50 Ideas Under $50

Better Homes & Gardens' July 2011 issue featured Royal Design Studio Stencils in several smart DIY projects for their "50 Ideas Under $50" article!

First up on the cover is our Chez Ali Small Moroccan Stencil, for a quick and easy way to turn plain canvas pillow covers into something special.


Stenciling a wall is less expensive than most wallpaper and just as lovely.  It really makes a wall come alive.  

Budget Buy: Endless Circle Lattice Stencil


Block print fabrics feel fresh and modern.  Get the look for less by stenciling plain fabric pillow covers. 

Budget Buy: Moroccan Inlay Stencil

Jazz up inexpensive ready made draperies with a custom border:  Chicken Stitch Border Moroccan Stencil






Phyllis Jones
Phyllis Jones

July 14, 2013

Do you know the colors used on the pillows on the BHG, July 2011 cover?
Many thanks

Melanie Royals
Melanie Royals

August 09, 2012

Hi Jessica, I was able to look this up in the Better Homes and Gardens magazine and the paint colors used with the Endless Circles Lattice wall stencil were Sherwin Williams 6499 Stream and 6500 Open Stream. Hope that helps!

jessica kennedy
jessica kennedy

August 07, 2012

Please share the paint colors used with the circle lattice stencil. I love it

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