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Making a Splash with the Moroccan Scallops Stencil!

Beautiful blue bathroom wall with Moroccan Scallops wall stencil | Royal Design Studio 

Patterned tiles can be so pretty but can be quite costly to buy and have installed. Our friend Kara Paslay, stylist and budding home design star, knew she could create the look of beautiful iridescent tiles with stencils from Royal Design Studio and a little DIY know-how! Not only do we have a beautiful array of Tile Stencil Patterns, we also have design patterns that can fit a more custom taste. Kara was looking to create a fish-scale like design and our Moroccan Scallops Stencil from the Allover Moroccan Stencils Collection fit the bill perfectly! 


Stenciled bathroom before & after. Iridescent blue fishscale pattern.  

Kara started with a traditional bath that had an elongated mirror and regular counter tops. She created two custom mirrors that had deep meaning to her clients along with adding wood counter tops and unique sinks. What helps pull the entire design together is the "tiled" feature wall and although it looks complicated, her process was quite easy and forgiving.


How to stencil a bathroom wall with the Moroccan Scallops wall stencil from Royal Design Studio 

Once the original mirror was gone, Kara prepped the surface with a concrete product, ARDEX, in white. This allowed her to use Rit Dye to tint the concrete in an artistic manner while using a rag to blend in the brush strokes and varying tints. This technique created a gorgeous ombre-like watercolor of enticing ocean blues, teals and greens. As the pièce de résistance, she used the Small Moroccan Scallops (also available in Large) with Modern Masters Flash Blue Metallic Paint. We also recommend using the Peacock Fancy Stencil Creme to create a similar look. The Creme Paints dry quickly and leave an enticing shimmer. To see her full step-by-step project, please visit her Metallic Stenciled Fish Scale Feature Wall post.


Stenciled blue bathroom using the Moroccan Scallops Stencil to create a beatufiul mermaid tale effect!


Kara shares with us that the project took her no more than six hours from concrete to stenciling and she's thrilled with the fast results. "As you walk through the room, the light catches the iridescent scales at different angles and some become more pronounced and others more subdued," she explains. We also asked her the No.1 Tip she would share to anyone looking to tackle a similar project. "For this look, perfection is your enemy. From the uneven color wash to the dry brushing technique I used on the stencil- I wanted to create an end product that look natural and weathered. It's beauty comes from it's organic nature!"  And beautiful it is! We thank Kara for sharing her uniquely creative project. We hope to see what her artistic stenciling has encouraged you to create!

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  • I just ran across Kara’s website from Pinterest, this is so cool to connect dots! I have been loving these tiles on Pinterest, now I know how to do it faux-style!

    Julie Stonehouse

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