You Wouldn't Believe These Before & After's: The BEST Stenciled Decor!

You Wouldn't Believe These Before & After's: The BEST Stenciled Decor!

Our talented customers love seeing a total transformation unfold before their inspired eyes and creative hands when they use Royal Design Studio Stencils for painting. We’ve asked them for their best Before & After stencil project pics and we are shocked with their results! Who knew just a little paint and stenciling could make such a difference? (We did!) Check out these Before & After’s that WON big time and walked away with a beautiful stencil project AND a $100 stencil shopping spree!

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Top 5 Winners

“I used the Aragon Damask Tile Stencil to create a “rug” for my front porch! I painted my front door a bright coral as part of a whole front entry makeover. The door was beautiful but the entry still lacked a wow factor. We had painted the concrete, but it was so blah. I got the idea for a rug with Royal Design Studio Stencils after seeing a few pinned on Pinterest. I pulled in the door color with the flowers, the green to pull in my plantings and an off white. I then used the Royal Stencil Creme in Copper to makeover my planters and coordinate with my new copper rain chain. This was my first stencil project ever. Thanks for all the videos on your website!” - Lois Mahlberg

“I recently did this project for our daughter’s nursery. My wife and I foster to adopt infants with special needs, and our lil babe we hope to adopt soon LOVES stained glass… so I wanted to create a space that had that effect. I just love this and so does our baby! I used the French Floral Damask Stencil and did a lot of blending and layering with the Royal Stencil Creams… which I’m obsessed with! I then went in and did a lot of detail work by hand. Thank you for creating such amazing products… I can’t wait to do more!” – Jules Bishop-Meinking

“I love to take advantage of my summers by sprucing up my home. This summer I tackled an outdoor brick wall that had been raised and was two different tones. This of course was a challenge during the summer heat in Arizona but the sweat equity paid off. Thank you for your Instagram page and inspiration and Baraka Tile Stencil, Royal Design Studio.” - Laura Perrella

“Redid my bathroom. It went from my least favorite room to my very favorite. The floors with the Marisol Tile Stencil were the cherry on top!” - Patricia Braman

“I struggled for nearly two years on what to do with a drap slab I called a patio. I love travelling the world and I'm often inspired by all variations of design. In 2020, when everything stopped, so did my travel. Looking through images from past trips, I was compelled to bring those experiences to my backyard through design. This look would not have been achieved without the Tribal Batik Stencil. I loved the way it really brought a new place to my outdoor space. Material: Stencil, black concrete paint, white concrete paint, concrete sealer.” - Thelma Van

Runner Ups

“I just finished a beautiful stenciling project for a lovely new client. We wanted to connect the stunning wallpaper on the dining room walls to the adjacent butlers pantry. One idea for the ceiling was plain gold & white and then she asked me to try another idea using the Duomo Tile Stencil she found herself at Royal Design Studio. I selected colors from the wallpaper for the stencil and then glazed the entire ceiling with a soft metallic to make the final design more ethereal. She was thrilled with the outcome!” – Linda Roby

“As you can see, we just had a dirty, bumpy rectangular concrete area. We got a gazebo and my husband screwed it in. We were hoping to get a nice rug to cover the concrete. We could not find one that we liked in our price range and I have seen videos of people painting concrete so I thought I would try it too. I pressure washed the area and used a beige concrete stain on it. We used four coats of the stain and kept some in a small jar for touch-ups (this became very handy later on). I measured the placement and then started on the first Lisboa Tile Stencil. I used four colors I liked that had the 70s/bohemian feel. I was accompanied in my painting by my free-range chickens and dog. This is where the small jar for touch-ups came in handy besides my own personal mistakes. Right now we just have a few chairs to sit in to watch the children play in the backyard.” – Lucy Nguyen

“I am going for a Dr. Suess theme in my kids’ bedroom. Everything out there to buy on the internet related to the cat in the hat is all in boy colors and I only have 2 girls. So I decided to create my own design in girly colors. I needed a funky stencil for the accent walls. I painted the Chevron Stencil with pink and red border. It came out great!” – Mikaela Rojas

