Stencil Ideas

Fresh New Hue: Pink Stencil Ideas from Subtle to Sensational

Are you ready for a fresh new hue? Don't be afraid to rethink pink for your home! Often considered a color for little girls, pink also pops up in big-girl shades of blush, dusty rose, peachy coral, bubblegum, and hot pink. You can decorate with softer hues for soothing interiors or bolder tones for a touch of drama. If you’re worried about having an outright pink surface, use Wall Stencils and Furniture Stencils to break up the bold color with pattern. Dare to “think pink” and see how these trendsetters are using this color to bring a fresh elegance to their spaces. View full article →

YES You CAN Paint Vinyl & Linoleum Floors with Stencils!

Most people plan to save up for the installation of beautiful tile or wood when they buy a home with old vinyl or linoleum floors - but who wants to live with something ugly while saving since it’s so easy to DIY a solution? We have the answer! Painting and stenciling can be a terrific temporary or permanent fix for old and outdated floors – and it's super cost-effective too! Check out how these creative customers used Floor Stencils to paint over vinyl or linoleum flooring… View full article →

Easy DIY Fix: Concrete Floor Stencils

Concrete floors rock! Why? Concrete is a durable flooring material for both indoors and out and it’s economical (it’s your sub-floor) and even easy to clean! While plain grey concrete can be a bit boring and blah, there’s an easy DIY fix to turn concrete floors from merely functional into floors that reflect your personality and style: Floor Stencils! Check out these amazing DIY stenciled floor projects on concrete to help get you inspired and on your way. View full article →

Fresh Start: Nursery Makeovers with Wall Stencils

Give your child a fresh start with a creative space that they can call home. Their nursery or bedroom should reflect their personality, which is anything but boring and bare! A good way to jumpstart decorating your child’s room is with patterns from our Nursery & Kids Wall Stencils collection.These designs can be painted on walls to create the look of wallpaper – but they offer you more creative freedom to use the colors and pattern your child loves! Check out some colorful nurseries to help you (and your mini me) get inspired! View full article →

Don’t Refinish! Paint Your Hardwood Floors with Stencils

Painting older hardwood floors can give them new life without the expense and mess of refinishing them. Adding a stencil into the mix can also turn a tired floor into a beautiful design element in your home or outdoor space. A stencil pattern adds personality while hiding any wear and tear… plus it’s a DIY project you can be proud of! You can save a whole lot of money and if you don’t refinish and use the next best alternative: Floor Stencils. Check out these stenciled wood floors to see just how beautiful your old wood floor can be! View full article →

Sanctuary for the Soul: Woven Textures Stencils

Natural textures help to create soft, nurturing spaces. Our new Spotlight Stencil Collection Woven Textures Stencils is all you need to decorate with color, pattern, AND soothing texture. You can even take your decorating to another dimension on your walls by stenciling with real texture. Check out these texture-inspired stencils combined with a peaceful palette to create comforting wall and furniture finishes to help soften up some of life’s hard edges. View full article →

Tips for Painting Bathroom Tile with Floor Stencils

Have you ever walked into a room in your house and been suddenly overcome with the need to redecorate? Like… immediately? Sometimes it just dawns on you that a room is NOT pretty or worthy and you won’t be happy until it is. Kelly of Domestic Blonde felt this way about her bathroom. Her biggest job to tackle in the bathroom was the floor. She considered installing new tile over her old pink tile, but that would be a lot of work. Isn’t there something easier that can get the job done quickly and easily? You betcha! Royal Design Studio Stencils to the DIY rescue. View full article →

2017 Home Decor Trend Watch

2017 is here and bringing some new gorgeous home decor trends with it! These decor trends fall into a theme that may be the antidote to modern-day stress: a calm and comforting home. After a turbulent 2016, it’s time to get back to basics and back in tune with nature! That’s right: 2017 is the year of nature-inspired home decor that embraces an earthier aesthetic. Naturally, we all love to get the look for less, which is why we’re sharing our top 3 favorite decor trends and how to personalize them with Royal Design Studio Stencils! View full article →

Easy Stencil Ideas That Are Insta-Inspiring!

The wonderful world of Instagram has us forever inspired! What about you? If you take a look at the hashtag #royaldesignstudio, you can see why we are excited to share our love for DIY stencil projects. Stencils are so versatile that every project we see is different from the next-even when the very same stencil pattern is used! To show you what we mean, we’ve selected our recent favorites from Instagram that are tagged with @royalstencils and #royaldesignstudio. View full article →

Stencil and Save! Upcycling Old Bathroom Tiles with Stencils

Redecorating your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive! Robin of A Home To Grow Old In wanted to refinish her bathroom floor to transform the worst feature of the room into something worth sharing. This bathroom originally had pink tile – talk about outdated! And since she wasn’t ready or able to replace the bathroom tiles, she chose to create her own faux cement tiles by stenciling them. She picked our Eastern Tile Stencil knowing it would provide the perfect pop of pattern. View full article →