#1 Home Improvement Idea: Bathroom Wall Stencils

#1 Home Improvement Idea: Bathroom Wall Stencils

What is the best home improvement idea? Hands down, Wall Stencils are the best, easiest, and most affordable home improvement hack. Before choosing your favorite wall stencil pattern, check out these bathroom wall stencils using just wall paint!

What is the best home improvement idea? Hands down, Wall Stencils are the best, easiest, and most affordable home improvement hack. These wall paint stencils can be seen in so many bathroom renovations, no matter the style or budget. They come in any pattern you can dream of and are beginner-friendly to paint onto walls. Royal Design Studio offers video DIY tutorials on how to stencil bathroom walls to take out the guess work. Before choosing your favorite wall stencil pattern, check out these bathroom wall stencils using just wall paint!

Look at this DRAMA! We are here for it!! @sparrowhomedesign gave her bathroom painted her bathroom walls black but kept the brightness by painting the Esperanza Lace Wall Stencil on top in white. Stenciling a wall is a great way to add a color you want without committing to completely one-color walls.

“Wahoo! Our stairs are done! I want to be intentional about the decor we bring into our home. I also want to be intentional with my time, now more than ever! I hope my kids look back on this time and remember doing projects together. Swipe to see the evolution of our stairs (& bathroom stenciled with the same Amaranth Painting Stencil from @royalstencils!)” - @slo.gathred.home

“Just started my first project of 2020... working with 3 different types of metallic paint (including color-changing “flash” and iridescent). After I even out the color tone and clean up the edges, this wall will get a finishing glaze of iridescent pearl and some spots of glitter. Mermaid bathroom is done!” @lovepaperpaint painted her bathroom walls with the Moroccan Scallops Furniture Stencil, which also comes in a large wall stencil pattern size.

“I do home DIY projects because I love it, and it’s so much fun. You don’t like it? Paint over it! I would rather take risks and sometimes have to go in a different direction, than never try anything new! So don’t be afraid to try something hard, or different because the end result is always worth it. Even if it ends up different than what you expected.” - @heidi_joy_rodriguez used the Hexagon Tiles Painting Stencil and we are AWE-STRUCK! ...may have to take a seat to gain back our composure 😉😍😱

“Is it weird that my new happy place is a powder room?” - @brit_vas_ 😆😍 After remodeling her bathroom and painting the walls with the You’re A Star Tile Wall Stencil, we can’t blame ya!!

“I got the 1/2 bath finished! I couldn’t be happier with the finished space. This ENTIRE space was done on a tight budget and DIYs. The beautiful Lisboa Tile Wall Stencil is from Royal Design Studio Stencils. I absolutely love the pattern and the vintage feel it has created here. It looks like wallpaper (but isn’t), makes a huge impact, and was so easy to do!” - @mydiyhappyhome

“Who says small bathrooms need to look less attractive? Not me!! This gorgeous Ribbon Lattice Wall Stencil was the last touch on my client’s powder room. Stenciled walls give a room depth and make a small space look larger. Add the metallic silver Royal Stencil Creme to that and you get a bright luxurious finish!” - @charisma_by_vassi

“My husband and I talked this powder room renovation and I think it just became my favorite room in the house!” - @annettedoesmyhair gave this modern farmhouse style bathroom a wow factor by painting the walls with the Lisboa Tile Wall Stencil.


 “My creation today using the Peacock Fancy Wall Stencil. Super easy to do and it’s really added character to our bathroom! Now I just have the whole house to do because I love it soooo much!” - @healoursouls


Boring Bathroom Be Gone! @natewainscott used paint, lacquer, gold leaf, and our Palace Trellis Wall Stencil to give the gift of glam to these bathroom walls.

Room makeover using the Concrete Quilt Tile Stencils by Arte Azul

“The bathroom needed a serious remodel. All The walls had wallpaper which was in desperate need of replacement. After seeing and reading about Royal Design Studio Stencils, we decided to stencil rather than wallpaper. We loved the Floral Fireworks Wall Stencil and Pearl Oyster Royal Stencil Creme for a “soft” look. It was perfect for our remodel!” – Corinne

“My One Room Challenge reveal! I’m so happy to finally be able to share the result! I wanted to create a space that felt different than the others in the house. I think the Spring Rose Blossoms Stencil really helped bring that to life.” - @thewilliamsabode

“We remodeled our bathroom, which had wallpaper from 1995 all over it. After the wallpaper was removed, the walls were painted a base coat of Byte Blue from Sherwin Williams. I was looking at wallpaper that was going to cost between $1,200 and $1,500 just for the paper. The paper was the inspiration for the project. I purchased the Francesca Floral Damask Wall Stencil, and used the Royal stencil cremes Peacock Fancy, Pearl Oyster, and Smoked Oyster to create the six colors used in the design. I LOVE the new look, and even with brushes, I spent less than $325 on the entire project! BTW, I love the Royal Stencil Brushes, too.” – Jenn Gibbs

