Before + After: The Greatest Room Makeovers

Before + After: The Greatest Room Makeovers

Our talented customers love seeing a total transformation unfold before their inspired eyes and creative hands when they use stencils. We’ve asked them for their best Before & After stencil project pics and we are shocked with their results! Who knew just a little paint and stenciling could make such a difference? (We did!) Check out these Before & After’s that WON big time and walked away with a beautiful stencil project AND a $50 stencil shopping spree!

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“The goal of this project was to create a fairy-tale nursery for our new little princess. To do this, I used a combination of hydrocal and joint compound plaster to emboss a raised stencil pattern. Along with the shimmering 3D landscape, all surrounding walls exhibit full and fragmented Royal Design Studio stenciling with embedded mica rock. I wanted the room to feel like the interior of an old castle, peeling away the years, and it would not have been possible without Royal Design Studio's gorgeous, regal, and rich feeling Grand Fabric Damask Wall Stencil! I love how it turned out!” – Holly Burch

Dresser stenciled with our Lisabetta Damask Stencil and Lacy Leaves Stencil by Julie McDowell

“I used the Lisboa Tile Wall Stencil for this project. I thought it would make a perfect statement wall in my craft room where I always need inspiration. I love the look of wallpaper, but I’m always apprehensive about the price and commitment. So stenciling is a better option. This turned out great!” – Stephanie Ellsworth

“I stenciled the Starry Moroccan Night Stencil on the blank wall in my master bedroom. I left parts of the stencil unpainted to give more of an organic effect and used metallic paint on part of the design as well. I love the flexibility and creative use of this high quality wall stencil pattern. I am very happy with the end result. Thank you for a great product!” – Tiffany Holesovsky

“My husband and I bought a foreclosed home and have slowly been making things pretty!  My project this spring was to paint over the worn-out ceramic tile in our sun room, and use the Toledo Tile Floor Stencil from Royal Design Studio to really bring it to life and add to the style of our Spanish style home.  I am so, so happy with the results! I also really appreciate the quality of the stencil as it held up to many layers of paint and many washings!” – Abigail Howard

“We had a boring, tiny white room which is heavily used for laundry and office. We wanted to create a striking “jewel in the crown” type of space. The Raj Trellis Wall Stencil from Royal Design Studio was the key! It was our first stencil attempt and we love the outcome!” – Kim Wilcox

“This Tribal Batik Furniture Stenciling project has been the funnest project I have done! I was so excited to start it. I honestly thought it was going to be fussier and more difficult than it really was! I am looking forward to ordering more so that I can continue adding fun patterns in my house. This has been the most talked about feature in my entire house. Thank you, Royal Design Studio!” – Sarah Copeland

“I have been using Royal Design Studio fabulous stencils for the last 7 years in projects around my home and have loved every minute of it. This past year my daughter and her fiancé bought a beautiful Spanish style home and as a present to them I painted 300 square foot floor. I used Royal Design Studio’s Mandala Fusion Floor Stencil projects as inspiration to create a really unique space for them.” – Gail Mendonza

“I used the French Floral Damask Wall Stencil, since my daughter’s name is after a tropical bird and there were two birds in this large stencil. The blank wall was painted green, then I proceeded to water down some left over paints to make the background wall look like a marble hodgepodge of blue/green tones and sponges on some gold. First I sponged a base of reds, whites and pinks... then over that, I sponged multicolor hues of orange, yellow purple and gold to pull out the stencil design and make it pop! The result was a wall that looked like a velvet tapestry on the wall. It was exactly what I was going for. One of my inspirations was the work by Celeste Korthase as well as the new style of area rugs that are made to look like worn out tapestries! We love the result! My daughter enjoys looking at all the colors on the wall too!” – Xenia Diaz

Our bedroom feature wall was my very first stenciling project using the Acanthus Damask Wall Stencils and Royal Stencil Creme in Smoked Oyster. I wanted something that had a French style, and this worked out perfectly.

We gave our dining room a glamorous feature wall, inspired by Louis XIV/vintage French style. We were looking for something that would provide some drama and elegance to an otherwise plain room and the Acanthus Damask Wall Stencil did just that!

We wanted to give our patio some character by stenciling the cement to look like tile. I was looking for a bit of a Spain/Portugal/Mediterranean vibe and went with the Toledo Tile Allover Stencil. I first painted the patio floor in a gray color. Next I used Martha Stewart outdoor paints to stencil. Once complete, I also used a spray sealant compatible with outdoor paint to protect my work. I’m very happy with end result, and it’s puppy crew approved!” – Lindsay Groves


“I wanted to make some changes to our bedroom without fully painting it. We used the Loose Weave Wall Stencil, Royal Stencil Creme, and a Royal Stencil Brush from the Royal Design Studio website. Wow, what a difference! I have people asking me how I did it! So glad that we tried it (we are first timers) and I’m looking forward to our next stencil project!” – Susan Mora

