much for the ideas, videos and supplies to complete this project.” - Jennifer Rittenhouse

Patio stenciling completed! @thequeenofkingman loves this do-it-yourself hack! She used concrete paint and the Maison Floral Tile Stencil and VOILÀ!

Relaxing mornings on a pretty patterned patio hit different. 😍 @jennarickels painted her concrete with our You’re A Star Stencil and loves any excuse she can sit out and enjoy it!

Nothing we love more than the look of stenciled wood 😍😍 Diane Wallrabenstein had a drab wood floor and when BAM! She stenciled it with the Maison Floral Tile Stencil and looks good as new!

@little_black_haus loves how their patio stairs turned out! They used the Endless Circles Stencil and followed our website tutorials to create this beauty!

Stenciled porches are pet, kid, and weather approved! @the.introverted.hippie stenciled her concrete porch with the You’re A Star Allover Stencil and concrete paint.

“Before and After of deck stenciling! This deck wasn’t taken care of when we moved in and lumber is hard to find and expensive so I decided to paint a rug on it to cover it up. Now we have a pretty space to enjoy! This is the Chunky Cable Knit Sweater Stencil.” - @phxsmith

 “My husband and I finally remade our entry and I’m so happy with how it turned out! I can highlight the Epiphyllums I got from my grandpa. They are the most special plants I have. The tiles were made possible by the You're A Star Tile Stencil!” - @concretebotanical_

“Summertime porch vibes. The  Augusta Tile Stencil I completed a month ago is holding up pretty well. It will stay for a loooooong time! 😍🙌🏼” - @heyitsjill_

We are thrilled to see yet another pretty porch get the attention it deserves! @countrysamplerfarmhousestyle Magazine featured their very own Molly Beals trying her hand at stenciling and NAILING IT! Instead of the heavy work of laying brick, Molly decided the quicker, easier, and more affordable alternative would be to stencil a brick pattern onto the concrete with concrete paint and the Herringbone Brick Stencil.

“Front porch floors are FINISHED! I was loving how it looked the second it started which kept me motivated.” - @homegrownsurroundings used Royal Design Studio Stencils on concrete with concrete paint and WOW!

“My boho oasis is officially complete! The beautiful floor was done using the Dazey Tile Stencil. It’s the 3rd floor I’ve done using their stencils and I would do a million more. Such an easy process and it completely made my space everything I’ve always dreamed of.” - @honeydohoney_home

“Love the new “brick” I laid today? 😉 Just kidding! It’s painted with Herringbone Brick Stencil! I just had this feeling after I stenciled the front concrete steps white that it just didn’t have the certain something special, so I went crazy with a couple other paint colors… mainly brown, light gray, dark gray, and white and sponges on the colors. I didn’t really have a techniques, I just played with the colors. You can’t really mess it up, so just gotta have fun with it! Now it feels like the entry has a real wow factor!” - @bloomingdiyer

@brepurposed used our Royal Design Studio Stencils and concrete paint to spice up her porch floors and we are IN LOVE! 😍 It’s the perfect idea to break up a solid colored space to create thoughtful style and personality.

@homesweetmonsters used the You’re A Star Stencil and concrete paint to renovate their backyard the DIY affordable way! Doesn’t it look amazing??

Here’s a gorgeous stenciled porch by @southparksanctuary using the Supernova Tile Stencil that will wake you right up with inspiration!


Want to learn how to stencil your own outdoor decor? Watch our step-by-step video tutorials here!

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