Floor Stenciling Inspiration from our Before & After Stencil Contest

Floor Stenciling Inspiration from our Before & After Stencil Contest

We are always to proud of what our customers create and share in our Before & After Stencil Contest. In this post we feature our favorite Floor Stencil Projects

If you are looking for DIY ideas for stenciled floors both inside and outside your home, you are in the right place. Our latest round of entries from our Before & After Stencil Contest are here!

Stenciled concrete patios, hardwood floor transformations, and upgraded porch decor are featured below, as our customers share the results of their recent floor stenciling projects.

First up! 4 stunning winning before and after floor stenciling projects. 

Stencil a concrete patio with Almeria Tile Stencil from Royal Design Studio


Almeria Allover Tile Stencil-Anna Baird

After buying a new home a year ago in New Zealand, Anna is gradually injecting character in to all the spaces-inside and out. To transform the front entrance, she chose a graphic tile stencil pattern and bold black and white color scheme. She also convinced her visiting mother to help with the project.

As the concrete was very rough, Anna turned to YouTube videos to teach herself how to use an airbrush and the results are amazing! Now she is looking for other areas to apply her stenciling magic. We can’t wait to see!


Stencil a DIY brick patio with our Herringbone Floor Stencil from Royal Design Studio


Herringbone Brick Patio Stencil-Julie Judd

Julie was looking to update her concrete patio and found the perfect solution with our popular Herringbone Brick stencil. She was kind enough to share her products and process if you want to try it yourself!

“I used Sherwin Williams Porch and Floor Paint. Base color SW9174 Moth Wing. Stencil color SW6053 Reddened Earth. I used 2 coats of the base color and then used a foam foller for the brick stencil. I found that if I thinned the paint a little for stencil I could use less paint and it gave me some light and dark areas for depth. I then went back and fixed any areas where it bled under. It turned out amazing!”


Black and White Floor Stencil Project with Marhaba Tile Stencil from Royal Design Studio


Marhaba Moroccan Tile-Rachelle Tenace @materialworldwithrachelle

Rachelle wanted to create a fantasy space to showcase her line of global textile pillows and fabrics in her boutique space. She chose the 21” Marhaba Moroccan Tile-a large bold pattern and stenciled it in black and Chantilly White from Benjamin Moore.

Her stencil tips: Get a long handled roller brush for painting the floor. After priming the floor with Styx primer she painted and stenciled it and then sealed it with 2 coats of water-based polyurethane. She says, “It’s time consuming, but worth it. Everyone who sees it flips out! It is SO gorgeous-what a transformation!”


How to stencil a hardwood floor with Estevan Tile Stencil-Royal Design Studio


Large Estevan Tile-Amber Rinehart @amberjnet

Amber lives in an old farmhouse with two Great Danes and didn’t want to invest too much money into a floor renovation. She was feeling create and loved our stencil options!

As her hardwood floors had been previously painted, she used a floor sander to remove the old paint and repainted with Lowes paint in Otter. To make the two stencil colors she combined the Otter color in varying amounts with the wall paint color, Practical Beige. She used our Set of 3 Best Stencil Brushes for the stenciling. Then sealed it all with Minwax Poly for floors in a satin sheen.

Her stencil tips: Stencil the larger areas first (for fewer touchups) and clean your stencil brushes after a couple hours of work if doing a large project.

She said, “The stenciled floor turned out better than I even expected!”. Indeed.

Enjoy these Honorable Mention floor stencil projects

Stencil a hardwood floor with paint and Anatolia Tile Stencils-Royal Design Studio


Anatolia Tile Stencil-Victoria Williams

Victoria wanted to create a guest room in her house that would be fun and unique. She accomplished that goal with a pretty floor stenciling project using our Anatolia Tile Stencil. She used a paint color combination of peach, turquoise, black, light orange and taupe. She describes the finished stenciled floor result in one word: “Gorgeous!”


Stenciled front porch in black and white with tile stencil from Royal Design Studio


Chatsworth Tile Stencil-Lisa Knoblauch

Lisa wanted to give her porch some character and stenciling a porch is the easiest way to do just that! She used Tricorn Black and White Concrete and Masonry paint for the porch stencil project.

She said, “I absolutely love the outcome, the stencil was easy to use. I love it so much I will also be stenciling my back patio!”


Stenciled backyard concrete patio with Dazey Tile stencil-Royal Design Studio stencils


Dazey Floor Tile Stencil-Kriseven Hildinger-@krisevencampana

Kriseven wanted to renew her porch and the large scale Dazey floor tile was the perfect choice in navy blue and white. She found the process easy and the results PRETTY!


Stencil your backyard concrete patio floor with Dazey Tile-Royal Design Studio stencils


Star Quilt Tile Stencil-Megan Madden @megzmadden

Megan was bothered by the state of her front porch since moving in and want to give it an update with some curb appeal. Porch stenciling to the rescue!

She stenciled the porch with a classic black and white color scheme to match her house, using Concrete and Masonry paint and applied a waterproof sealer on top for more protection.

She said, “I love the stencil we chose! It turned out great and I get so many compliments.”


Front porch stenciling with Anatolio Tile floor stencil-Royal Design Studio stencils


Anatolia Tile Stencil-Sarah Chude

Sarah says “My front porch was a miserable stained 50-year old piece of bare concrete that was dangerously slippery when wet”. Now, “My porch is transformed. It’s such a beautiful place to be that I now need to work on the garden to make it pretty enough to match!”

Sarah used Valspar Concrete Primer and Valspar Concrete Paint in light and dark gray and finished if off with two coats of a protective topcoat in a satin sheen. She recommend power washing and acid etching an old concrete surface before painting and stenciling.


If you are inspired by these floor stencil projects and want to see more, visit




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