Stenciling Success! Customer Before-After Stencil Projects to Inspire You

Stenciling Success! Customer Before-After Stencil Projects to Inspire You

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Our stencil customers prove over and over again how easy it is to use stencils to transform wall, floors, furniture and outdoor space in your homes. We love to share stencil successes to help inspire our stenciling community and to promote and applaud the stencil work of our treasured customers. We offer a quarterly Before/After Stencil Project Contest and award $100 Gift Cards to 5 lucky winners. This time we had 6 winners because we just couldn't decide, ha!

Please enjoy these inspiring projects from our latest stencil contest winners and all the amazing runners-up as well...

Flourish wall stencil project for bedroom wall stenciling


Flourish Wall Stencil - @moncada88

When it comes to stenciling, there is not brainer than to use royal design.  I was able to completed my second project thanks to their product and the many options they have.  I brought back our outdated guess room back to life and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and best part it’s super easy to use their stencil.

Stenciled concrete porch with tile stencils


Starburst Tile Stencil - @aczordan

Allysa used our Starburst Tile Stencil to add a whimsical pattern to this enclosed porch. Painting over the old grey painted floorboards with a peach color and doing a two-tone stencil pattern makes this pattern pup approved!


Large damask wall stencil in bathroom stencil project


Lisabetta Damask Wall Stencil - Phyllis Webb

It has been a couple years since my daughter and I did this transformation on the small half bath in her then, new Townhome.  She made a couple more changes that elevated the look even more, changing out the faucet to black, and more gorgeous warm wooden, black and platinum colored accessories, a series of five old black/white equestrian prints hung in a single row on the wall to the right!   The room is a little gem!   We began by painting the walls a soft black (SW Iron Ore), then stenciled the walls in a platinum silver (I think it was Martha Stewart craft paint.   Can’t remember for sure).   The cabinets were an Annie Sloan soft black with some distressing.   A few other painted accessories to match.   Including the costs of the stencil, paint, brushes, new light fixtures AND new faucet, I think the entire project was under $200.00.   This was a first stenciling project for both of us, and will not be the last!   I wouldn’t suggest this large a pattern to someone else as a beginner, I have a little advantage that I am an artist.   There are six corners and the space was tight and somewhat challenging… often, I would freehand to complete an area, ie, behind the toilet, and the tight space beside the mirror.
BUT… I think it was a success!
We should have taken more pictures of the totally finished room… she and her new husband have recently moved and she has rented this home to a trusted friend.
My name is Phyllis Webb and my daughter’s name is Hannah Webb Ward.
Your stencils are incredibly beautiful, durable, easy to use … timeless and modern!
Love love your product!


Feature wall stenciling with modern stencil for walls


Loose Weave Wall Stencil - Ellen Backman

For quite a while I have been wanting to redo my room and bring in something fresh and new. When I saw your Loose Weave Stencil it was just the thing I needed to get started. In particular, I loved the idea photo on your website that used this stencil on a canvas with a yellow border on the top. I ran with that idea and here is the final result. This is my third project in my house and not only have they turned out great, I really enjoy the process! Thank you!

Stenciling on concrete porch with large stencil for painting


Adelaide Wall Stencil - Colleen Stevens

I didn’t want to spend let’s of money to have my front porch look like a garage. I came across an ad for your stencils and after some research into concrete paint and trying to choose my design, I settled on this one and really upped the beauty of our little 60’s ranch house front porch. It looks beautiful. So happy


Moroccan stencil on bedroom wall for stenciling a headboard wall


Modern Moroccan Souk - @tinarath

I returned from a magnificent trip to Morocco and found our bedroom to be very dull indeed. After placing two of the rugs I brought back, the room felt even more incomplete. Soooooo, enter the Moroccan Souk stencil, a textile I also purchased in Marrakesh and Voila! A little Moroccan heaven in California.


Stenciling on a concrete patio with paint and stencils


Chunky Cable Knit Stencil - Sunayna Johnson

I spruced up an old concrete patio with some paint and stenciling. I really wanted an outdoor rug-like look… but decided to paint a rug instead of dealing with the hassles of an outdoor rug. I used the Chunky Cable Knit stencil to achieve the outdoor rug look!

