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HGTV: DIY Craft Projects with Sharpies and Stencils

HGTV features Royal Design Studio: DIY Craft Projects with Sharpies and Craft Tile Stencils

We always love combing through all the fun home décor ideas that HGTV Magazine fills its pages with, and even better yet, we love seeing what they do with Royal Design Studio stencils! This time, they used our stencils in a pretty colorful way. We’re sure you’re no stranger to Sharpies but you may not realize how you can use these popular markers to transform your home decor! Aside from their everyday task of labelling and doodling, they are one of the most versatile tools for DIY arts and crafts. They are so easy to use and are available in a spectrum range of colors from pastels to metallics. Sharpie markers are great to use on almost any surface such as paper, plastic, wood, leather or fabric.  Plus, they are permanent on even the most hard-to-mark surfaces, which make them perfect for crafting! HGTV Magazine loves them and shares a Sharpie and stencil project in their latest issue. They say, “These simple, sophisticated projects prove that permanent markers are for more than doodling. Write on!”

HGTV features Royal Design Studio: DIY Craft Projects with Sharpies and Craft Tile Stencils

One of their crafty ideas included turning tiles into vintage-looking coasters with the help of Sharpies and our Craft Stencils. What a great DIY project idea, especially because you can do this in less than 30 minutes! Let’s see how they did it:

HGTV features Royal Design Studio: DIY Craft Projects with Sharpies and Craft Tile Stencils


Step 1: Place and secure a stencil to each tile with a few pieces of painter’s tape.

Step 2: Use the Sharpies to color in each stencil. You can use one color for each tile, or mix it up! Have fun with it and use multiple colors for each design. Afterwards, remove the stencil and let each tile try for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 3: Soak a clean cotton cloth in rubbing alcohol and wring it out. Place it on each tile for a few seconds, and then lift it straight up. This will give the ink a distressed vintage look. Let dry.

Step 4: Place self-stick felt circles on the back corners of each tile.

Step 5: Enjoy with refreshing beverages at your next get-together or give them to friends as DIY gifts!


Give this quick and easy Sharpie idea a try – we know you’ll love the results! If you feel inspired by this DIY and are looking for more craft project ideas, check out our Stencil Craft Ideas Page, choose your favorite out of our selection of Craft Stencils, and refer to our How to Stencil Tutorials as a guide. Happy Stenciling!

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