Before and After: Stenciled Quarantine Creations

Before and After: Stenciled Quarantine Creations

As COVID-19 and quarantine drag on, you might be left in your home spending more and more time looking around at some of your old, outdated, or just plain boring home decor. Paint Stencils from Royal Design Studio are just the trick to help you update your quarantine space without spending too much unnecessary cash during this time.
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As COVID-19 and quarantine drag on, you might be left in your home spending more and more time looking around at some of your old, outdated, or just plain boring home decor. Are you wondering what can be improved and updated? Well, this is THE time to decorate now that your earlier “I’ll do this once I have time” has turned into “Wow, I have a lot of spare time”. Paint Stencils from Royal Design Studio are just the trick to help you update your quarantine space without spending too much unnecessary cash during this time. We have gathered up some of our favorite Before + After DIY projects using paint stencils.

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“We were very excited to update our front porch during this stay-at-home quarantine time. We used two Star Quilt Tile Stencils and a small roller (small edges with a stencil brush). Easy part … if a "star" was too thick (= pushed too hard with roller or time to clean stencil), just paint over it and redo. It looks so-so good now. We love it!!  Especially the blue step-up.” – Bea Logan

“I decided during the COVID-19 pandemic that I needed to update a bedroom and turn it is to a gorgeous stimulating and relaxing creative space where I could work comfortably and contentedly. Thus I looked for relaxing colors that evoke luxury and decided to stencil one wall with the Peacock Fancy Wall Stencil to make the space even better. This was our first time stenciling and we were delighted with the results. We did it so well that when I am on remote video conference calls, everyone thinks it is wallpaper! I will definitely stencil again - the process was very therapeutic and it was easy to line up the stencils.” – Jacky Mullen 

“Like many others, being forced to spend extended time at home has had me drawn to projects to distract me from all of the turmoil and anxiety in our world. Stenciling has filled that bill perfectly. I saw how easy it was to make almost any surface more beautiful and interesting and was inspired to finally stencil our plain concrete entryway. What a difference the Toledo Tile Stencils make. Friends and neighbors can't stop marveling over how much it looks like actual tiles.” – Darcy Ellsworth Yow

“The project was for my daughter who had a milestone 21st birthday. Due to the Coronavirus, plans were cancelled. I had to think outside of the box I suggested for her gift she could move to the top floor and have a theme of her choice. She was elated. Bohemian theme it was. We came across Royal Design Studio Stencils and had to have this awesome Protective Eyes Wall Stencil. Since her room is completed, she hasn’t mind that we are in quarantine.” – Carmen Krause

“Before COVID-19 hit, I thought we would gut this bathroom but we decided we didn’t want to waste the money on doing a complete redo without knowing what the future holds.  I started googling stuff and found Royal Design Studio Stencils. I instantly fell in love  with the Parlor Lace Stencil so I decided to paint my tile and stencil it.” - Heather Nykun

“I redid my entryway and backyard during the Stay In Place Order due to COVID. We’ve been wanting to spruce it up for YEARS. Of course with the extra time on our hands, we wanted to create a special place to celebrate our son promoting into 5th grade and his virtual graduation during our quarantine. The finished backyard has been so great for our little family during this time. We never used to want to come out because we hated the way it was before. However, now we come out in the late afternoon and evenings and sit on the patio and play cards, have some homemade cocktails, play Croquet together, and grill meals out here. We like to make it feel like a treat, something to look forward to during quarantine I put a waterproof sealant over the stenciling so if we have any spills, when we water the grass and when it rains, the paint won’t get discolored in spots and has a longer life span. The Herringbone Brick Stencil  played a huge part in making this space become what it is and being so affordable as well as such an easy DIY. Love Royal Design Studio Stencils. This was my third time using their products.” – Kat Hawley

“This is our patio table update that the whole family got involved in during the quarantine  time.  We spray painted the table and oil rubbed bronze color and stenciled the tiles using the Moroc Floral Tile Stencil design.  I love the way it turned out and we get lots of compliments on it from our friends via Facebook. Thank you for the wonderful design!” – Marla Chandler

“I set out to make my dark, dreary guest room into a beautiful, stylish oasis.  I was looking for an African, tribal feel and got inspiration from a guest room I saw in Cape Town. I decided to do more than a single accent color wall, but not go overboard with expensive, messy wall paper.  I started looking for stencils and found the Moana Tribal stencil at Royal Design Studio.  This was the first stencil project I'd ever done and it was so worth it. I am so pleased with the results and it looks like an artist did it. I've gotten so many compliments (virtual that is, since we are still in quarantine).   I love this stencil design.” – Dee Johnson


“To freshen things up with paint and to cover the ugly linoleum tiles that are glued down tight to the original wooden floor, I chose paint so that I wouldn’t lose too much of the precious summer season. I have received a pretty popular applause from everyone who enters my colorful cottage. We love it. Next my daughter’s boyfriend remarked that it would be cool to carry the floor design Bird’s Eye Ikat Tile Stencil  to the tabletop and I took him seriously.  So my creative daughter and I did went a bit Further with multi layered gothic Designs with backlays and gold leaf to achieve this result. So much fun working together during the COVID -19 layoffs and accomplishing a long awaited project finish.  We were quite happy painting our days away together.” - Patricia Moran

“A friend of mine showed me Royal Design Studio Stencils and the minute I started looking at their designs, I WAS OBSESSED! They are stunning! I ordered the Isabella  Allover Tile Stencil to stencil an accent wall in my bathroom. This project kept me busy and creative, and got me through a tough time during quarantine. Thank you for such beautiful designs.” – Jennifer Graham




