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Cool Customer Stencil Ideas in Black and White + 3 Top Tips to Do it Yourself


You may have noticed black and white stencil projects all over our website and social media-because black and white is the GO TO color choice for the majority of our stencil customers.

You’ve seen it, you love it, and you’re dying to try the black and white stencil trend for yourself. The time is now, because we’re sharing our customer’s best black and white stencil projects on floors, walls and furniture for every area of your home.

AAAAAND a BONUS! Be sure to scroll to the end of this post to see OUR top 3 stenciling tips for painting black and white stencil patterns.

Stencil project ideas in black and white 

Black and White Stenciling is the Color Trend That’s Here to Stay

Why do so many of our Royal Design Studio stencil customers choose  a black and white color palette for their home décor stencil project? We think we know why! Here are just a few of the perks of stenciling with this classic color scheme:

  • A black and white color scheme plays well with almost any décor style .
  • Combining black and white creates a dramatic look that doesn’t overpower.
  • It’s a classic, elegant look that you won’t get tired of quickly.
  • Black and white stenciling will NEVER go out of style! Trust us on this.

Our Stencil Customers Rock Black and White Stencil Projects

All in all, black and white is a trendy stencil look that’s easy to live with and always in style. Win, win! Are you ready to “win” with a black and white stencil project in YOUR home?? These stunning stencil projects by our talented customers are sure to inspire ideas for every area of your house.

There are so many possibilities the hardest part is deciding which one to paint first.

wall stencil ideas for black and white colors 

Want to create an instant impact? A black and white stenciled accent wall is surefire way to make a bold statement in a hurry. Stenciling an accent wall is a project you can do in a day and enjoy the rewards for years to come.

Obvious options include stenciling a headboard wall, accenting a kitchen wall with bold black and white pattern, or greeting your guests with a dramatic stenciled entry. You can even consider adding a stencil pattern to the back of a closet wall-and then remove the door to create a stylish storage niche!

Featured wall stencils: Starburst Stencil by @road.trippin.adventures, Baraka Wall Stencil for Tirzah International, Your a Star Allover Stencil by @kmalove_

floor and tile stencil painting ideas and tips 

Stenciling floors has been a super strong trend for years now and it shows no sign of fading. We are constantly inspired by how our customers are transforming their tile and vinyl floors with paint and stencils. And what color combination do you think is most popular? Black and white, of course.

Why? Black and white is a classic, go-to color scheme for kitchen, baths, hallways and outdoor floor surfaces because it works well with almost every décor style and will never look “dated”.

Featured floor stencils: Your a Star Tile Stencil by @designsbyashleyknie, Starburst stencil by @southparksanctuary, Pinwheels Tile Stencil by Tish Olson, Havana Tile Allover Stencil by @emjsutts

stencils for furniture ideas


What about a black and white furniture stencil facelift? We love this look because black and white furniture makes the perfect accent piece that coordinates well with other patterns , fabrics and colors you already have going on in your room. You can stencil a fast and easy project that will probably look good in almost every room in your house.

Featured furniture stencils: Moroccan Tile Stencil Set by Marie Dunn, Foliate Damask Stencil by Jessica Reifsnyder, Shibori Japanese Furniture Stencil by @coatofcharms, Tribal Batik Furniture Stencil from this How to Stencil post

Black and White Stencil Tips to Make your Stenciling Project Easier

stencil painting tips for black and white

Get good stencil paint!

Use the best quality paint you can find. For both furniture and walls, we love to use a top-quality wall paint with a built-in primer from Home Depot or Benjamin Moore because it will give you a lot of coverage in one coat and dry quickly. As an alternative, use a heavy bodied, chalk-type paint that also dries fast and builds up color and layers quickly.

Use a DRY stencil brush or roller

This is our mantra for every stencil project, but it’s especially important when you are using the most contrasting colors there are. Any excess paint seepage will stand out, so take the time to make sure you offload your stencil brush or roller really well so you don’t have to do a lot of annoying paint touchups at the end.

Practice patience when stenciling

Patience is always a virtue, but stenciling white over black or black over white WILL generally require at least 2 stencil paint layers, unless you want a more distressed look.

If you are using a quick drying paint and a dry brush, the first layer will usually be dry enough to start again back at the beginning almost immediately. Otherwise you can have a fan on your project area or speed it up with a blast from a hair dryer.

Pro Tip: if you go back for the second coat before the first one is dry enough you will “lift” the first layer. Leave it alone, let it dry, and come back to it.

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