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Hot New Stencil Patterns for Summer DIY Decorating

It’s Summer season and the perfect time to think about upleveling your outdoor spaces with stenciling. Stencils make it easy to transform tired looking porches, concrete patios and sunrooms. Our newest stencil collection is full of pretty tile-inspired patterns that are easy to use and ideal for adding color and pattern to the spaces you will live in all summer long.

Of course they will work just as well for indoor floor and wall stencil projects, so have look at our latest stencil designs. Maybe one is waiting for you!


Cute trellis floral wall stencil for decorating

San Miguel Floral Trellis Allover

Elegant simplicity could be the best way to describe our new San Miguel Floral Trellis Allover Stencil. The graceful arches and classic daisy flowers make this stencil a winner for many spaces, including concrete patios and porches. It will be very fast and easy to stencil it in the fun colors of your choice.


Spanish tile stencils for stenciling floors and walls

San Miguel Floral Tile Single Stencil

The same stencil pattern as above, but offered in 8”, 10”, and 12” single tiles. If you are doing a stencil project over existing tiles in your home this pretty new floral tile stencil could be ideal.

 Small Mosaic tile stencil in grid pattern for stenciling fllors

Petite Mosaic Grid Tile Stencil 

If you want to mimic the look of intricate mosaic tile our darling Petite Mosaic Grid Tile Stencil is ready for the job! It looks so good stenciled on bathroom or kitchen floors, and also for creating a stenciled kitchen backsplash. You can stencil this allover pattern quickly in one color and save the cost of an expensive tile remodel.

 large geometric floor stencil pattern mosaic grid

Mosaic Grid Floor Tile Stencil 

A larger, similar version of the same stencil pattern as above, the Mosaic Grid Floor Tile Stencil is great for stencil painting a classic mosaic pattern on larger floor areas, and even walls. You can introduce a second, complimentary color in the center square to create more depth and contrast in your stencil project.

 Floral tile large allover stencil

Cassis Floral Allover Stencil

If you are looking for a super sweet and simple allover stencil design for stenciling walls and floor, our new Cassis Floral Allover stencil has just the right touch on simplicity and whimsy. Have fun playing with stencil color combinations that compliment your current décor.

 Geometric trellis pattern stencil for stenciling floors and walls

Caitlin Allover Tile Stencil

An open geometric trellis stencil pattern is softened by a floral motif in our new Caitlin Allover Tile Stencil. This type of diagonal stencil pattern is great for visually expanding the space you stencil it in. The stencil design details can be stenciled in one, two, or three colors-as you like!

Geometric allover tile stencil for modern wall stenciling 

Alicante Tile Allover Stencil

A sweet, trellis-inspired tile stencil design you can stencil anywhere. Our Alicante Tile Stencil is easy to stencil and repeat on stenciled walls, stenciling on backsplashes and for decorating stenciled floors. It is easy to add in additional color options to this stencil pattern, making it ideal to customize to your own design taste.

 Tile stencil pattern with trellis design for stenciling walls and floors

Alicante Tile Single Stencil

A single tile repeat version of the allover stencil above. Our Alicante Tile Single Stencil comes in 8” and 12” square sizes to use over existing tile floors or in smaller spaces such as stenciled kitchen backsplashes or even for furniture stenciling.


Encaustic tile stencil for floors in Olde English pattern 

Chelsea Mosaic Tile Stencil

Our Chelsea Mosaic Floor Tile is inspired by the look of Olde English encaustic tiles. The graphic, geometric stencil pattern can be colored in many different ways, giving you a completely custom stenciled look. This stencil pattern is perfect for painting and stenciling over old vinyl and concrete floors to give them new life at a low cost.


Looking for ways to use our New Stencil Collection in your next home décor projects? Here are some helpful how-to links.

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