“We were very excited to have found the Delightful Damask Wall Stencil from Royal Design Studio and have the freedom to design with our own colors rather than being limited to wallpaper designs and colors. We'll be coming back for more! Beautiful selection and high quality. We're impressed!” – Kerry and Mark Jernstrom

“I used the Lisboa Tile Floor Stencil for my kitchen makeover. I primed and painted my linoleum floor with Zinsser 123 primer for the base, used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in French Linen and Graphite to paint over the stencil, and Annie Sloan floor lacquer for the top coat. I absolutely love it and am doing my laundry room and bathrooms next!” – Carrie Hammonds

“The Concrete Quilt Tile Stencil was perfect to help camouflage the horrible dry wall holes and patches from all of the bulky cabinets the previous owners had hanging. We love the results! It's even better in person! 😍” – Vanessa Mayer

“This Anatolia Tile Floor Stencil floor project has been the most fun project I have done! I am so excited about it. I honestly thought it was going to be fussier and more difficult than it really was! I am looking forward to ordering more so that I can continue adding fun patterns in my house. This has been the most talked about feature in my entire house. Thank you!” – Paige Stafford

Room makeovers using the Moroccan Scallops Wall Stencils and Concrete Quilt Tile Stencils by Arte Azul

“I'm excited to share my latest project which incorporated the Asmir Triangle Furniture Stencil into my upcycled file cabinet design! This was a relatively easy DIY project for anyone. I thrifted it FREE on Craigslist, and I repurposed it to fit my office’s design scheme AND minimize wastefulness. I stenciled the front drawers and it was well-worth it to make it look like a custom piece of furniture! Thanks again for making such awesome, well-made stencils!” – Allegra Newman

“I took on this Star Quilt Tile Stencil project never having tackled stenciling a floor. It really was a snap! And the difference is incredible. We improved the value of our home without spending a ton of time or money! Love, love, love it!” – Jayne Boone

“I couldn’t stand the original brown tiles in my kitchen. I decided it was time to update it with the Grecian Tile Floor Stencils and paint to give an updated look to my kitchen. I love it!!!” – Mary Ann Simpson

“I wanted a little creative flare for my porch so decided on the Toledo Tile Stencil which fits in so wonderfully with the Spanish style and Mexican style I wanted. This is my first stencil project and I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue, Coco, Honfleur, and Paris Grey.” – Mary-Jane Holmes

“This workroom was badly in need of a facelift, and I thought it would be great to surprise use the Fortuny Damask Wall Stencil, a wall stencil I have dreamed of coveting and painting on a wall somewhere for years!  Who says you can’t have a little bougie glam while working? Not me! I am very proud to share the results, and am delighted and grateful beyond words how happy all were with the end result. It offers such a serene, beautiful calm to the gorgeous chaos of this workspace!” – Deb Scott

“My theater set got a standing ovation for our local non-profit community theater production of “Gaslight”. We stenciled the room with the large Brighton Manor Damask Wall Stencil. Royal Design Studio stencils are easy to work with (I did it all myself, and I never stenciled before!), and looked so much like wallpaper, I had to invite people up on stage after the show to prove that it wasn't!” – Deborah Burke

Bedroom makeover using the Lisboa Tile Wall Stencil by Renee Brigden

“I am a new convert to stenciling! My house was originally covered in dark and dated wallpaper.  After removing all the wallpaper and repairing the walls, I swore I would never put up wallpaper; however; we have very large rooms and high ceilings.  Even with art work, I realized it was hard to give texture and life to a room with these large blank walls.  I found Royal Design Studio while researching what I could do to address my issues.  I have just completed my first project, which was stenciling the back wall of my entry using the Serenity Damask Wall Stencils to add depth. I love it and can’t wait to stencil another room!” – Sharon Creek

“My unfinished dining table needed some pizzazz! I used the Tribal Batik Furniture Stencil from Royal Design Studio and wood stains to create this look. I couldn't be more pleased with the stencil design and ease of use. I now dine on a beautiful, unique piece of art!” – Shelly Hulet

“I have transformed my once creepy dungeon-y basement laundry room. Being on a budget, I thought painting and stenciling the cement floor with the Lisboa Tile Stencil would be a perfect way to jazz it up and make it more welcoming since I'm down there so often. Thank you so much Royal Design Studio for your amazing designs and helping me pull off this before and after!!” – Nicole Redick


“I create floorcloth rugs and used the Flourish Allover Stencil to paint the fabric for one of my clients. I am really happy I found Royal Design Studio Stencils.” – Marie Zakrzewski

“This drop leaf table had some large water stains and was dull and wobbly. We stripped the top, stained it with dark walnut and stenciled the top with the French Bee Trellis Stencil and French Floral Damask Stencil.  Then a light spray of shellac the top had three coats of varnish. The bottom was painted with White Chalk Paint and varnished.” – Joanne Asay



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