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The Hunted Interior Go From Every Day to Holiday with Cheetah Spots Stencil

The Hunted Interior Goes From Every Day to Holiday with Cheetah Spots Stencil 

Most of us love to decorate for the holidays -- but who has the time for a complete design overhaul?  We need fab decor elements that not only seamlessly transfer from everyday design to holiday design but also enhance the overall look. Luckily, Royal Design Studio Stencils can help do just that!  In fact, we're going to show you how a stenciled fabric project from Kristin of The Hunted Interior helped her take her home's chic, contemporary style to glittery, glam holiday sizzle without skipping a beat. 


Cheetah Spots Stenciled Drapes | Royal Design Studio 

Kristin Jackson is an Interior Designer with a background in Hospitality Design. The girl knows how to put a beautiful space together and exactly what she needs to do it! Being a "sucker for spots", she had an idea for spotted drapes but realized her favorite fabric line was discontinued. She contacted Royal Design Studio and expressed her pattern desire. "I voiced my need for a spectacular spotted stencil and not only did they agree to create one, we were able to play with the spot design and make them a little more animal-like versus ovals," she gushes.  The result? The gorgeous Cheetah Spots Wall Stencil, a wonderful addition to the Allover Ethnic Stencils Collection


The Hunted Interior Stencils Cheetah Spots on Drapes | Royal Design Studio 

Picking up white Ritva Drapery Panels from IKEA, Kristin mixed black acrylic craft colors with textile medium to stencil in the design. Adding textile medium to the acrylic paint not only strengthens the bond with the fabric but also softens the "crunch factor" regular paints can have on fabric. We also recommend our Stencil Creme Paints which are soft, opaque and permanent on many surfaces, including fabrics.  Kristin hung her four stenciled drapery panels which added to the serious "Wow!" factor her home's design already exuded. Don't you just love her style?? Be sure not to miss her DIY Spotted Drapery post! 


Every Day to Holiday with Cheetah Spots Stencil from Royal Design Studio 

Now fast forward to the Holidays! Kristin wanted glamour, sparkle and PLENTY of style. See how easily both the black-and-white color combo of the drapes and the versatile stencil pattern helped her pull it all together effortlessly?  The traditional lines of her furniture and incoming holiday decor play well with the stenciled spotted drapes.  We also adore how the neutral color scheme helps the joyous holiday decor just POP.  If you'd like to see more of her festive magic, click on over to her holiday design feature by Home Depot.
Stencil patterns are the chameleons of the interior design industry. They are versatile and with the right color scheme, can easily adapt to any decor.  Of course, they are also versatile in that you can use them time and again with different color schemes on different surfaces! What's not to love?
What stencil would you pick to create a home that is not only beautiful today but with every changing season? Let us know below!
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