Before & After Decorating Ideas that WON!

Before & After Decorating Ideas that WON!

Our talented customers love seeing a total transformation unfold before their inspired eyes and creative hands when they use Royal Design Studio Stencils for painting. Check out these Before & After’s that WON big time!

Our talented customers love seeing a total transformation unfold before their inspired eyes and creative hands when they use Royal Design Studio Stencils for painting. We’ve asked them for their best Before & After stencil project pics and we are shocked with their results! Who knew just a little paint and stenciling could make such a difference? (We did!) Check out these Before & After’s that WON big time and walked away with a beautiful stencil project AND a $100 stencil shopping spree!

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Top 5 Winners

“My stencil project transformed an ugly water tank which we wanted to turn into a relaxing outdoor area. Thanks to the Mandala Fusion Tile Stencil!” – Amy Dunn

“Here are the before and after photos with the Amelie Deco Floral Stencil and Majorelle Floral Trellis Stencil. I used both stencils and a total of 7 paint colors in a range of pink, green and gold. I just love it.” – Sarah Maske

“I had been planning on painting my driveway since the old paint was worn and decided to use the Palladium Tile Stencil. I think it turned great. I know many people would stop and admire it. Even our UPS driver and our postman stopped by to tell me how much they liked it.” – Cynthia Orr

“The bathroom needed a serious remodel. All The walls had wallpaper which was in desperate need of replacement. After seeing and reading about Royal Design Studio Stencils, we decided to stencil rather than wallpaper. We loved the Floral Fireworks Wall Stencil and Pearl Oyster Royal Stencil Creme for a “soft”look. Itwas perfect for our remodel!” - Corinne

“Imitated a tin ceiling look on the foyer of my historic home built in 1910 with the You’re A Star Tile Stencil. Posted these pics on the FB group Our Old House (327K+ group members), which collected over 17K responses and 2.3K comments in less than 24 hrs. I taped down the stencil and stenciled from side to side, alternating, to allow dry time. I washed stencil a few times to avoid accidental smears and bleeds. I used a foam roller and 4-5 bottles of pearl white acrylic paint on flat white ceiling paint. It took about 3 hrs at a relaxed pace. The tape held stencil and rolling paint took seconds to do so most exhaustive part was going up and down the ladder.” - Melanie McMillin

Runner Ups

“Last weekend I finished my son's bedroom and couldn't be more impressed with myself! It's on the smaller side and I knew a feature wall which is directly across from the doorway, was absolutely necessary. I knew I wanted to bring in an element of black but wanted to make it interesting. When I saw the designers application of the African Plume Stencil, I knew that was it. I shamelessly applied it to the entire wall and couldn't love it more. He came home last weekend and his comment was, "Mom, I really love this wallpaper!" What I love most about this design are the negative spaces that draw interest and break up an otherwise busy pattern.” – Cindy Keisling

“My powder room was blah…. bored and kind of depressing… so during the pandemic, I discovered Royal Design Studio Stencils and the Anatolia Tile Stencil and this is what came out of it! Hope you like it :) “ - Cecilia

“I redid guest bedroom by ripping up the carpet, staining the concrete slab, painting the trim and walls, and then stenciling the floor with the Anatolia Tile Stencil.” – Barbara Johnson

“Sooooo happy with the final result. The Asahi Art Deco Wall Stencil worked great!!! Everyone who sees it thinks it’s wallpaper.” – Michelle Leroux

“This is my bedroom accent wall makeover with the Asahi Wall Stencil! I wanted to add a lot of movement and keep the rest of the room clean lines. The metallic paint I used also brings a fun element any time of day… The wall is always changing with the light. I love the final results!” - Kaitlyn Weber

“My project was a fireplace hearth. It wasn't in the budget to do a total retile and I wanted to change the look. I painted the surround in the same color as the room trim and used the Bagru Block Print Stencil and the Oyster Pearl Royal Stencil Creme Paint. I love how the project turned out. It’s subtle, but matches the room and updates the fireplace without totally redoing the tile. Thank you Royal Design Studio!” - Jessica M