Base paint: Behr BXC-41 Charcoal Textured Low-Luster Enamel Interior/Exterior Porch and Patio Anti-Slip Floor Paint  Stencil paint: Glidden Porch and Floor paint PPG1021-1 Off White Stain Interior/Exterior Anti-Skid Porch and Floor Paint with Cool Surface Technology.
Sealer: Behr Premium Low Luster Sealer 


Wall stenciling in bathroom with a large wall painting stencil


Floral Firework Wall Stencil - Margie Sanford

I wanted something fun and special for this small powder room in our new vacation house. I looked for wallpaper but couldn’t find anything I liked and didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars. I love this stencil, Floral Fireworks, especially how you stencil the background, not the flowers. The pattern is easy to stencil and very forgiving. The hardest part was working around the toilet, light fixture and light switch. I LOVE the way it turned out and my friends and family are impressed. 


Paint and stencil a concrete porch with tile stencils


Country Floral Tile Stencil - Eileen Kohler

This was my FIRST stencil project.  As you could see in the photos, the entry way to my front door in was just dull and drab painted concrete.  So I decided to make it look like Spanish tile.  I came across Royal Design Studio Stencils online and knew this would do the trick.

I purchased the 3/4”, the 3/8”, and the 1” stencil brushes.  The paint colors were Peacock, Patina Green, and Copper Kettle Royal Stencil Crème Paints. The stencil was your New Country Floral 12x12.  I was amazed that one jar of each color did the entire project.

The project took me about a week to complete, because I didn’t want to put the stencil on top of wet paint. So I stair stepped the painting process.  In the end, I sealed the floor with polyurethane using a paint roller.  

The fun part about it is, when the setting sun hits the paint, the colors change from dark to vibrant sparkles.  My neighbors want me to do theirs now!  Giggles. Thank you again for your amazing products !!!

Stencil a headboard feature wall with wall stencils for painting


Mansion House Trellis Stencil - Randi Garrett

I just finished our master bedroom makeover (minus a few more artwork additions). 

I repainted all the walls and stenciled one as an accent wall. I used the Mansion House Grille Trellis wall stencil and Antique Gold stencil creme for this wall.  

For the tray ceiling, I first painted it with "medieval gold" from Lowes and then did an overlay with your Antique Gold stencil creme for a golf leaf type appearance. 

 I love how it all came together and really loved how well your paint and stencils worked!


Floor stencils renovate a bathroom floor with a tile stencil


Palladium Tile Stencil - Jana Nicole

In May I discovered the toilet was leaking in the half bath of my 1932 house. After pulling up 2 layers of flooring and getting to the original oak floor I discovered it had stains from water damage. I stained the floor a dark brown but lots of flaws stood out so I decided to stencil it. I am really happy with the results!


paint and stencil a concrete porch with tile stencils


Starburst Tile Stencil – Courtney Hughes 

We moved into our home two years ago and I always just didn’t like our front porch floor! It was chipped and stained and totally off color. It was on my bucket list and I finally did it.
I used a concrete caulk to fix the front of the broken brick tile then did a light sand and power wash. Ashley Petrone @arrowsandbow was my first inspiration to stencil and then I followed Bre Bartollini’s @brepurposed DIY stenciled porch makeover as my go to instructions from her blog. I used Ace hardware Royal porch and floor paint in Black Chiffon color for the base and then I used the same paint in Bone White color and applied with the stencil brush using the Royal design studio stencil. To finish and protect my hard work, I then did 2 coats of water based matte diamond clear finish sealer. Husband and kids approved plus ready for summer!

Starlight Wall Stencl lfor feature wall bedroom stenciling

Starlight Wall Stencil - Heather O’Donnell

I saw your starry stencil, fell in love, and had to have it!
So, this is my office wall … plain white to start!
I wanted my office to be a warm, relaxing space to be productive in.
And viola!  After 5 hours of stenciling a champagne metallic paint … it came out perfect!


Want to win a $100 Gift Card and be featured here for YOUR amazing stencil project? Don't forget to enter our quarterly stencil contest here!

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