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Boho Decor: African Mudcloth Wall Murals

WIth boho decor on the rise, people are looking to find ways to pay homage to this gorgeous tribal design in their own homes. To make it easier, Royal Design Studio Stencils created a beautiful Mali Mudcloth Stencil so that even beginners can paint their own DIY mudcloth wall mural. Here's some of our favorites...

#1 Home Improvement Idea: Bathroom Wall Stencils

What is the best home improvement idea? Hands down, Wall Stencils are the best, easiest, and most affordable home improvement hack. Before choosing your favorite wall stencil pattern, check out these bathroom wall stencils using just wall paint!

Royal Stencils & Tirzah Help Women in Africa

As Tirzah's first local sustainability initiative, volunteers utilize Royal Design Studio Stencils to decorate the Homecare Retreat Center renovation project. Check out how these stencil projects turned out and how it helps marginalized women in Africa.

DIY Hack: Custom Furniture Designs with Stencils

Is there a piece of furniture that you can’t keep your eyes off of? That’s how we are with The House Warming and all of her gorgeous painted furniture projects! She offers a variety of furniture designs – vintage, mid modern century, French Provincial, and much more. Each and every piece is painted and stenciled to make it one of a kind.

Insta Glam: Customers Stenciling Glamourous Decor

Instagram makes it look like everyone is decorating their homes in a blink of an eye (or a click of a like!), but is it really that easy? The quickest and most affordable way to instant glamification is here! Royal Design Studio Stencils and paint give you that instant glam you've been looking for in a snap.

Do It Yourself: Painting Stairs and Stairwells

Check out these painted stairs using Stencils for Stairs from Royal Design Studio. These painting stair stencils make it easy to get the exact design and color you want… and within any budget!

Picture Perfect Home Decor with Insta-Inspiration

These days, it’s not only your guests that see your home. With social media, your friends and followers are virtually transported to a front row viewing of your life, including your home. Make your home picture perfect by adding your own personal style with Royal Design Studio Stencils. Check out these fan favorites...

Cheetah-licious Room Makeovers with Wall Stencils

Cheetah print is a pattern you should pounce on! Seeing spots is a good thing when they give walls such wildly beautiful style. Animal Print Stencils from Royal Design Studio create the look of animal wallpaper, but with paint! Check these DIY room makeovers we spotted…

Bohemian Stencils to Inspire Your Inner Boho Babe

Creative and artsy, unique and layered, the bohemian decor trend leads to a worldly lifestyle at home. Swathed in rich textiles and colors perfect for mismatching, boho chic rooms show a free spirit and an eye for eclectic design. Here’s boho interiors beautifully layering color and pattern with Bohemian Stencils from Royal Design Studio.

Shibori Dye Designs using Wall Stencils & Furniture Stencils

Shibori, tie-dye’s chic cousin, adds a one-of-a-kind bohemian vibe to any interior. Rather than shopping for expensive decor at World Market or West Elm, you can use Wall Stencils & Furniture Stencils from Royal Design Studio to add this popular pattern to your home for a fraction of the cost.

Paint Batik Fabric Designs with Wall Stencils & Furniture Stencils

Batik is a centuries-old dye process that was first developed in Indonesia. Hot wax would be applied to the fabric to create a wax-resistant pattern that the dye could not take. The batik design now adds a lively, elegant touch to interior design and home decor around the world. You can use Wall Stencils & Furniture Stencils to add this popular pattern to your home for a fraction of the cost.

25 Luxurious Ways to Accent a Bedroom Wall

We spend all of our money and energy on decorating our living rooms, by the time we get to our bedrooms there's nothing there. That's because everyone sees our common areas but only a few see our bedrooms – but after seeing these luxurious bedroom walls, you're going to want to show everyone. Check out these 25 ways to accent your bedroom wall using Royal Design Studio Wall Painting Stencils….
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