“I am a mural artist. Lately, clients have been very interested in using stencil designs to create dramatic impact in their homes. Here is a recent project where a 'ho-hum' niche area became a 'Wow!' space!! I used a warm taupe base color and the Royal Smoked Oyster Creme stencil paint with the Classic Damask Stencil. Wrapping the corners in a small space with such an ornate stencil was a little tricky, but patience and perseverance paid off!” – Kathleen Ivanov

“When we bought our home in 2013, we quickly learned just how much the former owner loved everything cow, black and white. A decade later, we still were unable to replace the black kitchen flooring so I painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and used the Concrete Quilt Tile Stencil. We have gotten so many compliments and are so happy with our decision. Stenciling was a fabulous idea!” – Deb Von Cannon

“I wanted my entry/courtyard that looked more like part of our garage to look & feel like an extension of our home. I wanted the area to be both an attractive and useful additional gathering & dining space. I loved your stencil choices & the Darby Tile Stencil was so easy to use. Thanks for such a great product.” – Sherry Jackson

“Laundry room update completed today! Grew tired of the bland monochrome color in here, and these colors with the Starz Tile Stencil go well with the red accents in the adjoining kitchen. Gives it just enough life and brightens it up.” - Geralyn Pettit

“Here is my before and after project with the Lisboa Tile Stencil! t! I love it and hope you do too!” – Susan Scroggs

“I painted the wall Benjamin Moore Onyx in a flat finish and stenciled Benjamin Moore Simply White in their Regal Matte finish. I also utilized the canvas seen in the before picture to transform my dining room. I originally painted the canvas for one of our former homes. Although I liked the composition of the art work, it would not work with the Loose Weave Stenciled wall. I simply primed the canvas white and the gave it a couple of coats of the Simply White paint I used on the wall and stenciled the Onyx black on the the canvas. I liked the appearance of my dining room before the transformation but now I love the appearance of my dining room.” – Vicki Rickard

“I stenciled an accent wall in one of our bedrooms. The walls already have Benjamin Moore Tudor Brown on them. I used the Majorelle Floral Trellis Wall Stencil (two layer design) and NINE! paint colors to produce this vibrant result. This was my first time stenciling, so I learned as I worked. I’m really excited to do another project in the Spring.” – Rebecca Mazumdar

“I am a guy who loves shoes. When I first purchased my home, I said I was going to convert one room for my shoes or a walk-closet. I never did it, because I felt it was selfish for visitors...12 yrs later....and very infrequent visits from friends and family, prompted me to do just what I've always wanted. I converted my unused gym/office into a shoe room using the Mali Mudcloth Stencil.

My powder room was minimally decorated after purchasing my house. One day I felt energized, as the sun started to set later and spring was upon us...and I grabbed my paint supplies and put in some work! My entire house is African decor. I am in love with black paint, because everyone cringes when I say I'm going to paint black. So I used it tastefully to accent the wall behind the toilet, added the Mali Mucloth Stencil detail and swapped out the fixtures to add cohesion.” – Craig Brian

“When we purchased this house, the downstairs was painted in Tuscan colors, which was all the rage when the house was built in the early 2000’s. My style, however, is an eclectic mix of vibrant, bright colors with transitional and mid-century touches. I began 2022 painting the dining room a bright kelly green to coordinate with a family heirloom, which left me using the color wheel to find a bright complimentary color that would pop next to it. Red was too “Christmas-y,” so I went with a gorgeous fuchsia instead for my kitchen, entry way and downstairs bathroom. I felt that the bathroom needed kelly green incorporated to bring the two colors together in an intentional way. Royal Design Studio Petal Play Stencil to the rescue! I’m very pleased with the result.” – Kathy Ehrlich-Scheffer


“I recently stenciled my old tile bathroom floor with the Petra Tile Stencil. I enjoyed working on this project and received a lot of compliments on my floor. No one can believe the floor was stenciled! They challenge me to tell them the truth! It looks great and I would recommend Royal Design Studio Stencils to my friends and family!” – Jody Panek

“Here is my basement bathroom flooring before I stenciled it with the Renaissance Tile Stencils. I absolutely love Royal Design Studio Stencils and it turned out far better than I could’ve ever imagined.” – Kelly Abercrombie


