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Beautiful Bathroom Stencils: Before & After

Is your bathroom overlooked, boring, and just plain… blah? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. That got us thinking… shouldn’t your bathroom be on the top of your to-do decorating list since it’s the one room EVERY SINGLE guest will see up close and personal? Even if you have a small budget and small amount of time, you can make your bathroom beautiful as a affordable and fast DIY project. Check out these Before + After stencil projects that show how much of a transformation paint and Royal Design Studio Stencils can do…

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“Wanted to do a bathroom remodel on the cheap! Re-tiling wasn’t an option and I’m so happy I tried out the Maison Floral Tile Stencil from Royal Design Studio! Love the result I got from a little paint and a stencil. Changed the look of the room entirely!!” – Bethany Christian

“I love love love Royal Design Studio Stencils.  This bathroom floor is gorgeous and has been holding up very well. I used the Island Dreams Tile Stencil and a copy of coats of poly to seal and protect it once I finished.” – Tina Lester

Tai Edwards stenciled their bathroom floor tiles with the Island Dreams Tile Floor Stencil.

“I am so happy I found Royal Design Studio and the Island Dreams Tile Stencil! I love the stencils and the one Royal Stencil Brush I have (I need to get more) is by far the best!!! I tried a few others but yours is hands down the winner.” – Kristine Solberg

“While  I've always loved being creative and using my hands, here’s one of my favorite home design projects - my children's bathroom. I used the Floral Fireworks Allover Wall Stencil to add a custom color paint pattern along with shiplap. It really gives a lovely pop, and it still feels gender neutral even though the stencil is a floral pattern.” – Bethany Limmer

“The old linoleum flooring in our bathroom got a major refresh with the help of the Maison Floral Tile Stencil. No more dingy, discolored beige. Painting the vanity, walls, and stenciling this cheery pattern in warm grey, white and teal transformed this bathroom.

This is my master bathroom makeover. The bathroom is small and was very dark with heavy oak cabinets, outdated toile bird wallpaper, and builder grade tile. But the biggest impact has to be the stenciled floor to cover up that builder grade tile. I think the large, bold Bird’s Eye Ikat Tile Stencil pattern actually helps make the space feel bigger. This outdated bathroom is now an enjoyable space with loads of personality.” – Megan Reed

“I wanted a more cohesive and luxurious look for our bathroom and was initially considering wallpaper, but decided to try stenciling it with the Anatolia Tile Stencil instead because I could choose just the right color combination. I was thrilled with the results and have received many compliments. I can’t wait to paint an accent wall in the bedroom next!” – Susan Fry

“Here are pictures of the guest bathroom. We used the classic damask design of the Lisabetta Damask Wall Stencil and painted the walls midnight blue and white. Love the end results.” – Albertha Blooming Butler

“A few years ago we moved into a home with a hideous green master bath! We just didn’t have it in the budget to retile and update like we wanted. I came across Royal Design Studio Stencils and decided to give it a shot, and I am beyond happy with the results! So easy to use! Thank you for the Palladium Tile Stencil and helping turn our outdated bathroom into an updated one.” – Amanda Acosta


“The tiles were Travertine tiles, so I first had to fill in millions of tiny holes with Traverfill to obtain a smooth surface. Then I applied 2 coats of BIN primer.  Then I applied 2 coats of Annie Sloan Original.  After prep I was finally ready to stencil with Annie Sloan Paris Gray. The measurements were perfect and the stenciling step was very relaxing! I purchased 4 Petra Tile Stencils because I knew I would have to cut them for all the end tile pieces. I finished with 5 coats Minwax Polycrylic sealer. I love the end result! I'm so happy I decided to paint the entire area. I completely updated and transformed the entire entry area in a very affordable way! Now my ugly, dark and dated Travertine floors are gone for good!” - Kim Schram

“I painted my bathroom floor with the You’re A Star Tile Stencil.” – Angie Scheer

“I’m excited to share my most recent project using the amazing Corsini Damask Wall Stencil! I layered several colors and layers of Sherwin Williams paint to create this rich look for my powder room.” – Eleni Lobene

“I was really not enjoying the floor in our bathroom and decided to try to fix it for my first stenciling project! I’m a healthcare provider so this was a great way to clear my mind. I recommend Royal Design Studio Stencils, their Palladium Tile Stencil, and their website for all their how to videos… it made this project surprisingly easy!” – Stephanie Urban


Want to WIN your own $50 gift card? Enter our next Before & After Stencil Contest here
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