30 Sunroom Decorating Ideas with Floor Stencils

30 Sunroom Decorating Ideas with Floor Stencils

Create your own slice of paradise with a stylish sunroom! Before you kick up your feet and relax, make sure your sunroom is looking like the oasis you have envisioned. Need some DIY ideas? Check out these sunroom decorating ideas using Floor Stencils…
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Create your own slice of paradise with a stylish sunroom! Before you kick up your feet and relax, make sure your sunroom is looking like the oasis you have envisioned. Floor Stencils from Royal Design Studio is an easy DIY project to create a custom sunroom no matter your skill level and budget. Paint concrete, wood, linoleum, and tile floors with your favorite floor stencil pattern. Your sunroom makeover will be beautiful, easy, and affordable! Need some DIY ideas? Check out these sunroom decorating ideas using Floor Stencils…


“This little atrium/sunroom was in desperate need of a makeover. It was drab and dark, but had great light from all the large windows. I painted out all the trim in Navajo White and used the Rabat Tile Floor Stencil to paint the floor tile. I used a combination of Rustoleum Home and Jolie Paints to stencil the floor. Now it is a bright cheery place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.” – Megan Reed

Creative customer Todd recently finished stenciling his sunroom with our Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil. He used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Annie Sloan Lacquer to seal it. He is really happy with the way it turned out-and who wouldn’t be?!

“We were remodeling a 97 year old house with a back porch that had a concrete floor. We wanted something that was really cool and cheery and fit with the colors and theme of the house. We painted it with the Mandala Fusion Tile Stencil.” – Lyndi Long

“I just finished my first stencil project with the Mandala Fusion Tile Stencil. I am super pleased with the results! I knew I wanted to do something to the porch floor. I decided I need to make a statement. Now my porch feels like a room.  It’s my favorite room. Thank you Royal Design Studio Stencils for having so many great choices and links to how to’s for beginners like myself. I have had a lot of compliments on the porch. I am pretty proud of it.  Thank you again for being the resource for beginners like me.” - Lorrie Bumsted-Valois



“I looked at Royal Design Studio Stencils for a while and finally decided to take the plunge.  After much deliberation, I chose the Bagru Block Print Stencil and the rest is history.  It turned out far more beautiful than I could have imagined and transformed a space that I will enjoy spending time in!  I have gotten so many compliments! Thanks Royal Design Studio!” – Aimee Glover


“The concrete floor in our sunroom was cracked, unleveled and both hunter green and beige paint was peeling off the floor from the 1960’s. I came across Royal Design Studio from Jenna Sue Design and thought we’d give it a shot! This is our before and after, enjoy! We used the Island Dreams Tile Floor Stencil and it came out amazing!” – Jennifer Douglas

“The Star Quilt Tile Stencil from Royal Design Studio helped me turn my tired screened in porch into an absolute sanctuary that I love to spend time in. It took a few days to prep my flooring- power washed, applied liquid sandpaper, and painted a few coats of white paint. Stenciling was so therapeutic and instantly gratifying as I watched my porch transform with each application. I’m now deciding on a stencil design for my kitchen walls! Thank you for helping me transform my home one space at a time!” – Gaby Williams

A backyard oasis that helps you escape the norms and woes of everyday life should be and look like everything you’ve ever dreamed of. @buttermilkgirl finds peace surrounded by beautiful colors and pattern so she painted her greenhouse floors with our Renaissance Tiles Stencils Set.

Summer is in full swing, and so should be your stenciling! @sherlinders stenciled her sunroom’s Tile floor with our Anatolia Tile Floor Stencil and LOVES IT!

Now THIS is where we would want to kick up our feet after a long week! @franciskasvakreverden painted her concrete patio floor with our Flourish Allover Flooring Stencil, which proved to be much easier and cheaper than installing tile. It looks fantastic, doesn’t it?? 

Colleen Krantz Morgan followed the helpful instructions of our video tutorials on how to stencil and paint her sunroom floor with our Anatolia Tile Stencil.

Once seeing Mandy's handy work with her previous stenciled walls, Mandy's grandmother asked her to makeover her sunroom. She loves pink, lace, and flowers so Mandy's design taste was right up her alley! Mandy got to work with our Love Birds Lace Damask Wall Stencil and light pink paint - the perfect pattern for feminine flair. She says, "The pale pink on the walls warms up the small space and makes it so feminine and friendly!"

“I must say that I love my stenciled cement porch floor as do all who see it. I originally happened upon Royal Design Studio because I wanted to stencil some curtains but then saw the images of the stenciled flooring and knew right then that it was the solution to my drab porch floor.  Now my screened porch looks like a living room. So classy!   The pictures don’t do it justice!  Thank you Royal Design Studio for the Lisboa Tile Stencil and inspiration.” - Carolyn Day

“We had a very boring screened in patio floor. We decided spice it up with the Mandala Fusion Tile Concrete Stencil.” – Noel Delvalle

We had never tried stenciling before, but after receiving quotes of over $2,000 to place pavers on our 16ft by 9 ft lanai, we decided to give it a try.  For less than $100 we have a beautiful result, and the satisfaction of accomplishment.   Here are some before and after pictures.” – Gary Serio

“When we moved into our home last year there was an eyesore of an old chicken coop and overgrown bushes behind our shed, along with a concrete slab begging for help. With the assistance my handy husband and the beautiful Chez Ali Moroccan Stencil, we have completely transformed this area.” - Ashley Rochelle 

“What a difference the You’re A Star Tile Stencil has made on my patio... it’s perfect.” – Darlene

This sunroom had very old orange floors. I transformed it using the Isabella Tile Stencil into a beautiful space that will be used for home yoga studio.” – Galina Hughes

“We just finished our summer patio project using the Mandala Fusion Tile Stencil. We are so happy with how it turned out! Many people are asking what stencil used and where to get it. I gladly told them Royal Design Studio Stencils.” – Christine Davis

There is an original bare concrete slab (about 20 yrs old) which is still in good shape. We painted the pergola white and my husband built the new fence whilst I started stenciling the floor. I power washed the concrete and once it dried completely I painted it with a quick dry, blue garage floor paint as base. I applied the Endless Circles Stencil in an off white using the same garage floor paint. I then sealed it with about 3 coats of sealant to make sure it stays in good condition. The stencil was so easy use! It was easier than I expected to complete the pattern around corners and the supporting pillars and so much cheaper than replacing it with decking. We now just love our new space. I went from being embarrassed about the area and thinking of it as an eye sore to being proud of the transformation and enjoying spending time here. It looks light, fresh and welcoming, even at night. Love Royal Design Studio’s quality products and customer services!” - Pearl van Staden

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