“I used drop cloths to make curtains for our screened-in patio, but they were so plain. I loved that they are each a single panel, 144" wide x 108" long, but they looked very blah. I used the Royal Design Studio Stencil "Ribbon Lattice" to add interest. Originally, I was going to use the stencil over the entire panel, but I fell in love with it after two rows. I added a thick stripe of black cotton fabric at the bottom of each panel and I couldn't be happier with this project.” – Joan Robbins

“I came across Royal Design Studio Stencils and found the Ribbon Lattice Stencil that would be perfect for what my client was wanting with blue & gold feature wall in her bonus room. I repainted the walls in Symphony Blue and used a metallic gold paint for the pattern on one wall. She was absolutely thrilled with the results and it turned out better than she imaged! So much so, that she has me come back and do the other wall across from it in the same way! It turned out amazing and I’ve done several other stencil jobs for clients since! Royal Design Studio stencils have been so great to work with! I am in love with using stencils and how it looks so much like wallpaper when done!” – Stephanie Wilding

Katherine Dunavant painted her kitchen backsplash with the Subway Tile Stencil.

“We are rounding out a complete backyard renovation. We had all of this beautiful space but then this ugly and boring concrete pad so what better way to bring it to life than with stenciling! I read all of Royal Design Studio’s tips and tricks, watched a bunch of videos, and got to work. We absolutely LOVE how it turned out and the Supernova Tile Stencil makes the space truly unique.” – Chrystal Meerendonk

“I am so happy with the new look in my patio! The patio had this ugly green paint on it. Half painted half concrete. My husband and I worked together and turned it around! First coat: Kilz primer for exterior brick and concrete; Second Coat: concrete and patio paint; Third: Supernova Tile Stencil with concrete and patio paint using brushes; Fourth : we used and acrylic floor sealant; It should last for years to come. I just discovered Royal Design Studio before doing this project and I can’t wait for doing some more projects!” – Rebeca Mullen

“I recently moved and the lower patio was so ugly, I wanted to do something to improve the look with the Tessellated Tile Stencil. I found Jen Woodhouse’s concrete stencil rug that used Royal Design Studio Stencils -THANK YOU JEN!!! After I stained the concrete white, it was such an improvement, that I was going to risk trying the stencil because if it looked really bad I could just repaint white. Upon doing my first stencil, which looked less than desirable, I said, “Well, I will title this project - ‘Progress not perfection’”. I am so glad I kept going as I love my new concrete rug!!! I finished my first ever stencil project! Who says we have to stop trying new things at age 50?!? Not me! I am so excited to start my next stencil project!!” – Christy Cox

“I just finished stenciling my porch wall with the Toledo Tile Stencil and I'm thrilled with the amazing effect!! My walls are crooked so no amount of leveling helped. I think the imperfections are what makes this project unique. I'm so in love with the finished look and can't stop admiring it. I'm ready to tackle more rooms in the house. Thank you for the beautiful stencils, Royal Design Studio.” - Linda Groenhoff

“I had an old dresser that needed a little love. So I painted it with Chalk Paint but it looked dull, then found the perfect Tribal Stencil at Royal Design Studio. Here is the finished project.” – Cindy Warrick

“I used the Tribaliste Wall Stencil to transform our griege half bath. I love how it turned out!! It is now a "Wow!! You have to check out the bathroom!", when we have guests. Thanks for the inspiration! Looking forward to more projects!!” - Nancy Lervick

“Just wanted to say thank you Royal Design Studio! The You’re A Star Stencil helped me transform a piece of my living room that was hardly livable into what is now my favorite place to be. It had only subfloor underneath so I decided to paint and stencil it with porch and floor paint. I finished it before Christmas last year & combined with my twinkly silver Christmas tree, it was a great way to end the year.” – Kara

“All I really wanted was a bit of pegboard in my craft room. But my husband wanted to completely re-do the entire room. He put doors on the ceiling. I cleaned and painted everything. I cleaned the concrete floor and etched it with a diluted acid treatment. Then I painted it white with a good concrete paint. Next up was the stenciling on a concrete floor with the You’re A Star Tile Stencil for a brand new look. The paint on the floor is the same paint that's on the trim and the doors on the closets. I finished up with a clear sealer coat which dried an amber color which instantly gave it an aged look. Voila! “ – Becca Lotane

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