“This decorative wall finish is a custom created finish with sparkle plaster as the first layer and then a faded distressed white stenciling (Damascus Allover Wall Stencil) over the top. 😍 it is by far my favorite finish I created lately - so stunning in person - can see it sparkle as you move around the bathroom.” - @divinedesignbytracey

“While  I've always loved being creative and using my hands, here’s one of my favorite home design projects - my children's bathroom. I used the Floral Fireworks Allover Wall Stencil to add a custom color paint pattern along with shiplap. It really gives a lovely pop, and it still feels gender neutral even though the stencil is a floral pattern.” – Bethany Limmer

“I wanted a more cohesive and luxurious look for our bathroom and was initially considering wallpaper, but decided to try stenciling it with the Anatolia Tile Stencil instead because I could choose just the right color combination. I was thrilled with the results and have received many compliments. I can’t wait to paint an accent wall in the bedroom next!” – Susan Fry

“Here are pictures of the guest bathroom. We used the classic damask design of the Lisabetta Damask Wall Stencil and painted the walls midnight blue and white. Love the end results.” – Albertha Blooming Butler

“I’m excited to share my most recent project using the amazing Corsini Damask Wall Stencil! I layered several colors and layers of Sherwin Williams paint to create this rich look for my powder room.” – Eleni Lobene

“This is our half bathroom with the Mansion House Grille Wall Stencil. I copied the idea from Royal Design Studio’s YouTube channel and DIY tutorial videos. Turned out really good! I can’t wait to do more stencil projects!“ – Angie Garcia

“Before COVID-19 hit, I thought we would gut this bathroom but we decided we didn’t want to waste the money on doing a complete redo without knowing what the future holds.  I started googling stuff and found Royal Design Studio Stencils. I instantly fell in love  with the Parlor Lace Stencil so I decided to paint my tile and stencil it.” - Heather Nykun

“A friend of mine showed me Royal Design Studio Stencils and the minute I started looking at their designs, I WAS OBSESSED! They are stunning! I ordered the Isabella  Allover Tile Stencil to stencil an accent wall in my bathroom. This project kept me busy and creative, and got me through a tough time during quarantine. Thank you for such beautiful designs.” – Jennifer Graham

“She’s done! Our vintage bathroom refresh in all of her glory!” - @paygeprescilla used the Floral Fireworks Wall Painting Stencil to makeover her bathroom.

“The moral to this story us mostly any person can create an artsy thing of beauty through trial and error and going in your own direction as the flow takes you. I’m not a decorative painter. This is the first wall treatment I’ve attempted. And most of all, have fun for crying out loud!” - @thebeigeblues painted her pink wall with the Moroccan Scallops Wall Stencil for a pink mermaid fish scale wall pattern.

“We just moved into a newly built home and this was my first project to take the mass builders standard run of the mill powder room a\nd make it something special! I used the Mandala Fusion Stencil.” – Madison Blinn

“Royal Design Studio is my go-to online stencil source. I have loved their stencils for years.  My designer client wanted a traditional damask but with a lighter more open and distressed feel. I think we succeeded with this Damask Wall Stencil and she is thrilled with the results.” – Deborah Weir

I used the Petra Tile Stencil in the bathroom.  The stenciling project has brought a feeling of peace to this part of my house, and I’ve learned quite a bit about art history and the interconnections of cultural expressions in my insomniac, paint-covered nights. It’s like a meditation.” – Marla Dial Moore

“My powder room was blah…. bored and kind of depressing… so during the pandemic, I discovered Royal Design Studio Stencils and the Anatolia Tile Stencil and this is what came out of it! Hope you like it :) “ – Cecilia

“I just finished my very first stencil project with the Damask Wall Stencil. We love how our powder room turned out.” - Wendy Kalusz

“I loved working with the  Foliate Damask Wall Stencil. It was really durable and flexible and the built in register cutouts were indispensable. Our guest bath was in bad shape. Now it looks super custom and gorgeous!” - Karen Gustovich

Flourish Allover Wall Stencil project by Jamie Kennedy

 “My abstract mermaid wall is completed!  I used three colors of paint blended to create the “canvas”, then the Moroccan Scallops Wall Stencil turned upside down and brushed with the Copper Kettle Royal Stencil Creme to create the scales. A very small amount of this paint goes a long, long way. I still have most of the 2 ounce jar left.” – Vicky Thomas

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