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5 Harlequin Diamond Pattern Stencil Ideas


It's said that diamonds are a girl's best friend and we totally agree! That's why we are sharing 5 great DIY stencil ideas with Harlequin Diamond Pattern Stencils from Royal Design Studio. The harlequin pattern is, and always will be, a classic! It pairs well with almost every other pattern and can be incorporated into almost any decorating scheme. To make matters even easier Royal Design Studio offers this iconic pattern in 5 different sizes: from a craft stencil size to a grande diamond pattern that can be used to stencil walls and floors. Read on to see how we've used every size of this fabulous shape in inspiring stencil projects.

Very Crafty Stenciling

Our Harlequin Craft Stencil is perfect for incorporating this delightfully point shape into even the smallest of stencil projects. Whether you want to use it for scrapbook embellishing, card stenciling, or small accessory decorating you will find that it's the perfect fit. Above, we've stenciled a fabric covered hinged box with two simple repeats of diamonds using our Flat Black Royal Stencil Creme paint to create a statement on a functional storage piece.

Très Chic Stenciling

Oh, la, la! Here, we've created an homage to Coco Chanel in shades of black, white, and hot pink. A simple white side table got a decorative graphic facelift (and MUCH more personality) by stenciling the Small Furniture Harlequin Stencil with Flat Black Royal Stencil Creme. We perked it up with a pretty pink pattern accent using our Small Carved Leaves Border stencil. If you are also drooling over that "haute" pink wall you can see how to create that wall finish with Chalk Paint® in this post.

Adding the little stenciled dot accents at the corner of the diamond pattern was easy! We simply used a hole-punch to create the shape in a piece of mylar (use the outer edge of your harlequin stencil), and stenciled in the dots with the same pink latex paint we used on the rest of piece.

Take Stencils for a Sideways Turn

Oftentimes, simply turning a stencil pattern on its side will give you a completely different look, and that is just what we got by stenciling the Medium Harlequin Furniture Stencil on a barrel lampshade. Never be afraid to experiment with stencils....sometimes the best looks come when you think outside the box. The stenciled lamp sits in front of a pretty wallpapered wall that features our Wallternative™ WallAppeal Paper, English Garden Floral Wallpaper from the Bari J. collection.

Stencils are Child's Play

What better place to play with patterns than in a children's room? We created this playful wall treatment by combining the Large Harlequin Wall Stencil with overlays of two other harlequin diamond stencil sizes using two different blue colors of Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan. It is not nearly as tricky as it looks, and in fact, we walk and talk you through the whole process in this How to Stencil Harlequin Wall Stenciling post.

Stenciling More on the Floor

If you've ever had trouble finding the perfect pattern and color of rug to finish off your space we have the solution! See how we stenciled this sisal rug with Chalk Paint® to create a stunning area rug that features our Grand Harlequin Wall Stencil paired with the delicate Indian Gota Border Stencil. By creating custom shades of green and gray Chalk Paint® we were able to craft a stenciled rug that blended perfectly with the other tones of our room.

The Harlequin Stencils can be found in our Modern Stencil Collection. You can see more pics of them in action on our Modern Wall Stencils Pinterest Board.

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