“My husband and I decided to finish our guest bedroom recently. I've always admired Moroccan tiles and designs, so when I came across Royal Design Studio, I fell in love with the Allover Rabat Tile Stencil. Not to shy away from a challenge, I brainstormed color combinations that I already had in my Chalk Paint arsenal, including Annie Sloan's Chicago Grey, Giverny, Greek Blue and Napoleonic Blue. It was SO worth it! I couldn't be happier with the results! We can't wait to welcome guests when COVID-19 it's safe to do so!” – Pamela WImmer


“After 15 years of accumulation the pandemic hit, and my husband and I were suddenly working in the same space during quarantine -- and I decided I should have a home office. I cleaned out the room and replaced the half-done walls with a better shade of dark blue. Then I stenciled a rain of feathers with the Inflight Feathers Wall Stencil over the corner I intended for my video area. Like many, I've moved a lot of work to video, and I've been attending and presenting at conferences, and I wanted to launch my own video channel. I wanted a fun and visually interesting background. I love the result and I've gotten a lot of comments on it. I love my new office and my tiny video studio! And my husband loves that I'm not shouting at him to get out of my presentation. ;-) Everybody wins!” – Laura VanArendonk Baugh

“My boyfriend and I bought our first house a month before quarantine started so we had a long list of projects to work on while stuck at home. I decided to turn one of our spare rooms into my closet and vanity room. I’m so happy with how the Mali Mudcloth Wall Stencil turned out and the way it brings the room together.” – Rebecca Martin

“Due to the pandemic, we suddenly had a lot more free time, therefore, we decided to start a project to extend our back deck and revamp our concrete slab. I wanted something that would give it a pop color, during my research I came across Royal Design Studio stencils and I immediately fell in love with the You’re A Star Tile Stencil. I loved our final results and would definitely use Royal Design Studio stencils for my future home projects.” – Betsy Rodriguez

“I first want to say how awesome Royal Design Studio Stencils are!  I ordered a second one after finishing my first project and am so excited to start a second room. My husband and I are both very active and love to spin and do yoga, so when COVID hit and we couldn’t go to the studio, we knew we wanted to create our very own gym and wellness room at home.  Since we loved the durability of the concrete floor, I decided to use the Lisboa Tile Stencil and some porch paint to “faux tile” the floor.  The result was beyond rewarding!  We have our very own quarantine escape.” – Marissa Mancini

“I remodeled my master bathroom on a budget as a quarantine project. Basically repainting almost every surface in the room, but by far my favorite paint transformation is the floor using the Target Allover Modern Stencil. Meant for the wall, but for me it was perfect for the floor. I’m absolutely in love with the modern look, and was so easy to do. Wish I had started this project earlier!” – Alicia Weber


“I really wanted to make my bedroom feel like a sanctuary. I studied the Royal Design Studio website for days and decided on the amazingly beautiful Corsini Damask Wall Stencil. I used 3 different paint colors in the blue grey family, a roller, and a level. This turned out to be the perfect project during quarantine. I so enjoyed this project. I followed the how to stencil video tutorials on Royal Design Studio for guidance, which were very helpful. I am so pleased with my stenciled wall... I love it!!” – Rachelle Marcus

“ I knew the fireplace tile would be a big thorn in my side. Fast-forward to this COVID-era and I finally have the time (I'm in the restaurant industry & currently furloughed). I decided to go with the Petra Tile Stencil and I could not be happier about the end result! Thank you Royal Design Studio Stencils so much for helping me LOVE my fireplace! I would love to stencil a whole wall in my house now… it is so easy to use and makes such a difference.” – Sammy Moody

“With this quarantine I decided to repaint our whole house white to bright it up. Then when I saw our dark colored fireplace, it was so outdated and needed a fresh makeover. Then I saw a stenciling tutorial of a tiled fireplace makeover using the Royal Design Studio Stencils and decided to give it a try. We are so happy with the result! It's now bright and looked so much better than before. We love our Subway Brick Tile Stencil fireplace!” - Diana Muckler

“Super happy with how this Fourth of July quarantine DIY project came out. Inspired by Arrows and Bow, I bought a Hexagon Tile Floor Stencil from Royal Design Studio and 2 quarts of paint to transform our back step into a concrete welcome mat.” – Traci Armstrong

“I’ve been wanting to update my patio for quite awhile now, and quarantine was the perfect time to do it and the Chatsworth Tile Stencil design MAKES the space. I absolutely love the way the stenciling turned out! Now I can switch up my work from home space and sit outside to do some work in a comfy and inviting space!” – Monica Yako

“Due to COVID-19, I was able to finally have time to do the needed repairs and updates we had been planning. The Ranae Geometric Floral Stencil was as great option for our floor.” - Jaime Wyckoff

“Having some free time on my hands during the COVID-19 shutdown, I decided this was the time to tackle the project. I go the Illusion Tile Stencil for my front and side porch. Both were previously bare concrete. We removed existing rust stains and cleaned both areas thoroughly. I used 1" stencil brushes and a combination of patio paint and outdoor paint in 2 shades of gray. The stencils look fantastic and I've had numerous compliments!” – Pam Keeler

“Happy to share my project that is done for our large back patio. Wanted to spruce up the backyard after 5 years of looking a lot a broken concrete slab. This DIY project using the Starry Moroccan Night Stencil helped me to not focus on the pandemic and working as a nurse for a few days. Thanks for making wonderful stencils!” – Jennifer Makely


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