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Name This Tile Stencil to Win It!!

 Post Update: This contest in now closed. 

The winning stencil name was Aragon Damask Tile Stencil suggested by Rima Bechara.

Find the Aragon Damask Tile Stencil o
n Royal Design Studio.

Gorgeous Tile Stencils that you can WIN if you NAME it! - Royal Design Studio Tile Stencils

NAME IT TO WIN IT returns with another new stencil pattern!

Our latest stencil that you can help us NAME to WIN is a new tile stencil that can be stenciled once as a focal point, around a surface to create a border, or repeated easily to create a gorgeous allover pattern. The large square size is perfect for stenciling a gorgeous faux tile pattern on walls, floors, or even ceilings! The circular element we included makes the design chic and elegant, don't you think? It will definitely be a popular addition to our Tile Stencils Collection

To enter, simply comment below with your favorite name for this new pattern before midnight Sunday, August 30, 2015. If we choose your stencil name you WIN it! Good luck!!!

Take Note: Due to pesky spammers, our comments are moderated. It may take awhile for you comment to show up below.... 

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  • Riad /Ryad ( garden )

  • the pattern reminds me of the earrings I have that are designed from the wrought iron gates in Charleston SC . So I would call it “Charleston Gate”. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Eternity

    Penny Duckett

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