Estevan Tile Stencil project by Jill Price

“This is a very tiny half bath with old tile and in need of an update. I decided to do a lighter stencil on the one wall and really like how it turned out. The floor turned out amazing it with the Hexagon Tile Stencil. I just love how it turned out. I can’t wait to do another amazing project in the near future.” - Tracy McIlroy

“I matched the cabinets to wall color and used crushed pearl plaster with a scattered texture. Then I used the Lisabetta Damask Stencil in flat white paint with a distressed application.” - Tracey Kelly

“I used the Anatolia Tile Stencil to update a very tired 1970’s era linoleum floor in my kitchen. My goal when the kitchen is completed is to have a boho chic space with lots of color and interest. My Royal Design Studio Stencil definitely got me off to a great start. I love everything about my new “old” floor!! The stencil was easy to use and drastically changed the look and feel of my space in a much more cost effective way than installing new flooring. Thanks for providing such a great product!!” – Jessica Vincent

“I was determined to knock this project out in only a few days despite only recently recovering from surgery. We love how it turned out with the Lisboa TIle Stencil 😍 “ - Kayla Shelton

"I used the Lisboa Tile Stencil in the bedroom. I used a plastic bag and some watered-down leftover beige color to “pounce” some of the most obvious texture-flaws into the background. This was done entirely with leftover paints and existing materials. Being in this room is no longer quite so difficult for me now.

I used the Petra Tile Stencil in the bathroom.  The stenciling project has brought a feeling of peace to this part of my house, and I’ve learned quite a bit about art history and the interconnections of cultural expressions in my insomniac, paint-covered nights. It’s like a meditation.” – Marla Dial Moore

“We were redecorating and searching for inspiration photos when I discovered an article in a magazine where a room had been stenciled. I began looking for stencils, and found Royal Design Studio Stencils online. I purchased the Mali Mudcloth Wall Stencil.  The wall was painted with Benjamin Moore Riverway, and stenciled using Copper Kettle and Patina Green stencil cremes from your company. The angled ceiling presented challenges, but we are thrilled with the results of our first stencil project. Many thanks to you for providing inspiration to us!” – Bill Anderson

“I used the Mansion Grille Trellis Furniture Stencil. I covered my old, white chest freezer with wood contact paper and then used the stencil to make it look like a piece of furniture. I’m showing it next to an antique armoire and it looks right at home and not at all like a chest freezer. I did add a darker shadow on one side of the stencil to contribute to the sense of depth.” - Karen Riekeman

“My abstract mermaid wall is completed!  I used three colors of paint blended to create the “canvas”, then the Moroccan Scallops Wall Stencil turned upside down and brushed with the Copper Kettle Royal Stencil Creme to create the scales. A very small amount of this paint goes a long, long way. I still have most of the 2 ounce jar left.” – Vicky Thomas

“I wanted to give an old dresser a new life in our nursery for our first child. I used the Otomi Stencil and love the way it turned out. Hopefully our baby does too!” – Sam Law

“I used the Palace Trellis Moroccan Wall Stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencils to jazz up a statement wall in my living room. I created an ocean like gradient before I applied the stencil to give the wall some fun gradient that would peek out from behind.” – Anu Ivanov

“Our bedroom was in need of… something. It was too bright and the walls were too plain. I bought a new comforter, pillows, rearranged furniture and put in softer lighting. Three walls are color washed in warm neutral tones and the wall behind the bed is stenciled. Before adding the Palace Trellis Wall Stencil, I painted the wall gray and color washed a darker gray on top so there is some texture underneath. The stencil added so much to the room. It is absolutely gorgeous! Everyone who sees it loves it.” - Jen O’Connell

“This reimagined dresser is painted with cabinet paint in a soft gray and off-white palette, and the Timber Tree Stencil was done with stencil paint. Additionally, a protective coating was applied to the stenciled drawers to protect art work from wear. Gold twig and bird hardware adds to the nature theme of the piece.” - Nancy Pohl

“A small guestroom closet gets a Victorian Restoration makeover using the Windsor Damask Wall Stencil from Royal Design Studio Stencil and Farrow and Ball Paints.” – Kymberli Barker

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