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Before & After: Pretty Patios & Porches

Take it easy and get breezy outside on your patio! Oh, wait… Is it an ugly concrete slab that has seen better days? Paint it with concrete paint and Royal Design Studio Stencils! So many have used patio stencils and porch stencils to transform their outdoor decor into somewhere beautiful they love hanging out at. Check out these Before and After stencil projects that make us never want to go inside again!

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“This little atrium/sunroom was in desperate need of a makeover. It was drab and dark, but had great light from all the large windows. I painted out all the trim in Navajo White and used the Rabat Tile Floor Stencil to paint the floor tile. I used a combination of Rustoleum Home and Jolie Paints to stencil the floor. Now it is a bright cheery place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning.” – Megan Reed

“The concrete floor in our sunroom was cracked, unleveled and both hunter green and beige paint was peeling off the floor from the 1960’s. I came across Royal Design Studio from Jenna Sue Design and thought we’d give it a shot! This is our before and after, enjoy! We used the Island Dreams Tile Floor Stencil and it came out amazing!” – Jennifer Douglas

“Thank you Royal Design Studio for making such an affordable way to transform a space into something special. When my sweet, six-year-old dog received a terminal diagnosis, we decided to turn one of his favorite spots—this old patio—into a memorial garden. He held on long enough to supervise the stenciling with the Palladium Tile Floor Stencil, so we know we had his approval. Now we have somewhere beautiful to go and take a breath when life gets too overwhelming.” – Carrie Butler

“I used Iron Ore and Kilim Beige Sherwin Williams paints and the You’re A Star Tile Stencil from Royal Design Studio.” - Lindsey Kinslow

“The Star Quilt Tile Stencil from Royal Design Studio helped me turn my tired screened in porch into an absolute sanctuary that I love to spend time in. It took a few days to prep my flooring- power washed, applied liquid sandpaper, and painted a few coats of white paint. Stenciling was so therapeutic and instantly gratifying as I watched my porch transform with each application. I’m now deciding on a stencil design for my kitchen walls! Thank you for helping me transform my home one space at a time!” – Gaby Williams


“The back porch was discolored, stained and nowhere I enjoyed to be. In a weekend, with a little paint and the Palladium Tile Stencil from Royal Design Studio, our back porch was transformed into a beautiful, peaceful space that I love to relax in and look forward to entertain family and friends.” – Mary Meissner

“My dull, cracked patio was driving me crazy, and needed a transformation. My local painter filled the cracks and applied a patio paint overall. I then used the Herringbone Brick Stencil to charcoal the pattern to the squares. Then using my “grout base patio paint” went over those areas. Again using the stencil, I filled in using 4 colors of mixed (patio) paint I stenciled on with several brushes, the bricks, and a shadow line.  And as a last step, I hand painted cracks, speckled the grout with a cream paint, and made the grout lines more irregular. It will now get a seal coat to protect it further.” – Anne Occi 

“With the Spanish influence in the area, I decided to use the Petra Tile Floor Stencil to update an old worn out patio that had been previously painted. I’m so happy with how it turned out.” – Drew Henry

“I wanted a space where we could relax and enjoy ourselves and I took upon myself to create a piece of paradise. I carefully selected the You’re A Star Tile Stencil from Royal Design Studio for my space that I could love for many years to come!” – Lesly Paola Le

“My parents are in their late 80’s and thankfully still live in their home!  My dad had a devastating stroke in September of 2016 and he’s had to give up all his tinkering and yard care.  In those nearly 4 years since his stroke, their back porch has been a place to enjoy the outdoors a bit and get fresh air.  BUT - it was tired and showing it’s age (built in 1986). When I showed my mom this Anatolia Tile Stencil and offered to paint their porch if she’d like - she was 100% on board and immediately knew she wanted to use navy and white.  So we got busy! My husband did the power washing, my oldest son did the base coat, and I stenciled and we ended up with something my parents absolutely love.  Their back porch is more enjoyable than ever! Thanks Royal Stencils - for an outstanding stencil - that is so straight forward to use!” – Vicki Almy


