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Before & After Room Makeovers You Need to See!

Our talented customers love seeing a total transformation unfold before their inspired eyes and creative hands when they use Royal Design Studio Stencils. We’ve asked them for their best Before & After stencil project pics and we are shocked with their results! Who knew just a little paint and stenciling could make such a difference? (We did!) Check out these Before & After’s that WON big time and walked away with a beautiful stencil project AND a $50 stencil shopping spree!

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“With this quarantine, I was searching for something creative to fill my time with. I saw Royal Design Studio Stencils on Instagram and my friend inspired me, so I decided to give my ugly drab cracked concrete patio a facelift with the Maison Floral Tile Stencil! I used Color Shot spray paint and used about 14 cans!!! I absolutely love the way it turned out. Now I think I may need to stencil my bathroom! Thank you Royal Design Studio Stencils!” – Marisa McBride

“I’m a super fan of Royal Design Studio Stencils!! I just painted my bathrooms floor with the Toledo Floor Tile Stencil and looks amazing!! Thanks again!” – Pablo Alonzo

“I have been renovating an older and tired condominium. I discovered the Marisol Tile Stencil on the Royal Design Studio’s website and totally love what it did for my staircase! Originally planned to add the same laminate flooring that I used throughout the rest of the house on the landings but it seemed so boring. The entry door is right next to it and my friends and neighbors practically drool when they come in and see it! “ – Joannie Matter

“My blue flower Queen: I love the French cabinets - queens that dominate the space. I found an indifferent, almost ugly furniture piece and it needed a transformation. It is worth seeing the picture of how it was before. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: Paris Grey, Giverny, Old White, clear wax, and the Laleh Damask Wall Stencil from Royal Design Studio, handmade curvings made with silicone molds and ready wooden carvings.” – Irida Kyriakopoulou

“I enjoy using all Royal Design Studio Stencils and have been doing so for years. I not only use them for walls but I also sometimes add them to my furniture makeovers for a punch of wow! Thank you Royal Design Studio for supplying such beautiful professional stencils like the Foliate Damask Design Stencil.” – Divine Design by Tracey

“I am a professional decorative painter and I been using Royal Design Studio Stencils since the beginning on my career. Here on this job I was asked to create a finish based on a wallpaper. I made this a 2 step project and created one of my most popular finishes. I first did a faded grass cloth with a faux product and then a metallic pewter on the beautiful Majestic Medina Damask Wall Stencil. Thank you Royal Design Studio Stencils for having such beautiful and professional grade stencils!!!” – Divine Design by Tracey

“This is our half bathroom with the Mansion House Grille Wall Stencil. I copied the idea from Royal Design Studio’s YouTube channel and DIY tutorial videos. Turned out really good! I can’t wait to do more stencil projects!“ – Angie Garcia

“I was struggling for a while with what I wanted to do to finish decorating my bedroom. My husband and I like a clean and simple style, so we didn’t love the idea of hanging anything above or on the sides of our massive headboard. However, we still felt the wall needed something. When I stumbled onto Royal Design Studio’s geometric stencil patterns, I knew that is what we needed to complete the room. We are so happy with how it turned out. It was exactly what I had imagined! It is stunning! Thanks for the amazing design: the Shibori Modern Wall Stencil.” – Kori Tramel

“I have a few stencil projects I’ve done, but this one was so dramatic!! I stenciled my ugly entry tile with the Anatolia Floor Tile Stencil, and I love the transformation!!” – Tonja Najar

“We had a linoleum floor that was stained and damaged and we were not ready to tile. I saw this Tumbling Blocks Tile Floor Stencil and love the modern look with the claw foot tub. As my artist daughter taught me the "juxtaposition" brings interest. I love Royal Design Studio Stencils and have used two others. Royal Design Studio Stencils help us make our homes beautiful for a reasonable price. Thank you!” – Lee Ward

“I wanted to add some pizazz to our front porch and when I saw the Anatolia Tile Floor Stencil I fell in love with it. As you can see I also integrated the same color scheme Royal Design Studio had in their painted concrete tutorial. After the stencil was dry I added a clear top coat with some grainy sand (purchased at Home Depot) so that you don’t slip while on the porch, it’s worked like charm. I enjoyed the doing this project so much I’m now planning on stenciling our outdated kitchen ceramic tile floor. By the way, I love the quality of Royal Design Studio Stencils, they are the best because I’ve tried a few others.” – Monica Victoria


“This skinny cabinet was left over from a friends garage sale. My favorite price - FREE! It took a little patching to smooth out the sides. I used white primer for the white areas and primer for the grey areas and stenciling (because I had grey primer). The stencil is the Elegancia Damask Stencil pattern. A clear coat of polyurethane was applied once the primer was dry. The sad little cabinet is happy again. Thanks Royal Design Studio for supplying us with unique stencils to fit so many tastes. I appreciate you.” – Kari Barron


“My husband and I had recently moved into a new house and I wanted to spruce up this wall that's next to the informal dining room. We don't actually use it as a dining space so I figured I could really make a statement wall. I used the Moroccan Geometry Wall Stencil from Royal Design Studio. I'm very happy with how it turned out!” – Hina Hussain

“My husband and I recently moved into our new home and all the walls were cream. I found Royal Design Studio Stencils online and ordered the Florentine Damask Wall Stencil. At first I was so scared to start. But quickly realized how mentally therapeutic it was.” – April Townsend

“I love the French Bee Trellis Stencil design. I bought this old dresser at an estate sale. It was being used as a TV stand. I just liked its old look and chose not to paint it or repair it in any way. But when I got a new chair and moved the dresser away from the wall, the back of it faced my kitchen and dining area. So it needed something... and this Royal Design Studio Stencil was perfect!” – Rhonda Coe

Lisabetta Damask Stencil on painted wood floor project by Dan Tuskowski


Want to WIN your own $50 gift card? Enter our next Before & After Stencil Contest here. 

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  • Love all ur stuff and would like to keep me posted

  • All of the before and after projects are fantastic! Well done! I bought a Royal Design Studio stencil years ago, but have yet to do my patio floor. You artists have given me the inspiration and confidence I needed to get started!

    Shannon Salo

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