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Shimmery Standout Wall Stencil Projects with Royal Stencil Cremes

Our stencil company founder, Melanie Royals, worked for a year to perfect the perfect metallic paint formula for stenciling-and it paid off! Our metallic Royal Stencil Crème Paints have helped our customers create elegant, shimmery stenciled walls with the greatest of ease ever since.

Metallic Paint Stencil Projects DIY

What makes our Royal Stencil Crème metallic stenciling paints so perfect?

  1. They are designs specifically with the needs of wall stenciling in mind.
  2. The thick, rich and creamy formula keeps stencil paint “run-unders” to a minimum, making them perfect for stenciling beginners and seasoned stenciled pros alike.
  3. They generally will cover in one coat, flow off your stencil brush like butter, and dry quickly to you can keep your stenciling moving along.
  4. Royal Stencil Crème metallic paints come in a wide variety of elegant metallic neutrals and also bright jewel-tones.
  5. The stencil crème colors mix beautifully and can be combined and layered to create a variety of different looks.



We’ve gathered a collection of standout shimmery wall stencil projects from our customers below. Prepare to be inspired and motivated by their professional looking results. Shine on!


Midtown Trellis Wall Stencil project by Alina Kazik

Elsabet Trellis Wall Stencil project by Creative Wall Designs


Palace Trellis Wall Stencil project by Denise Lewis

Moroccan Scallops Wall Stencil project by Devette Studios

Shibori Wall Stencil project by Frida

French Floral Damask Wall Stencil project by Jules Bishop

Floral Fireworks Wall Stencil project by Laura Meshwork

Thicket Leaves Wall Stencil project by Lori Moffatt

Flourish Allover Wall Stencil project by Michelle Nielsen

Majestic Medina Damask Wall Stencil project by Pamela Tomasso

You're A Star Tile Stencil project by Melanie McMillin


Are you “wowed” and ready to stencil a gorgeous metallic wall in your home?

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