“I installed a new door to the side yard that had a window that looked out onto a small cement porch. Now being able to see out the door made me realize I needed to do something to enhance the small porch floor. I was inspired by a friend who had completed a Royal Design Studio Stencil project and thought, "THAT is what I need for my porch!" I painted it with the Havana Tile Floor Stencil.” - Kathy Smith-Willman

“I must say that I love my stenciled cement porch floor as do all who see it. I originally happened upon Royal Design Studio because I wanted to stencil some curtains but then saw the images of the stenciled flooring and knew right then that it was the solution to my drab porch floor.  Now my screened porch looks like a living room. So classy!   The pictures don’t do it justice!  Thank you Royal Design Studio for the Lisboa Tile Stencil and inspiration.” - Carolyn Day

As I plan to spend more time outside, I’ve been beautifying the back of the house. I painted my front porch step with the Bird’s Eye Ikat Tile Porch Stencil. This was my first time stenciling anything. I love it. Folks asked if it was a rug.” – Bridget Smith

 “Here is my before and after project using the You’re A Star Tile Patio Stencil! Our dated cement patio has now been elevated thanks to lots of paint and a fabulous stencil! We are thrilled to have an outdoor space we can finally enjoy. Thanks Royal Design Studio!” – Adrianna Mansour

“I was looking into doing some home improvement projects and save money at the same time and the You’re A Star Tile Floor Stencil from Royal Design Studio was a great option. This was my very first stencil project and I loved how it turned out!” – Hilde Heyn

“Recently, I've been trying to find simple ways to snazz up the space on my condo patio, and the Star Quilt Tile Stencil from Royal Design Studio came in clutch! I was very limited to how much I can actually do given certain restrictions; however, this stencil provided enough of a drastic change that I can now not WAIT to spend time out here every good weather day! I would have never thought this was possible without the inspiration from Royal Design Studio so a big heartfelt THANK YOU to you!” – Samantha Canchola

“I used the Maison Floral Tile Wood Stencil to transform my front porch from boring and blah to fun and vibrant!” – Sarah Cosentino

“We had a very boring screened in patio floor. We decided spice it up with the Mandala Fusion Tile Concrete Stencil.” – Noel Delvalle


“What to do with crappy concrete? Paint it with the Endless Moorish Circles Concrete Stencil! I’m so proud of this transformation!” - Julie McCambley

“The last few months my husband and I have been working on the curb appeal of the front of our home. Stenciling the sidewalk was my idea! I saw a picture on Pinterest of this You’re A Star Tile Stencil design and found it on the Royal Design Studio website. I LOVE how this turned out!” – Kayla Berry

 “My little porch was super drab. Now it's so pretty after painting it with the Petra Tile Concrete Stencil! I want to stencil everything!” -

“I loved the finished product so much. So happy I didn't have to tile the patio. Looks fantastic with the Tumbling Blocks Tile Stencil!” -  Mary Owens

“The Pinwheels Tile Concrete Stencil took our back entry from our back door to our pool area from drab to fab in under 2 hours. We get so many compliments on it!” - Charles LeVault


“We cleaned the patio with an Industrial cleaner and power washed it and I was ready to stencil. I am very pleased with how it came out!! It has a real rustic feel to it and our neighbors all want to do theirs now!! Thank you Royal Design Studio for the Pinwheels Tile floor stencil and for turning our drab veranda into an outdoor haven.” – Marlena Kulm

Stephanie Pereida used the You’re A Star Tile Flooring Stencil on her concrete patio floor.


Want to WIN your own $50 gift card? Enter our next Before & After Stencil Contest here.

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  • I would love to stencil my patio
    All the examples I see are of straight line shaped patios Square or rectangular
    Mine is curvy. Any suggestions

  • Any ideas for an ugly entry stucco wall in condo. Can’t do floor. Have to do something either that can be hung or possibly painted

    Debbie Neal
  • I’ve used your stencils for several projects and have been really proud of the results (Mine is the first atrium/sunroom featured). BUT I LOVE seeing all the other before and after projects. You have some very talented customers. :)

    Megan Reed

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