Top Trending Stencils from our Latest Stencil Designs

Top Trending Stencils from our Latest Stencil Designs

Keeping up with the latest home decor trends is easy and inexpensive with paint and stencils. Find the fresh new pattern looks our customers are currently loving from our most recent stencil designs.

Staying up-to-date with trending home decor and keeping your interior feel “fresh” has gotten a little challenging as home design has become more like “fast fashion”. Trends seems to come, and GO more quickly now. While we tend to-and are highly encouraged to keep up- it’s not only not financially feasible it would also be incredibly wasteful to rip out, renovate, and replace many of our home’s basic design elements.

Stencils are an easy, inexpensive and satisfying way to keep your home fresh and your appetite for new pattern looks satisfied. All you need is paint, some basic stencil tools, and a block of time to transform your existing walls, floors, or furniture with updated and in style as styles.

Of course you needn’t hop on every design trend and design choices are highly personal. And what YOU personally enjoy is more important than any expert designer (or marketer) is pushing this season. But we thought it would be fun to share with you the 10 most popular stencils in our Latest Stencil Patterns collection-according to our customers!

Floral petit print wall stencil country style

Flower Field Allover Wall Stencil

If you are craving more simplicity this petite floral print stencil is perfect for adding an airy touch of color and pattern. It's perfect for light, bright interiors with a cottagecore or country chic aesthetic.

Nadia Indian Block Print Wallpaper Stencil

Nadia Block Print Stencil

Indian block print patterned wallpaper and fabrics are very much on trend, but handmade quality of block printing will never go out of style. Our Nadia Block Print allover wall stencil makes it easy to achieve this look and it's lovely stenciled in a soft, distressed style using one or two paint colors.


Art Nouveau pattern floral wall stencil

Ophelia Art Nouveau Stencil

Art Nouveau and Craftsman style patterns bring an artisanal touch to interior spaces. Our Ophelia wall stencil helps you bring this look home and allows you to inexpensively create the look of custom wallpaper in your personal color pallette.

Modern wallpaper pattern wall stencil


Get in Line Allover Wall Stencil

By contrast, our large modern wall stencil Get in Line is perfect for more minimalist home decor tastes. Go bold with black and white paint as shown here, or soften it with tone on tone pastels. The beauty of wall stencils is in all the color options!

Country floral wallpaper pattern stencil for painting

Charlotte Country Floral Trellis Stencil

Our sweet Charlotte stencil combines a soft trellis feel with simple floral and vine motif that is easy to love and easy to STENCIL! If you want to add a touch of cottage romance to a room in your home, Charlotte is the girl for you.

Batik pattern stencil for stenciling walls

Lily Moon Batik Wall Stencil

We're over the moon about how much you love our Lily Moon Batik stencil pattern. This Indonesian-inspired block print batik is easy to stencil for a custom wallpaper finish with a global, artisanal vibe. For a "traditional" batik look you can stencil on an indigo blue, black or brown background in cream or white.


Cottage decor trellis wall stencil


Cottage Diamond Wall Stencil

This easy going trellis wall stencil works well with so many interior decor styles, but we like it with country cottage vibe stenciled in soft muted colors. The spacing makes it easy to stencil with 2 different colors, allowing you to customize it as you like. It would also pair well with our Metallic Stencil Creme Paints for a more elegant look.


Large modern wall stencil pattern for painting


Half Moon Wall and Floor Stencil

Simple, whimsical and ready for action on stenciled walls or floors. Click on the product link above to see how you can customize this versatile stencil in 2 colors and how great it can look on a stenciled floor in your home.

Celestial Stars wall stencil for painting


Celestial Stars Wall Stencil

A moon and star stenciled wallpaper look for your home office, nursery, or anywhere you want to add a classic cosmic vibe. This pattern is super easy to stencil and we encourage you to add metallic stencil paint colors to make it glow.


country vine wallpaper decor pattern stencil


Endless Vines Wall Stencil

This is a classic allover vine pattern we have had in our collection for years, but we recently updated it to provide you a better stencil repeat that makes the stenciling easy to complete in no time. A perfectly neutral background pattern for a country cottage or farmhouse decor scheme.


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